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Reality Check Spring 2019
    Spring Equinox, Sun in Aries - Full Moon/Super Moon in Libra
    Persia: Nowruz, Purim, Anunnaki, Third Persian Gulf War, S & A
    Wings, Flying Free, The Priestess, Joie and the Phoenix

Ellie's Crystals - Rose Quartz Earrings
Ellie and Susan - It's Almost Spring
Einstein, Pi Day, Simulation Theory, Researchers Reverse the Flow of Time
World Wide Web Turns 30 - Crystalinks Turns 24

2019 New Zealand Mosque Attacks - Immigration
2019 College Admissions Bribery Scandal
"Leaving Neverland" Interview with Oprah -- R. Kelly Interview with Gayle King

Bernie Sanders Kicks off 2020 Campaign - Ellie in the Snow
Conservative Political Action Conference - Trump's Longest Speech

When Your Relationship Ends.
If your partner cheated would you ...
Emotions and DNA
Expressions Hold Frequencies
Night Owls and Emotional Problems

Tragedies of War - Trump in Vietnam - Michael Cohen in Court

Earthquakes and Revelations - Peru is Shaking
The Code. The Prophet. The Alien Experiment.
Physical Manifestation - Key Code 12:12 - Exist and Exit
Designing a Physical Reality - 36 Around 1 Geometry
"Manifest" Season One Finale - "Estimated Time Of Departure"
The Merge, The DNA Zipper Effect, Time Travel

Super Bowl LIII ... Lowest Scoring Super Bowl in History ... Zzzzz
2019 Oscars: No Host, Lady Gaga, Diversity
2019 Grammy Awards: Alicia Keys, Michelle Obama, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, and much more

Ellie's Birthday Blogs and Google Stats
Ellie Valentine's Day Blogs 2019
Ellie Connects With Lincoln Through Time, Space, and Birthdays
Family Fun on my 76th Birthday
Ellie and Fashion DNA, Fashion Week 2019, Ralph Lauren, Susan Lucci
My Daughter Nikki Attends A Night at the Oprah
My Daughter Zsia Wins Award - NJBIZ names 2019 Best 50 Women in Business
Sun Looms Large Over the Verrazano Bridge - Pic and Video
Winter Sunset From Ellie's Home - New Moon in Aquarius - Pics and Video

Polar Vortex 2019 - Frost Quake - Record Setting Cold
Doomsday Clock 2019 - Tick Tock

2020 Presidential Election
Freedom Always Comes with a Price
January 21, 2019 - Hug Day
    Martin Luther King Day, NFL Champs, Hugs and Cheers
    Super Blood Wolf Moon Lunar Eclipse 0° Leo
Reality Check 2019
The Wizard of Oz 80 Years Later
The Precipice of Existence
Through the Stargate
Miracle on the Hudson 10 Years Later, Bird Strikes Ellie's Window, Time Travel, Manifest, MH370
Ancient Aliens 2019 - Return to Mars
Starman, Jeff Bridges and David Bowie - Ancient Aliens Recycled - CES
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
76th Golden Globes

The Totems of Time
Flower of Life Music Meditation with Joie

Ellie Turning 76
Ellie and the Cactus Plant
Ralph Never Left
Ellie's 2018 End of Year Messages
2019 Predictions in the News

Psychic Reading With Ellie

Sarah and Alexander





Paranormal and UFO News