Ellie Turns 76 With Family and Friends - February 17, 2019

This Google Doodle appears on the day of your birthday.

After saving my birthday google doodle I decided to google "Ellie Crystal" to see how many people I am connected to ... Wow! 50,700,000. That's a whole lot of readers on Crystalinks and wherever. This is not about ego but about readers understanding the nature of reality. Each morning as I blog and expand my consciousness into the grids to discover where people are most connecting - I find that the nature of reality and their purpose in it is paramount. Once you get it you never see life as anything more than the experiment in which we had met, share experiences and knowledge.

Noah, Nikki, Matthew and Ryan one week before my 76th Birthday

Sunday February 10, 2019

Lavender Roses, a Happy Birthday Balloon, and a candle to set the mood. We didn't know that the waiters were having as and used one of those candles candle that don't blow out. After I thought I had blown out the candle and Happy Birthday blasted through a sound system, the candle suddenly lit again as the music started over and everyone sang again throughout the restaurant ... over and over until Ryan finally put the candle in water. I like silly.

Valentine Birthday Lunch with Friends Jane, Donna, and Joe

My daughter Zsia and her husband Jon at Gargiulos.

More purple flowers

Birthday Fun With Jen and Olivia

I spent my actual birthday with my friend Jen and her daughter Olivia, 3. Where do you take a 3 year old for lunch? L & B Spumoni Gardens. I really didn't want anyone else to sing Happy Birthday to me but as fate would have it, a woman at the next table was also celebrating her birthday ... more singing and a cake made of ice cream cones... one for each person at the table. From there we went to Coney Island stopping along the way for treats then off to the NY Aquarium.

Aliens (see sign behind us) and a stuffed shark ... great memories are made of this ...

And so another week of birthday celebrations comes to a close with fond memories filled with friends and my children singing Happy Birthday with love. The voyage can be short or long as we travel under the bridge until it is time to cross over and bid adieu to this experience. Some of us have been on this journey with me since Crystalinks came online August 25, 1995. Some are clients who go back to the 1980's. Others have recently found me through the synchronicities of life. Always we move forward - part of what once was, what is Now, and what lies just ahead. We remain connected in the matrix of reality.