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Ice Sculptures

February 22, 2015     7:30 PM ET

Earth changes have created extreme weather patterns. Most are annoying and treacherous but as with all things there is always beauty to be found.

Photos and videos about ice formations created by nature over the past few days. Read More ...

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14 Things To Know Before You Start Meditating

February 22, 2015     8:42 AM ET

If you're reading this you probably have a meditation routine, but it can't hurt to look at some of the common misconceptions.

In truth meditation is about balancing brain chemistry. Mindfulness means focus. It's all common sense.

Now ... relax ... clear your mind ... free your location from distractions ... Let's begin ...

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History Repeats Itself in More Ways Than One

February 21, 2015     11:11 AM ET

In the loops and cycles of time - everything repeats in patterns based on the duality of reality - forever seeking balance yet destined to never find and maintain it until the end. It's all about algorithms and the architecture of creation appearing to evolve in time and yet always the same.

Current research shows that despite notable differences in appearance and governance, ancient human settlements function in much the same way as modern cities. Read More ...

As is Above, So it Below - The Emerald Tables of Thoth the architect of our reality.

Atlantis Discovery

February 19, 2015     4:32 PM ET

Legend holds that in very ancient times alongside gold and silver, another precious metal was coveted and mined in Atlantis. That metal was called orichalcum, and researchers believe it was discovered in large quantities in a 2,600 year-old shipwreck off the coast of Sicily, as announced earlier this year. The ship carrying the metal, which fits the description of orichalcum, sank off the coast of Gela near southern Sicily as it was coming into port. The wreck probably occurred as a result of the ship being caught in a storm. Read More ...

ADHD is the New Normal

February 17, 2015     5:20 PM ET

Student chose a "cause" to present in poster form. Posters of all sizes and shades filled the room, with topics running the gamut from racism to obesity to pet abuse. A pink poster had glitter, boa feathers, and pictures of kids and pill bottles. In sparkly letters, the title read, "ADHD." The child by the poster was telling anyone and everyone about her ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). She spoke of the challenges this presented and some of the medications she had tried. The message was loud and clear, and to be honest, downright awe inspiring... Read More ...

New insight into how brain performs 'mental time travel'

February 17, 2015     5:35 PM ET

Mental time travel is the recollection of memories rich in detail regarding the time and place of an original experience that it is much like traveling through time. Researchers found that they can use the activity patterns in a specific region of the brain to substantially improve their ability to predict the order in which the participants recall information that they have recently studied.    Read More ...

5 Ways to Eat Healthier Even When You've Failed Before

February 15, 2015     10:30 AM ET

Most of us have tried diets and changed our eating habits through the years - sometimes by choice and other times due to health issues. We like to think that we eat healthy but many times we cheat and junk food enters the picture. Mostly it's about emotional eating or lack of time and opportunity to eat healthy. Further, what is healthy eating for one person, is not for another. Read More ...

Being Introverted

February 15, 2015     9:40 AM ET

Shyness and introversion are not the same thing. Shyness is the fear of negative judgment, and introversion is a preference for quiet, minimally stimulating environments.

It can be tough being an introvert and explaining the need to be alone and recharge without seeming annoyed or angry. Harder still? Translating that kind of information into a text message, even to those who know us best. Introji found a way to help introverts express themselves with their very own set of emoji. Read more ...

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