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Fun at Foxwoods

August 1, 2015     10:00 PM EDT

Ellie and her friend Ron at Foxwoods Resort Casino ...

Best Comic Standing

Winning Money

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Let's go

Yellow and Black

August 1, 2015     9:00 PM EDT

There's a game I play before a client comes here for a reading where I psychic on the color they will wear - try to match it - and am generally spot on.

What color are you wearing today?

Clients, Colors, Chakras, and Emotions

10 Practical, Easy, Activities to Balance Your Qi

August 1, 2015     7:00 PM EDT

Qi literally translates as "breath", "air" or"life force"

1. Breath through your nose.

2. De-clutter your home and workspace.

3. Try yoga.

4. Give up perfectionism. Keep realistic standards for yourself.

5. Ask for help

Finish reading the list then think of what you would add if you were writing the article.


August 1, 2015     6:00 PM EDT

7 Ways People With Phenomenal Mental Toughness Combat Stress

1. They accept that stress is part of life.

2. They keep problems in proper perspective.

3. They take care of their physical health.

4. They choose healthy coping skills.
5. They balance social activity with solitude.

6. They acknowledge their choices.

7. They look for the silver lining.

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