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Wednesday May 31, 2023

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Eric Christian Olsen - Videos - Filmography

A Farewell to 'NCIS: LA': Eric Christian Olsen Looks Back on Deeks' Journey

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Debt Ceiling Deal

Some of you may have followed it from the beginning, and others like myself looked ahead knowing the country is not going to default as politicians take this to the 11th hour.

Well it is May after all - ratings sweeps month when things wrap up!

It would seem that Biden really outmaneuvered McCarthy. As things come a head/vote, I finally paid attention to what's going on watching The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell who clearly explained whatever he could about the game.

Well played Joe Biden and now it's time to vote and move on to other political games that keep people busy while others like myself never engage or believe any of it.

If you are a player, always keep in mind that you have absolutely little-to-no idea what's really going on behind the scenes - and even when the game comes to an end - what that signifies.

And so it is ... and so it has always been.

The latest on the US debt ceiling deal

No sooner did I post the blog above when this happened in the Trump drama to take him down. He knew ...

Trump captured on tape talking about classified document he kept after leaving the White House

Federal prosecutors have obtained an audio recording of a summer 2021 meeting in which former President Donald Trump acknowledges he held onto a classified Pentagon document about a potential attack on Iran, multiple sources told CNN, undercutting his argument that he declassified everything.

More political news

Christie to announce 2024 bid next Tuesday in New Hampshire

BR> Pence to announce 2024 presidential campaign on June 7

Ellie and Debbie TikTok Moments at 80

On a gorgeous spring day, my friend Debbie and I took a drive in her Smart ForTwo car and found ourselves at the Narrows Botanical Gardens.

Is Ellie too old for TikTok at 80?

While out with Debbie we passed a very interesting street mural inspiring us to make a video. Synchronicity ... A car pulled up with its radio blasting the music you hear on the video. Welcome to #Brooklyn. All fun stuff.

Health in the News

Musk's Neuralink Is Now Approved For Human Trials. Here's Why It Took So Long.

This Woman Feels No Pain. Decoding Her DNA Could Bring Relief to Millions

Wirelessly powered 'smart bandage' could provide drug-free wound care

Could low iron be making mental health symptoms worse?

Black Death Pathogen Lurked in Britain Millennia Before Plague Struck

ChatGPT Scored Higher on a Medical Quiz Than a Real Human Doctor

What Percentage Of The Human Brain Do We Use?

We May Finally Know Why Magnetic Stimulation on The Brain Can Ease Depression

Long COVID's 200 Symptoms Have Been Narrowed Down To Just 12

Clock-watching makes Insomnia Worse psychologists warn

Physics in the News


Signs of a Critical Imbalance in Physics Seen in The Arrangements of Galaxies

How the humble neutron can help solve some of the universe's deepest mysteries

A refined hunt for the extremely rare transformation of the Higgs boson has delivered results, providing the first evidence of a process that could hint at unknown particles.

Why You Can't Use A Drinking Straw In Space

UFOs in the News

Crystalinks - Aliens and UFOs

UFOs: Five revelations from Nasa's public meeting

Space in the News


Software offers new way to listen for signals from the stars

Private flight with 2 Saudi astronauts returns from space station with Gulf of Mexico splashdown

High winds halt Spanish rocket launch

NASA Had a Plan For Rescuing Space Shuttle Astronauts Using a Big Fabric Ball

Meet "Vacuum Decay" - The Most Spectacular End To The Universe

Why There Is No Center Of The Universe

Planet Earth in the News

Planet Earth

The "Impossible" Rocks Found On Top Of A Volcanic Island

The oldest tree in the world (and the 7 runner-ups)

Antarctic Dry Valleys haven't always been dry, study suggests

Earthquakes can change the course of rivers - with devastating results. We may now be able to predict these threats

Hag Stones: Holey Rocks With A Magical History

Rocks beneath Antarctic Ice Sheet reveal surprising past

Glaciers Are Not Devoid of Life. Tons of Microbes Hide Within The Ice.

Archaeology in the News


153,000-year-old footprints from South Africa are the oldest Homo sapiens tracks on record

2,700-year-old petroglyphs depicting people, ships and animals discovered in Sweden

Archeologists Map Hidden Landscape Where The First Australians Emerged

Egypt unveils recently discovered ancient workshops, tombs in Saqqara necropolis

Paleontology in the News


Neanderthals Dabbled In Chemistry, Ancient Glue Reveals

Making Flint Tools Came With Risk Of Life-Threatening Injuries For Ancient Humans

Shell beads discovery sheds light on Stone Age seafaring

Australia's Oldest Pterosaur Bones Prove They Soared Below The Antarctic Circle

The Strange Walk of This Extinct Marsupial Giant Was Perfect For Roaming

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