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Mercury Retrograde April 28-May 22, 2016

Most people who read Crystalinks, or find themselves here from time to time, are familiar with the term Mercury Retrograde and how this aspect influences their lives and the world at large. I define it by the words Repetitions and Delays.

Mercury Retrograde and Politics

April 28, 2016    8:00 AM ET

Many mistakes will be made and opinions changed ... but that is the norm anyway. Now here's another major political blunder made out of desperation ... Ted Cruz chose Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential running mate. Watch the mistakes happen knowing that Mercury is the Trickster having the last laugh at our expense.


April 28, 2016    6:00 PM ET

Stem cells regenerate human lens after cataract surgery, restoring vision. Researchers have developed a new, regenerative medicine approach to remove congenital cataracts in infants, permitting remaining stem cells to regrow functional lenses. Read More ...

Two new articles about Glaciers

April 28, 2016    7:47 AM ET

The Northwest Passage and Global Economics

Glaciers with a flotilla of 'ice sails' - Rare and esoteric

Read More ...

Bridges, Science and Pseudoscience

April 27, 2016    10:40 AM ET

11 spectacular new bridges that break the mold

Bridges are both physical and metaphoric. We cross the bridge of consciousness when we descend into the physical realms to experience emotions in time. Consciousness, returns to its natural stats of being, by bridging time and space in the Hologram we experience as reality. Read More ...

Chernobyl Disaster

April 26, 2016    8:12 AM ET

Thirty years ago today, an explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in Ukraine released far more radioactivity than the atomic bombs dropped on Japan did, forcing the resettlement of more than 350,000 people. The final stage of the cleanup may begin next year. BBC Report - Wikipedia

Today is Richter Scale Day. An earthquake can cause another nuclear event like the Chernobyl Disaster.


April 26, 2016    6:10 PM ET

Is the universe littered with wormholes? Supermassive black holes laced with dark matter could produce 'tunnels' in space. Some say wormholes can be used for time travel. A new paper has suggested that adding a sprinkling of dark matter to a supermassive black hole could result in one of the strangest objects in the universe - a wormhole.

First happiness genes have been located

April 25, 2016    8:00 PM ET

The researchers found three genetic variants for happiness, two variants that can account for differences in symptoms of depression, and eleven locations on the human genome that could account for varying degrees of neuroticism. The genetic variants for happiness are mainly expressed in the central nervous system and the adrenal glands and pancreatic system. Read More ...

Allergy Season

April 25, 2016    1:46 PM ET

What are yo allergic to? It's that time of the year when allergies - both old and new - reshape people's daily lives and sleeping patterns. Out in Gilbert, Arizona my daughter Tracy said locals are faced with this situation ... Many residents have relocated there from other parts of the country bringing various trees and plants along to make it feel more like home than the desert. Pollen from those plants now conflict with local plant life and create all sorts of new allergens. Allergies

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