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Earth Hour 2015 - March 28

March 28, 2015     8:30 AM ET

None of this is going to make a difference.

All things eventually evolve out of existence.

"Being in the dark" always puts people at risk.

Earth Hour 2015

Depression and the Co-pilot

March 27, 2015     8:30 AM ET

You think you are the pilot of your destiny as you have been taught and reinforced by others. Not true. You are the co-pilot in this reality guided by your soul. Most people show the world one side of themselves but often have a shadow, dark, or hidden side based on mental illness and their DNA programming. If you've been following the tragic story of Germanwings Flight 9525 - you know the co-pilot - Andreas Lubitz - was guilty and was suffering from depression and mental illness finally "crashing" as many do. Read More ...

The Lion Hugger

March 26, 2015     10:00 AM ET

In 2012 Valentin Gruener rescued a young lion cub and raised it himself at a wildlife park in Botswana. It was the start of an extraordinary relationship. Now an astonishing scene is repeated each time they meet - the young lion leaps on Gruener and holds him in an affectionate embrace. "Since the lion arrived, which is three years now, I haven't really left the camp," says Gruener. "Sometimes for one night I go into the town here to organize something for the business, but other than that I've been here with the lion." Read More ...

Genetics and Slavery

March 25, 2015     4:48 PM ET

Where do you fit in? Complex genetic ancestry of Americans uncovered: Genetic fingerprints of slave trade and colonization

- The proportion of genes from European versus African sources varied greatly from individual to individual within recipient populations.

- While Spaniards provide the majority of European ancestry in continental American Hispanic/Latino populations, the most common European genetic source in African-Americans and Barbadians comes from Great Britain. Read More ...


March 25, 2015     7:37 AM ET

How many hours, on average, do you sleep? Everyone requires a different amount of time to rest and sleep - even relaxing in bed helps. Some say you can over sleep or not sleep enough which affects your well-being. Personally I have always slept a minimum of 8 hours, 9 being my norm, and in the winter as much as 12 hours when there is little daylight. It all goes to the way your brain is programmed. I am a day person who likes the solitude of the morning, which others prefer the night. A new article today discusses: Why a long night's sleep may be bad for you Read More ...

Angelina Jolie

March 26, 2015     10:00 AM ET

Angelina Joie has always been about healing and children - the emotions or wounded soul experience. Many follow her decisions as if her life was playing out as a guide on "how to deal with issues and create healing". She has overcome many obstacles both emotionally and physically - without preaching - just living life. Today she continues to teach women that prevention is most important in saving lives. It is based on generations of cancer in her family and will affect her two daughters.

Generations: Angelina Jolie Pitt: Diary of a Surgery: The Chidren and the Water Goddess Read More ...

Allergy Season

March 23, 2015     3:33 PM ET

You don't realize how great it is to breathe through your nose until you can't. Whether you suffer from allergies or a cold, excess snot makes life difficult. Here are 7 ways to relieve stuffy stuffiness.

Read More ...

6 Ways Drumming Heals Body, Mind and Soul

March 23, 2015     3:00 PM ET

Drumming is as fundamental a form of human expression as speaking, and likely emerged long before humans even developed the capability of using the lips, tongue and vocal organs as instruments of communication. To understand the transformative power of drumming you really must experience it. Read More ...

Nutrition and Fitness

March 23, 2015     4:22 PM ET

Microbes may just be the next diet craze. Researchers have programmed bacteria to generate a molecule that, through normal metabolism, becomes a hunger-suppressing lipid. Mice that drank water laced with the programmed bacteria ate less, had lower body fat and staved off diabetes -- even when fed a high-fat diet -- offering a potential weight-loss strategy for humans. Read More ...

Red Lady cave burial reveals Stone Age secrets

March 24, 2015     9:41 AM ET

Some 19,000 years ago, a woman was coated in red ochre and buried in a cave in northern Spain. What do her remains say about Paleolithic life in western Europe? She was privileged to have a tombstone, and her grave may have been adorned with flowers. But the many who, for millennia after her death, took shelter in El Miron cave in northern Spain must have been unaware of the prestigious company they were keeping. The Red Lady, as researchers are calling her, was a member of the Magdalenian people of the late Upper Palaeolithic. Read More ...

Largest-ever meteorite crater found in Australian outback

March 23, 2015     5:21 PM ET

Scientists have discovered two deep scars in the earth's crust in outback Australia that are believed to mark the remains of a meteorite crater with a 250-mile diameter - the largest ever found. The scars are each more than 120 miles in diameter and are believed to mark the spot where a meteorite split into two, moments before it slammed into earth. The impact is believed to have occurred more than 300 million years ago. Read More ...

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