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February 8, 2016 - New Moon 19° Aquarius
February 22, 2016 - Full Moon 3° Virgo

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos vs. Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers

It's that time of the year millions of football fans embrace. Preparations are in order - high security in place - celebrities and fans arriving for the big day. Known for its commercials - some were aired on TV this week - many on YouTube. It all takes place in the energies of New Moon in Aquarius.

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Ellie's Trolley Adventures

February 4, 2016    6:46 PM ET

I remember riding the Trolley in Coney Island where I lived until I was 11 years old.

Now Mayor De Blasio wants to bring trolleys back by 2024 linking the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens.

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What does this ancient Greek relief appear to depict?

February 5, 2016    7:11 PM ET

Is this ancient Greek statue proof someone took a laptop back in time? Is it just a Tablet or something else? Legend has it that the Oracle of Delphi connected priests with super natural beings who passed along advanced technology and information. And conspiracy theorists claim that is how a modern-day laptop ended up in a Greek sculpture from 100 BC. Video and Text

Three new articles about Ancient Egyptian

February 3, 2016    2:02 PM ET

4,500-Year-Old Funerary Boat

The Festival of Drunkenness - ancient Egyptian myth involving the destruction of mankind.

Another Tomb Found .. Read more

Famous Giant Turtle Dies - Only Three Left on Earth

February 2, 2016    7:36 PM ET

The death of Cu Rua, long revered in Vietnam, brings the critically endangered Yangtze giant softshell turtle one step closer to extinction.

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Fossil Daddy Longlegs Sports a 99-Million-Year Erection

February 1, 2016    9:33 PM ET

On a tree in what's now Burma some 99 million years ago, a cousin of today's daddy longlegs had the best and worst day of his life. His penis tgrew to nearly half of his body length when erect. Unlike male spiders and scorpions, which use modified legs to transfer sperm to females in tidy packets, most harvestmen like H. grimaldii have honest-to-goodness penises, which they insert into genital openings next to the females' mouthparts. Spider Fossils

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How the brain builds place memories

February 5, 2016    1:22 PM ET

Using weak electrical impulses targeted at previously inactive cells in the hippocampus, the researchers induced the cells to recognize the exact place where the impulse had been first administered.

The new study offers insight into the question of how memories are formed within our brains.

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Perception is Relative

February 3, 2016    9:30 AM ET

In the illusion of time, all things are real, relative, and exist to us as our brains allow. In metaphysics we talk about babies and pets staring at nothing, yet by their expressions, we understand they are looking at someone and reacting to something adult minds can't see as their frequencies are grounded in physical reality. Read more ...

Overcome Your Performance Anxiety

February 1, 2016    8:33 AM ET

If the thought of a solo recital gives you the jitters, instead of picturing everyone in the audience naked, try imagining a positive scenario like an encouraging audience or the sound of applause. A new study finds that these types of thoughts might be helpful in reducing anxiety about slipping up in front of an audience. When performing in front of a crowd, people are typically hyperaware of others observing them. Read More ...

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