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The Spirit of a Dog Named Jetter

May 24, 2015     8:44 AM ET

I had a unique experience with a client and her deceased dog Jetter.

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Fleet Week NYC May 20-26, 2015

May 21, 2015     9:51 AM ET

Fleet Week With Ellie and Linda

Ships and UFO's

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May 20, 2015     11:01 AM ET

Two new articles this week:

Ancient lake challenges understanding of evolution

'Crazy Craters' Found in Swiss Lake

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Mercury Retrograde - May 18-June 11

May 19, 2015     10:00 AM ET

Affects Communication and Transportation

It all takes place in Gemini so watch what you say, text, and email, as you may regret it later.

Ellie's Mercury Retrograde Moments

About Mercury Retrograde

Most European men descended from just three ancestors

May 19, 2015     7:30 PM ET

Almost two out of three modern European men (64 per cent) were descended from just three Bronze Age males. DNA evidence has shown that most men in Europe descend from just three Bronze Age males. Archaeologists have been puzzled about whether European populations started to surge in the stone age or later. But the new research appears to suggest that there was a rapid expansion of communities in the succeeding Bronze Age. Read More ...

Australian Legend - Myth? UFO?

May 19, 2015     10:09 AM ET

Could this Australian Aboriginal legend be about a UFO and coincide with Ancient Alien Theory?

The Luritja people, native to the remote deserts of central Australia, once told stories about a fire devil coming down from the Sun, crashing into Earth and killing everything in the vicinity. The local people feared if they strayed too close to this land they might reignite some otherworldly creature. The legend describes the crash landing of a meteor in Australia's Central Desert about 4,700 years ago. Read More ...

Indian Subcontinent's Quake On Collision Course

May 18, 2015     2:27 PM ET

In terms of plate tectonics, India is running into Asia at one and a half to two inches a year, leading to earthquakes. When an unstoppable force like the Indian subcontinent crashes into an immovable object like Asia, the consequences include the tallest mountains in the world and a cadence of earthquakes like the magnitude 7.8 one that struck Nepal last month and a major aftershock in the same region last week. Earthquakes -- Plate Tectonics

Goal Projection

May 19, 2015     6:37 PM ET

The more committed we are to achieving a goal - catching a train, buying a movie ticket, getting groceries - the more likely we are to assume others have exactly the same objective. The study, centers on a well-established psychological phenomenon, 'goal projection,' which is an egocentric way of understanding other people's goals by projecting your goals onto them - or, put another way, assuming that others share the same goal as you. Read More ...

Your Brain Is Shrinking - Here's How to Reverse It

May 18, 2015     7:05 PM ET

Concentration of gray matter changed in brain regions associated with learning and memory, emotion, self-referential processing, and perspective taking. Everyone experiences brain shrinkage as they age, sometimes starting as early as the age of 30 but usually after the age of 40. By the end of your life, the volume of your brain tissue will probably be close to that of a 7-year-old child. A higher rate of shrinkage can contribute to dementia, premature death, depression, risk of stroke, and more. Read More ...


May 18, 2015     3:16 PM ET

The results will be injuries -> greater injuries. It's not worth it. Pain has a simple message: "Stop!" You should never push your body.number of people in all age groups with knee injuries is growing rapidly in the world of health and fitness. Healing from a knee replacement can take up to a year.

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