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Friday October 19, 2018

Born on this Date

Johnnetta B. Cole is an American anthropologist,
educator, museum director, and college president.

When you educate a man you educate an individual,
but when you educate a woman, you educate a nation.

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Elizabeth Warren and her Native American Claim

Warren's raging is very disconcerting to me.
She would never have my vote.

Working in Metaphysics I've meet many people who feel more spiritual by claiming Native American heritage. Today spirituality and truth come from the heart. It's not what people say but what they do. Truth cannot be camouflaged.

If we're going Native American - this afternoon I decided to wear

the handmade beaded Native American earrings I bought in South Dakota.

Autumn in New York with great energies here...

While elsewhere ...

Border Crossing October 2018

Video: Chaos erupts as caravan reaches Mexico border  
CNN - October 19, 2018

As another caravan of thousands of Honduran migrants heads this way - once again immigration issues take center stage. Though we are compassionate towards those who come from countries where people live in fear with no future, once again the question arises as to how many people we can take in especially if they're not vetted. Where will they go? How will they survive? Will they be exploited here?

Though the United States brings more hope than their country of origin, the way things are going here, the future leaves endless issues unresolved. It's a no win situation for millions of people around the world. There is no amicable solution as everything always ends in dramas as is programmed.

My heart goes out to all the migrants who are just trying to find a safe haven for themselves and their families. Then there are those who say we created this hologram with our consciousness and shift it accordingly because we have free will. No we didn't and no we don't because none of us would create such dire circumstances. For whatever time remains - do the best you can - from voting on November 6th to enjoying each day

October 20, 1967

A purported bigfoot is filmed.

Bigfoot and Other Ape Creatures   Crystalinks

Bigfoot: Google Videos

Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

Carl Sagan

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October 20, 2018

Orionids Google Videos

The Orionids are a prolific meteor shower associated with Halley's Comet.
They last approximately one week in late October.

Comets   Crystalinks

Somewhere in Space

Researchers reveal the story of the oldest stars and galaxies, compiled from 20 years of simulating the early universe

Largest structure ever found in the early universe is one million, billion times more massive than the sun

Physicist describes the shape of a wormhole

Magnetic fields may be the key to black hole activity

Astronomers find a cosmic Titan in the early universe

The Moon may be the key to unlocking how the first stars and galaxies shaped the early universe

China reveals plan to launch an 'artificial moon' to light up city skies in 2020

Mysterious fast radio burst signals that could be evidence of advanced alien civilizations are spotted closer to Earth than ever before

Was life on the early Earth purple?

Airbus is developing a 9-tonne living quarters and research lab module for astronauts aboard Nasa's Gateway space station that will orbit the Moon by 2024

Where to Land on the Red Planet? That's the Choice for Mars 2020 Rover Team.

The Higgs Boson May Have Saved Our Universe from Cosmic Collapse. For Now.

Missing gamma-ray blobs shed new light on dark matter, cosmic magnetism

All in the family: Kin of gravitational wave source discovered

Hunting for Mini-Moons: Exomoons Could Have Satellites of Their Own

Record Breaker: 4 Huge Alien Planets Spotted Around Baby Star

The Milky Way could be spreading life from star to star

It's All in Your Mind - Blue Dot or Red Dot

The Matrix - Blue Pill or Red Pill

Memory Loss 2018 as Consciousness Disconnects from the Grids

Friedrich Nietzsche, the Monolith, and Reality

Stephen Hawking's final book reveals ...

Saudi Adventures and Hit Squads

Art Imitates Reality

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