Trump Impeached December 18, 2019

Impeachment of Donald Trump

T'was The Weekend Before Christmas

T'was the weekend before Christmas and all through The House
not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

The citizens were happy to take a short break
after their president was impeached which was not a mistake.

2020 is on the other side of the door
as events move to the Senate floor.

January brings the return of Mitch, Nancy, and Chuck
while many say they just don't give a f**k.

Watched the first hour of December's Democratic debate
Had enough ... didn't stay up late.

Trump verses the truth - perspectives in play.
Continued in January on a cold winter's day.

School is out. Plans under way.
Gift cards work no matter what others say.

As holidays approach each year remember
To always have fun at the end of December.

Wednesday December 18, 2019

Christmas and Hanukkah came early this year to millions of Americans who have had enough of President Trump's abuse of facts, people, and power. After a lifetime of avoiding the consequences of his actions this was Trump's judgment day to be continued in the Senate and perhaps on Election Day 2020.

On a solemn day in American history Trump became the third President impeached by the House of Representatives voting him guilty of Abuse of his Power and Obstruction of Congress.

Though I didn't watch the ten hours of testimony prior to the final vote, I checked in from time to time recording events on my DVR then deleting them up until the time of the vote and its aftermath.

The backdrop to the impeachment was an unexpected snow squall here in New York City followed this morning by bone-chilling cold. Earlier in the day I had noted on the online weather map that there no precipitation into next week which I found strange for this time of the year - but we experience in a timeline where the unexpected often allows us glimpses at how the hologram works.

So there it was in print minutes after the vote - "Trump Impeached" echoing across the world. It was not unexpected and part of a growing global pattern of leaders removed from power due to abuse.

The country has had enough of Trump's tumulus presidency and needs to move on. You know the list of impeachable offenses and personal grievances Trump has set forth in his quest to run the country his way. His narcissism will allow him to believe he is the victim in all of this. Emotional reactions will vary as Americans connect the dots based on their own emotions and programming.

Most Americans believe Republicans in the Senate will not vote to remove him from office, having to live with the repercussions of Trump's actions in the future especially if re-elected in November. The eternal quest for freedom only comes with truth at the end of our experience in physical reality.

What Trump needs to show is evidence that will exonerate him not hide the truth. I don't believe it exists. If after that Republicans can still defend him in - after political backlash from their constituents then they don't deserve to represent the people in Congress.

Trump believes he will not be ousted by the Senate and is going to win in a landslide victory in November. There are those who would agree with him. Should that not come to pass he would only consider options that would keep him in media and the public eye. He would come out with a book that becomes a best seller - start his own media network - anything to get approval and acceptance as a throw back to childhood issues pleasing his father. Like all narcissists he will always play the victim - the man who tried to fix the issues of the country and drain the swamp with his own set of rules and people many of whom have gone to jail.

Defiant in the face of a historic rebuke, Trump rallied supporters in Michigan declaring, "It doesn't really feel like we're being impeached." The Battle Creek, Michigan rally was scheduled to begin at 7 p.m., but Trump didn't take the microphone until an hour later as the House was in the process of finishing debate and then voting on the first of two articles of impeachment. Addressing the Michigan crowd directly, Trump told them "Congressional Democrats are directly attacking 2.3 million Michigan voters. It's a disgrace. Democratic lawmakers do not believe you have a right to select your own president," he fumed on stage, flanked by two Christmas trees. "They think the Washington swamp should be able to veto the results of the election. There's never been a time like this." In between bashing the Democrats and their "Phony impeachment" Trump focused on some of his administration's accomplishments - including trade deals and record military-aid funding. Trump after attacked those he considered his enemies in manner most I'm becoming the person in the office of president.

Vice President Mike Pence, who warmed up the Kellogg Arena crowd and introduced Trump at Wednesday night's rally, echoed Republican sentiments that the Democrats are trying to undo the 2016 election. "You know what's going in Washington DC tonight is a disgrace. From day one, Democrats in Washington have been trying to overturn the results of the last election. The truth is they're trying to impeach this president because they know they can't defeat him. They're pushing this partisan impeachment because they know they can't stop you from giving the president four more years in the White House."

Watching and waiting in the wings ... Vladimir Putin and his team of Russian hackers.

Trump administration opposes bill meant to deter Russia in the 2020 election

Putin's annual press conference

Russian President Vladimir Putin held his annual marathon news conference, discussing issues like term limits, Russia's strained relationships with other nations and the impeachment of President Trump which was based on "made-up reasons". The 4 hour, 20 minute event did hold some clues about Putin's plans once his term runs out in 2024. The Russian President set off social media alarm bells when he suggested the Russian constitution could be amended to change term-limit rules, which prohibit more than two consecutive terms in office. Putin is on his fourth term and his second consecutive one. Russia's state-run media denied Putin could seek another term in 2024. At a time he thought he was infallible Trump once joked about running for president for a third term. one man is a dictator - the other is a wanna-be dictator.

Friday December 6

Trump speak ... Ignorance gets him into trouble much of the time but he thrives on drama as many unstable people do. He instigates then plays the victim - classic narcissism - touching the emotions of his followers. After he manipulated the Mueller Report to make it appear that he was a victim he thought he was infallible and decided to go after Biden and his family. When he went against the constitution he had no idea what he was doing and probably didn't consult anyone - others too afraid to tell him it was illegal. Those who abuse power and tempt fate at every turn eventually get taken down. The Ukraine incident will be his Waterloo. That mistake will get him impeached in the House but not in the Senate. 2020 - Politics will get crazier as we move to election day and tensions mount. The pressure will get to everyone and they will react. End Times are aways destructive.

About this pic of Trump. I was watching the news when he came on. At that moment the reception became pixelated so I paused it and took this picture.

Thursday December 5

Corruption and conspiracies rule politics and much of reality but you know that. There is no one who can fix things as that is not the algorithm of physical reality. It is about chaos. For all her flaws - Nancy Pelosi appears to represent the interests of the people and the constitution. It's her nervousness demeanor that puts me off. I feel the same about Elizabeth Warren who seems to have toned things down a notch for now. I know what they say that we don't tolerate this from women but men can act crazy. For me that energy doesn't work - male or female.

I watched a clip from Nancy Pelosi's speech today in which she said, "All roads lead to Russia". Most of my political blogs end with, "Watching and waiting in the wings ... Vladimir Putin." One can also conclude that Ukraine is one example of a larger situation in which Trump has been effectively doing Russia's bidding. I don't know that anyone has explained what's going on behind the scenes with Trump and Putin as co-conspirators. We may never know the truth as it is so convoluted. The political actors in our little script perform, in true soap opera fashion, though most Americans are ready to change the channel or cancel the series. Nancy also said, "Don't mess with me." Here in Brooklyn we would change the word "mess" to something more colorful. Nancy's busy day

Joe Biden and the Iowa farmer - Biden in the news Didn't he know that putting his wife's finger in his mouth wouldn't go over well. It sucks!

Friends and I can't wait to see Bloomberg and Trump debate.

Wednesday December 4

People decide on truth based on many factors, more often than not how events affect their lives.

I agree that the media is not always accurate both today and in the past. Social media turns it up a notch or two or more. Facts are not always what they seem - neither are politicians, voters, or people in general. Corruption and conspiracies have always existed and rule reality.

It's all about diversions and keeping people enmeshed in events that ultimately they have no control over if you understand the programed simulation of reality.

The human condition is broken and becomes more fractured every day - all part of end times - and witnessed by more than political events.

To say Trump or anyone else can fix the problems is a misstatement. Politicians come and go and most make mistakes as history portrays. I don't think Bloomberg, Bernie, Biden or anyone can correct an equation that is playing out to finality. It's all part of the duality of reality that is programmed with finding solutions that lead to other challenges.

If you're programmed to believe Trump is the best president we've ever had - so be it.

On the flip side, if you think he challenges democracy at every turn - that is your conclusion - also respected. It's all just a bipolar game - simulation - illusion - dream - set in linear time to experience emotions that more often than not make no sense.

2020 is a game changer that spikes on the timelines. As we process through our emotions - I feel excitement not fear - but that will be my experience.

I wish I could say dissemination of the information we all seek about our creation, and related conspiracies, will happen, but not until the end when the truth about the truth is revealed and we understand why things happen in physical reality as they do. Until then - stay safe and understand that the human experiment is reaching its conclusion something your soul is here to witness.

Tuesday December 3

Many Americans accept that Trump is guilty of bribery in reference to Ukraine and don't care because for now it doesn't directly affect them. They just want to know what Trump will do for them in these difficult times. They fear change. They resent the Old Guard who were also corrupt. Trump knows how to feed those needs though his way of doing things grows dire in the big picture where he seeks omnipotent power much like Putin and others.

If he could suppress the news he would - which is how men like Hitler come into power.

Trump shows little knowledge of history, the constitution or the ability to read and comprehend. Most of the time he appears to be stumbling to find the right words to say, making things up as he goes along - with over 13,000 lies and counting. If you approve of him and none of that matters to you, perhaps you should re-examine the person you want to take you down the rabbit hole.

Most of the time he shows lack of judgment and control combined with ignorance and lack of concern about what is really going on. If you think he cares about you - you are wrong. He cares only about himself, money and power.

By now everyone knows who Trump is but not what drives him on a soul level. His placement in the simulation would seem to reflect advancing End Times which some understand and others don't.

I don't know any rational and/or educated people who want him reelected. Most are fearful that he and other Republicans are slowly taking away civil liberties and more. Senate Republicans are in for a rude awakening - gun control, heath care, abortion, climate change, you know the deal.

This takes us to the Democrats who do not present a powerful leader for now. Bloomberg and Biden have stepped up to that end but only Bloomberg has the power, experience, and ability to get the job done - though there is not enough time.

I understand there is no stopping end times where emotion rules reason and it all goes boom in the end.

The energies build now.

From space will come one or more asteroids.

Apocalyptic asteroid strike that could wipe out humanity is only a matter of time, top scientist warns

Goodbye tectonic plates.

Crash! Fade to Black.

Monday December 2

My friend Nina believes Evangelicals and others are waiting for the return of Jesus as reality reaches its final stages. There is something people are sensing that often makes them uncomfortable yet they can't articulate the feeling. Further there's something about Trump being president that aligns with that process. It sort of goes along with my original thinking that Trump becoming president would bring the truth about alien intervention which goes hand-in-hand with human creation. Neither event will happen unless Jesus or extraterrestrials physically present themselves which seems unlikely. The human experiment remains as always in chaos yet filled with hope for change especially at Christmas.

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