The Trump Era, the Whistleblower, and the Gremlin in the Kremlin

Act I Scene I

The episode opens on June 16, 2015 when corrupt New York City Real Estate Mogul Donald Trump announces his candidacy for US president in 2016. Large crowds underscore the complexity of what is about to happen. It all seems like a joke to those who watch the Golden Boy with the golden hair descend the escalator at Trump Tower while millions of others focus on more serious and believable candidates. That day I blogged Trump would win and against all odds he did setting the stage for what we have witnessed over the past 2 years and 9 months. Not a week has gone by where Trump has not surprised the world with his diversions, conspiracies, behavior, lies, etc.

Present Day

Entering into the fall season of entertainment ... some believe this is the series final for Trump while others maintain he will be reelected in 2020.

This week will return us to the Trump Era soap opera which includes an interesting cast of characters one would not expect to find in the 21st-century and yet here it is ...

For the fourth time in American history, an impeachment inquiry into a sitting president has begun. This time, the focus is whether Trump courted foreign interference to hurt a leading political rival. Just when you think the allegations are dumb and dumber and they should fire the writers - the transcript of a whistleblower complaint about a phone call between Trump and Ukraine President Zelensky ... showed Trump repeatedly pressuring Zelensky to investigate people and issues of political concern to Trump, including former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

This story goes back to at least January 2019 when Rudy Giuliani began a sort of courtship with the previous Ukrainian administration. Whoops ... in these Aquarian days of unexpected outcomes - those politicians did not win the 2019 presidential election. Out of nowhere Zelensky won.

Oh no ...Vitally needed aid from the US stopped as Trump and company needed to come up with a new game plan to discredit his opponents in the 2020 election highlighted with Joe Biden. One might have assumed US aid to the Ukraine stopped because Putin ordered Trump to do so. We will probably never know of Russian involvement as the clock ticks down on reality ... [close up clock]

[Commercial break]

[Wide shot Trump Tower] Camera pans in on revolving door] [Graphic - Who's in? Who's on their way out?]

The list is long but currently ... the fall guys could be [closeup blank look] Mike Pence who some feel Trump does not want to run as his VP in 2020.

Then there's Trump's lawyer and cohort [closeup bulging eyes - ostentatious diamond pinky ring] Rudy Giuliani who it seems ran what amounted to a shadow foreign policy in Ukraine that unfolded against the backdrop of elections in both countries and the tag line for a future TV miniseries.

[Zoom in] Nancy Pelosi at podium addressing the world on UN General Assembly Week as House Democrats quickly push on with the impeachment process.

Friday the Dems issued their first subpoena in the inquiry, requesting documents from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo [close up confident expression]. He is expected to be interviewed in connection to the House's impeachment inquiry next week.

What will Republicans in the Senate do? Will they do what's best for their own careers or for the country? [closeup US Capitol]

Friday Trump's special envoy for Ukraine, Kurt Voler, resigned. [split screen Volker and List of people who have been fired or resigned]

Then there is the Whistleblower who I am told is a man working in intelligence and is supposed to testify this week. [closeup of a Whistle superimposed over a blank face]

It is hard to believe that as this impeachment moves forward from the House to the Senate - that Republicans could support Trump based on all allegations pre - during - and post his election. And yet stranger things have happened around Donald Trump's presidency.

[Commercial break]

[Wide shot Kremlin]

Camera focuses on Putin reading a text message. [closeup today's date]

Putin reads the text and LOL. "Idioty" he texts back.


September 29, 2019 - International Coffee Day -- Google News

Rosh Hashanah September 29, 2019 in the energies of a New Moon-Super Moon

The Magic. The Illusion. The New Moon. The Sun.

Pyramids Above and Below

Star of David. Connects Above and Below

Creating the Hourglass in the Sands of Time.

The Script. Thoth the Scribe who wrote the Script.

The year is 5780 = 20 = 2. You and I having an Experience in Time

It's All in the Script

On the road to Impeachment ... maybe. Trump was placed in office as the ultimate diversion - by who or what remains uncertain - though I don't think it's a Cabal but the simulation itself that controls everything as we play out our roles unaware.

The objective: Keep humans immersed in a global drama until the end. Who better than Trump to fill that role on the world stage (simulation) of reality. If you were a screenwriter this would be the ultimate script encapsulating the full gamut of emotions as the human experiment comes to an end. Just about everyone has an opinion especially if Trump's decisions affect their lives.

One has to wonder why each event that could have resulted in Trump's impeachment was addressed over a period of time and then dismissed segueing to the next .... The list of impeachable offenses is long and yet he remains in office. That must tell you something greater is going on here than meets the eye.

I know many people who love a good conspiracy - pontificating on Trump's behavior - while working diligently to find the answer.

On the flipside we find people like me who know that things are going to play out the way they are programmed and don't waste a lot of energy trying to dissect everything that goes on.

I understand the hard work of those who are trying to correct the equation and remove Trump from office but he is the equation so I'm not sure where any of this is going to go.

As we all know and discuss - reality is broken - observed through intellect and emotion - and can't be fixed. We're too close to the end.

ACT III (physical reality or third dimension) is playing out its finale however you envision that.

Over the past 24 years - as author and creative director of Crystalinks - I've blogged about Earth Changes - climate and natural disasters - along with other things that affect the human equation - accelerating exponentially until the end of the illusion of time.

And so they have come to pass along with the collapse of the grids that create the illusion of our reality sweeping everything up in their wake. Computer End Simulation.