Yom Kippur 5780 or 2020

A Time of Reflection

Years come and go as we measure physical time. Calendars and cycles vary depending on programming. Everything is about recording the moments and movements of linear time as a record of humanity's journey in this part of reality.

October 8, 2019 - If one were to look at the closing moments of 2019 - it is not only the end of a year - but of a decade and a cycle. Some might reflect and say, "Where has the time gone?" in reference to our lives and what goes on in the world as we experience through the prism of our emotions and intellect.

Some measure End Times by climate change - the doomsday clock - and by personal experience - while others look at the broader perspective of reality itself as a fictional story in which we are all characters playing out our roles simultaneously here and elsewhere.

9/11 indelibly imprinted on the collective unconscious by setting in motion end time events that follow the blueprint of our cosmic design - playing out everywhere "one" can image consciousness exists - awareness allowing understanding that you are living in a Sacred Time - not at the beginning of the end but at the end of the end..

Nothing confounds morality and reality more than the battle for power. We were enemies then friends then lovers then it ended. Power has ruled our journey from what we perceive as the beginning of time.

So where are we today in terms of global political structure? As if by design ruling bodies and classes have always followed the pattern of greed, self indulgence, and ultimate destruction. End times would be no different.

The man considered the leader of the free world is nothing more than a manifestation of his own creation destroying everything in his wake. Seeing himself as invincible - he was programmed to create chaos from day one and divert our attention on every turn.

First it was the Mueller Report which didn't end exactly the way we wanted it to but certainly implicated co-conspirators on every turn. With that in "mind" along came a whistleblower and then a second, as a new diversion was set in place to keep the world occupied. There are those who follow on a daily basis and others who prefer to look at the larger picture and hope this person will be taken out of the equation along with those who are afraid to stand up to him and put country before personal gain.

Though not of Jewish heritage there are those close to Him who follow Hebrew traditions and will celebrate tonight and tomorrow with the knowledge that their father and grandfather has the ability to destroy what centuries of the fight for freedom has achieved in the cycle of destruction and rebuilding.

Alas all becomes crystal clear as the cycle of humanity returns to its origins.

Happy New Year 5780 or 2020 (to have perfect vision)

Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, Balance
or Judgment, is the most solemn of the Jewish holidays.

There's something about the window between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur that people feel - even if these holidays are not part of their culture and they do not celebrate them traditionally. It's just something in the energies of reality experienced at this transitional time of the year. For some this is the beginning of a new year rather than on the January 1 date.

Growing up in a predominantly Jewish area of Brooklyn, my family honored the traditions of the holiday. As I became an adult, I could still feel the energies but didn't follow the traditions. My children still remember that their father used to take them to Temple on these high holy days as these holidays meant a lot to him. Today only one of my three daughters goes to temple and follows tradition.

Like everything else, religion is a personal experience that one may chose to embrace as they go through the different chapters of their lives. Some people find religion as they get older, while others move away from it. In my years of metaphysics I have found that people believe in a spiritual origin - not so much in the paradigms of tradition.

Today we celebrate Yom Kippur. Some people will fast and others will not. Some will go to temple well others will honor the holiday at home either alone, with family, or with friends. Happy New Year to those celebrating one way or another. As we live in rapidly changing times - this year will bring interesting changes to our lives and the world.

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