Full Moon Magic - December 12, 2019

Full Moon from my terrace 12.12 around 12:12 a.m.

The Eclipse of Consciousness in the Alchemy of Time

Ellie and the Blue Photos

Another personal epiphany on 12.12 for those who have followed me through the years. The pic below of the moon at 12.12 today took me back to the Infrared (Blue) Photos I took in 1988. And then I realized what some of the images meant - mainly the Anunnaki wrist device which is mostly about time travel and links to so much of my work here.

Egyptian Funerary Magic - The Way We Were

Anubis - Opening of the Mouth Ceremony

The ceremony involved a symbolic animation of a statue or mummy
by magically opening its mouth so that it could breathe and speak.
There is evidence of this ritual from the Old Kingdom to the Roman Period.

Ellie in the Kings Chamber on 12.12.2000 at 12:12 p.m.

The Great Pyramid Experiment

12 hours earlier at 12:12 a.m. in the light of a Full Moon I stood alongside the Great Pyramid and saw Orion in the night sky, the energies bathing over me. I was warned not to walk close to the Pyramid as security was everywhere. But this was my time as off I went - friends worriedly watching at a safe distance. All was well in the magic of the moment as if I was invisible to the guards.

Telepathically I asked Thoth for confirmation of who I was and who I am. The response was a flash of light halfway up the side of the pyramid just in front of me also witnessed by my friends. "Was it a flash from someone's camera?" I wondered. No. There was no one there but me.

A hail storm had fallen over the Giza Plateau two days prior closing the Great Pyramid to all expect those who were meant to be alone there at this time. In that moment I was home.

The flight home ...

As I looked out of the window into the night sky, still illuminated by the almost full moon, I could see the Great Pyramid in the distance. "Goodbye for now," I thought. "Until we meet again," echoed in my consciousness.

I feel those energies every year on 12.12. They also connect to meeting a soulmate named El Sherif on 11:59 pm that evening as the plane took off returning me to my current home in New York.

The myth, math, magic, mystery and messages continue to this day.

Journey to Egypt - December 2000

The Shroud of Turin and the Anunnaki Wrist Device

The mystery that still surrounds the Shroud of Turin
CNN - December 12, 2019

Magic and the Matrix

The Matrix Chapter 4 (Time)

'The Matrix 4' premieres in theaters on May 21st, 2021 5.21.21

Millions of people have become aware that we live in a matrix or simulation since the original trilogy aired. Back in the day people would laugh and tell me I'm The Oracle. Well ... I'm not black, I don't smoke, but I do understand that reality is a Matrix and I love home baked chocolate chip cookies. Prediction: This simulation won't reboot again. Computer End Simulation. Fade to Black.

The Waking Dream

Which woman is in the true reality?

Neither. It is all an illusion.

No different than Schrodinger's Cat

Cosmic Connections

We live/experience on a seismic sphere that goes by many names - in English - planet Earth. Early humans believed this was the only place in the great expanse of the celestial horizon. Early humans believed this was the only place in the great expanse of the celestial horizon though many saw beyond ... speaking of reality as a dream or illusion while others created myths and legends about Space Visitors from the stars.

Millenia later humans realized we are part of a never ending project they goes on and on into eternity which for now is measured by "as far as the eye can see" within physical perspective.

Eventually humans were destined to explore beyond ... for their origins and galactic purpose. To that end there have been visitors to Earth who are not of this world and/or space-time. They come in different shapes and sizes - depending on their point of origin - having different agendas and yet none have physically presented themselves to Earth's inhabitants bringing proper explanation. Maybe they have tried and it is beyond our comprehension.

This is not about channeled information. This is about actual physical connection to enlighten humanity. Perhaps it goes to the age of technology in which we are growing very quickly to some greater destiny of purpose. Generally one looks back in retrospect to understand what took place in the past that explains the present and the future.

We exist in the past in physical reality (linear time). What I write here now, is in the past when you read it. My consciouses has moved on as will yours when you finish reading this post. Time, geometry, and consciousness are the keys. (Think hologram)

Perhaps other-worldly beings are part of searching for their answers to one's origins - which are never to be found in physical reality - but in outer space or outside of the linear existence. When telepathically communicating most just reiterate the same mantra of humanity creating peace through love and light to find the truth. That's a Catch 22 in the bipolar bi-located algorithm through which we explore the prism (prison) of physical reality.

Thus we all await the conclusion of our simulation by its own design in the code through which it was conceived.

We are aware of something out there that unites us and for today remains an unknown factor that serendipitously creates events to that end. Simply put it is a multi-dimensional simulation whose cause-and-effect in our reality is about to be realized and understood.

In the meantime the human experiment deals with a wide variety of issues on its day-to-day basis (base number).

Ellie the Time Traveling Teacher - Final Solar Eclipse of the Decade