Children and Anxiety 2019

From my perspective as a therapist and psychic reader, anxiety levels are off the chart even with the healthiest of people. Metaphysically one could say grid frequency is rising and is part of the problem. However you try to explain what is causing anxiety in today's crazy world it is part of the pattern of depression, stress, fear and panic disorder - it is here to stay. People have a lot to worry about no matter how good the economy appears to be and their lives in general are unfolding.

Few people grow up in a perfect environment - that's why I equate the emotional body with childhood experience. The first 20 years of one's life is when they often feel fear and playing the role of the victim. The next 20 are figuring out what went wrong in the first 20 years and doing something about it. We spend all of our lives dissecting a personalities and the influences we have on others hopefully in a positive way.

Recently a friend told me that his nine-year-old daughter was being treated for anxiety. Her parents are divorced but that is in the past and not causing the problem though the little girl is in therapy. There are many factors to consider with childhood anxiety starting with genetics which is the case in her experience. All of this lead her father to a part-time career in life coaching.

Then there are the external factors. When adults go through their life experiences, which are often traumatic, they assume children are not assimilating that energy. Wrong. It's like having an office affair and thinking nobody knows when everybody does. When there's more than one child in a family they may try to shield each other but usually that is not possible.

You know we're programmed for bipolar drama so whether you are an adult or a child there will always be lessons both negative and positive. Adults may think they get to choose when actually it goes to their programming. Children generally do not get to choose much of anything. As an adult when you understand that your experiences are programmed it relieves a lot of the guilt, anxiety, and pressures that go with your behavior. It may not excuse them but at least you can figure out what's going on as you try to fight off emotional (chemical) imbalances.

Children are often afraid to talk about what's going on emotionally for fear of rejection or not being believed.

Children know when things are wrong. Keeping secrets from them may seem like a good idea because they don't know how to process what adults are going through but all of this needs to be taken to some sort of counseling or therapy. Children may not understand why the adults are doing what they're doing but once they reach an age where they can filter human behavior they know when things are wrong but feel helpless to do anything. Often they act out, runaway, seek help in school, or try to find some way of processing.

There are

What is all of that supposed to mean to a child especially when their life is suddenly uprooted and will never be the same again? Explanations are needed but don't lie and always assure them that no matter what you will always love them. Actually today's child knows whether or not their parent loves them or wishes they were never born.

You can only lie to children just so long as today's child is far more intuitive and has ways of finding out the truth using technology than in the past.

Metaphysically some of you feel you're not of this reality or Earth - just live with the fact that this will be resolved in the not too distant future when reality shifts - or however you see it. Adults fail to understand that children feel the same way.

Many children at the earliest ages express a knowing of things that we call metaphysical and cannot be easily explained away but influence their path at a level that one must try to understand when raising children today. I am not talking about Indigo Children - a fancy name for children with learning challenges and emotional problems. This is about an inner knowing that on some level I'm not from here and have a chosen destiny. The concept of chosen destiny goes along with the feeling of I'm here to do something important - to make a difference. It's all part of our genetic code that is taking us home.

When I blog about end times it's generally to adults who question why the world is the way it is and why their life has so many unanswered questions. I do not see an apocalyptic ending although anything is possible in an illusion and current flood stories align with Earth's real or mythological history. The way the world is going the fear factor is a rising frequency rippling through the consciousness grids like a shockwaves.

If you have anxiety - most likely so will your children as we are our genetic codes. Be sure and get professional help which varies in many directions in today's world from counseling to medication to holistic means of dealing with issues. It's your call.