Ellie's Adventure at Pyramid Lake and Black Rock Desert 1989

The Billet and the Pyramid

In 1989 I attended a gathering with other psychics, in Brooklyn. These were the days I spent one Saturday each month doing readings at the psychic fairs in Long Island, meeting people like medium, John Edward, who was just starting out and would go on to do important things in helping people heal and understand there is more than the physical experience.

At this gathering, we decided to do billet readings for each other. One of the woman, Sue Schwartz, from Long Island, had been a professional psychic and astrologer for many years. Sue received my billet (my identity unknown to her until later) in which I had written the question, "What is my mission?"

Later, when Sue opened my billet, and I identified myself, the information was as follows. She held up the image below and told the class that I was connected to a pyramid in a desert that might be in Egypt or in another place. Sue was very into aliens, having had her own sightings in Long Island where she lived. She was into the astrological sign Libra, writing a book on the subject, stating that those who had Libra as their Sun, Moon, or Rising, had special mission.

The symbols at the top left, and the 'bow tie' above the mountain, speak to me of an hourglass and the Great Pyramid -above and below.

The Inscribed Stone Arch, or Gate Archetype goes to all things linked with the word 'arch' especially megalithic monuments carved in time, such as Stonehenge and other stone gates found in the Middle East and Mesoamerican architecture going back for millennia. Arch also goes to 'Arc' and Sacred Geometry - the archetype or blueprint of the human grid program.

Sue asked if I had Libra in my chart. I am 27 Libra (DOB: 02/17/43 Brooklyn 11:25 PM - War Time) on the ascendant (rising), and that to me Libra means restoring balance to the human experiment in 'time'.

Sue next said that she saw aliens around me and my destiny had something to do with ET's or beings from higher consciousness. I would have to find this pyramid and do something within it. When I got there, I would remember what to do.

At that in my life I had wanted to retrace my 1954 encounter in the Nevada desert when I was 'taken' or 'beamed' aboard a diamond shaped UFO and met Z and a female entity.

Lessons Learned

In 1989 I taught art in an elementary school to third grade students. In a classroom assignment I had the children create stories with images about imaginary places. Using crayons or pencils they drew their images, until everyone was finished. Then one by one, each child stood in front to the class, and showed their drawing, creating a little story about it.

Eight year olds have great imagination and tell stories reflected from their dreams, things they've experienced, (as most of us do and put to narrative), or from that unknown place many of us go to while in meditation, hypnosis, or out of body experiences.

One boy drew a picture of the moon and a UFO landing there with 'gray' aliens. I asked him if he had learned about the Grays on TV or the movies, but he said he had never heard of them, just saw them in his dreams. He said they live on the moon in ships that can come together as one big ship, or separate into little ships, and that they sometimes come to Earth in the small ships. Their real home was far, far away in a place he could not name.

In A Class Of His Own - June 1989

Giancarlo drew this pic of his teacher

An Asian girl, Shuk, drew the picture below

Shuk told the other students that the brown object was a pyramid in the water, in a special place that I would visit.

She saw me in the water walking to the pyramid.

After school, I stopped at a local travel agency to get information about a summer trip I had decided to make to Nevada to retrace my 1954 extraterrestrial experience. These were the days before everything could easily be searched and found on the internet.

The travel agent gave me a brochure with these images . . .

The image bears a close resemblance to the pyramid the child drew.

The area in Nevada is called Pyramid Lake and was close to the area my
mother and I had the 1954 experience. This is the land of the Paiute Indians.

Pyramid Lake, Nevada

In late August 1989 I visited Pyramid Lake to retrace my 1954 experience. I rented a car and drove to Pah Rah Ridge, my only PGS being Z. As I approached my destination I was taken aback by the panoramic view of the countryside with Pyramid Lake below. I pulled over and got out to admire the view. Something tugged at my heart as I took pictures to capture the moment and remember.

I drove along the dirt roads that surrounded Pyramid Lake at the time, on my way to the Pyramid Rock in the water. Occasionally I stopped to climb onto a rock to experience the energies.

Finally I reached my destination, the rock in the water, Shuk had drawn.

Pyramid Rock looked like a large monolithic stone. I parked the car, climbed out to the stone and sat down. The day was clear, nature and spirit in balance, as I sat there alone, no one around for miles. I had come a long way in hopes of some physical manifestation or sign, but other than the energies of the moment, none were had. Still the energies were strong and Nevada, especially desert areas, have always been part of this lifetime and others.

I closed my eyes and telepathically connected with the energies of the Great Pyramid, experiencing an initiation taking place within my body. I saw a merge, as if yin/yang but different, with red on the right and black on the left and a strange spiral symbol in the middle. I knew I would have to journey to the Great Pyramid for more answers, but not at this point in my life.

While walking alone - a Native American elder came up to me seemingly out of nowhere.

He never told me his name but I asked if I could call him, Joseph, which seemed like the right name at the moment - though not necessarily a Native American name. He agreed.

I wanted to record our conversation, but he refused and would not allow photos.

His words were powerful, his energies spiritual, his features rugged, his eyes at times staring into mine as if seeing right through me.

He told me that he knew who I was and that I had a powerful destiny as a great teacher. I didn't understand what he meant at the time because this was years before the Internet and Crystalinks, but this was not the first time I had been told that.

Joe pointed to a nearby mountain and told me that aliens live and work below - coming and going in spaceships often seen by the locals.

He spoke about UFO retrievals, government projects and military bases hidden within the mountains camouflaged from the rest of the world - places where he and others had worked for several years on secret projects - which we call reverse engineering of UFOs.

He knew nothing about my 1954 experience, though he said that his people had worked on government projects as far back as that date and was aware that sometimes humans were taken the reasons not always sinister.

I don't know how long we spent together before parting company as it almost seemed as if we were suspended in time.

The last thing Joe told me was, "The time will come when people will learn the truth about what has remained hidden for decades. There are many who know and will one day come forth to bring wisdom at a time when all will change forever."

I left Pyramid Lake at sunset feeling complete with the experience and drove back to my hotel in Reno, Nevada.

Black Rock Desert ... The next day ...

Still searching for my hidden truths and evidence of alien visitors which somehow seemed linked, the next day I was guided to return to Black Rock Desert where I stopped at a gas station after I arrived.

As life is a journey in synchronicity, I met a man, Charlie, also born in 1943, who drove up to get gas at the same time. I immediately sensed that he had been sent there, or I had attracted him, to guide the next step of my journey, much like the Native American Elder the day before.

Charlie was a writer from Montana who had grown up in the Black Rock area. He had returned at this time to visit his father, after completed a table top book about Montana. There was an instant connection between us as we stood there talking. I generally do not talk to strange men, but this felt right. We talked about his work and my reason for being in Nevada at that time.

Charlie mentioned also having had strange experiences in the spring of 1954, when he lived in Black Rock, at the same time I was there. As a writer, with his own intuitive abilities and metaphysical interests, he seemed intrigued with my journey, offering to meet me the next day and help me ... go where spirit guided us so that I might find clues and remember more about when happened tome in 1954. There is a romanticism about such an adventure, meant only to last in that moment in time.

Charlie and I met for breakfast the next morning, at a local diner, in a strip mall. I left my rental car in the parking area then got into his car as we set off on an adventure to the mountains.

Charlie was the driver and I was the guide, though he knew the area and I was along for the ride.

We passed a military base, stopping outside to look through the fence, like characters in an action adventure film, to psych if there was a connection to my being there in 1954. The trail was cold.

We spend the day sightseeing and talking about our lives and projected destinies.

In the late afternoon, we visited Charlie's friend, the chief of a local tribe, who was our age. They had been friends for years. He and his wife welcomed us to their home which seemed simple on the outside, but was amazingly well decorated within.

Though the man was friendly, his conversation went on and one about politics, my least favorite subject (yawn ... bring on the spiritual stuff). I am not one who likes to listen to men prattle on about the plight of their people, their issues and so forth, so after a while I addressed the reason I was there. I was hoping he could connect me with a tribal group or shaman to speak with about Native American prophecy. He appeared to know nothing in that regard - or nothing he cared to share with a white woman from NYC.

An hour later, Charlie and I took our leave and drove into the mountains to discover whatever awaited us there. The sun was setting behind the mountains as we drove closer. We stopped as I sensed a connection. Could this be the place I had been in 1954, with my mother? She had never spoken about the trip after we returned to Brooklyn, NY, though she drew sketches and made notes about the journey - most of all I remember the pink sunset.

In this moment Charlie and I watched the setting sun in tones of pinks and purples bathing the desert and imposing mountains in light, lending itself to the experience as we got out of the car and walked around.

Charlie video taped the experience as I stood there with my eyes closed trying to recapture the energies of an event 34 years before.

We could feel Z's presence, as well as the spirits and guardians who belong to the area.

I closed my eyes and "saw" the diamond shaped UFO ... remembering being inside with the boy who was my approximately my age, the one who said nothing, just sat there with me watching. Was it Charlie? We could not be sure as he did had no remember go ever being taken.

I saw circular screens of images that made me dizzy so I leaned against a rock ... remembering. This message flooded my mind. "You are in a simulation. You will remember and tell others."

I opened my eyes and looked at Charlie replaying what I had seen. I don't know how much time had passed since we got there but something had connected us and the grids in the moment.

I asked Charlie what he had recorded. He said the camcorder kept stopping so he just gave up and just wanted to make sure that I was okay.

Eventually we got back in the car though the thought of spending the night to see what would have happened crossed our minds as we drove off into the sunset.

Reality is laced with metaphors as we journey into the unknown to find clues to who we are and why we are here. Always we are guided to the next ... that which takes us one step closer and ties the past, present, and future into One.

My quest continues ...

1989 - Pyramid and Alien Adventures Continue