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How often should wash your pets, jeans, hair and more?
Signs You're A Truly Genuine Person
Food Cravings
Under the Dome - Terrestrial
Under the Dome - Extraterrestrial
Ebola is Spreading
Dinosaurs and Evolution
You never know where lighting could strike
Israel-Gaza Crisis


It's the last day of July. Does the beginning of this month seem long ago to you? It does to me.

Over the next few week, many parents will take their future college students to visit universities both local and out of state.

How often should wash your pets, jeans, hair and more?

How often you should clean anything generally depends on use and other variables that can change with one's lifestyle. We all know that personal hygiene should be maintained on a regular basis as well as that of pets in the home. Once you get into the routine of maintaining the things in your life, they last longer, and make your life easier.

When professional cleaning is needed, usually outdoor maintenance, money should be set aside to this end. As you know everything eventually breaks, so prevention often is helpful. With climate changes being as drastic as they are now, keeping things clean and safe is not always easy.

When it comes to cleaning, some people are compulsive while others can ignore dirt, mold, etc. until they have to clean it up. Cleanliness may, or may not, be next to godliness, but most of the time it reflects one's psychological makeup - from OCD to hoarding to more.

Signs You're A Truly Genuine Person

We are born with a programmed barometer that allows us to be genuine or not. We try to be honest with ourselves and others, but that's not always easy, or the best solution. As humans, we periodically evaluate our behavior and the effect it has on ourselves and others. One of the focuses of the self-awareness aspect of metaphysics, and life in general, is Truth - even when it hurts and change must be made.

Food Cravings

Food cravings can guide you to eat something the body is nutritionally lacking or can be linked to emotional eating. Food cravings are regulated by the brain as is everything else you experience. After a while of not eating something ... like sugar ... the brain will stop craving it. How long until the cravings return varies - as most people revert back to old patterns. This is why most diets fail as do many relationships. You are your programmed codes.

Under the Dome - Terrestrial

Watch this Full Screen

The Circular image reminds me of Ouroboros (Completion)

  Hawaii's Climate Wipeout   Live Science - July 29, 2014
The sea-level rise that comes along with climate change won't only swallow far-flung, exotic islands such as Kirabiti and the Maldives. The rising waters, fueled by melting icecaps, will also inundate America's fiftieth state - the land of hula skirts, mai tais, and most importantly, Hawai'ians. "I like to think about the islands as they once were ... peopled by some of the most fearless and skilled ocean voyagers on the planet," says Jo-Ann Leong, director of the Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology. "Now, their whole way of life is being threatened by climate change."

Under the Dome - Extraterrestrial

Among the many descriptive metaphors about our experience in the physical Earth hologram is We live "Under a Dome" - currently the title of a sci-fi CBS series. The mysteries of the Dome allow you as a watcher to vicariously consider how are you would react in the situations the players/actors encounter - a great metaphor for our experience here.

Today's image from NASA looks like a dome or the eye of a reptilian linked to the center of the Milky Way Galaxy - "I" love the creation metaphors.

A Sky Portal in New Zealand   NASA - July 29, 2014

To some, it may look like a portal into the distant universe. To others, it may appear as the eye of a giant. Given poetic license, both are correct. Pictured above is a standard fisheye view of the sky -- but with an unusual projection. The view is from a perch in New Zealand called Te Mata Peak, a name that translates from the Maori language as "Sleeping Giant". The wondrous panorama shows the band of our Milky Way Galaxy right down the center of the sky, with the Large and Small Magellanic Clouds visible to the right. The red hue is atmospheric airglow that surprised the photographer as it was better captured by the camera than the eye. The above image was taken two weeks ago as the photographer's sister, on the left, and an acquaintance peered into the sky portal.

Dinosaurs and Evolution

According to the Season 7 premiere of "Ancient Aliens" called "The Reptilians" -- dinosaurs could have evolved into early humans and/or birds. As I have an affinity for Reptilians, it triggered several memories for me - the Anunnaki.

  Watch "The Reptilians"

Could Dinosaurs Have Survived the Impact that Killed Them?   Live Science - July 28, 2014

  'Fluffy and feathery' dinosaurs were widespread   BBC - July 25, 2014
All dinosaurs were covered with feathers or had the potential to grow feathers.


Thursday - July 31, 2014

The Last Ship about a 2014 TV series about a global pandemic. In what we experience as the real world ... we find the Ebola virus spreading. From the moment I read about Ebola years ago - I was shown that it will become an end time pandemic. There is no known vaccine.

On September 8. 2011 Ancient Aliens aired an episode called "Aliens, Plagues and Epidemics". That episode really triggered specific memories for me. Could some of our most crippling plagues and epidemics be traced to the darkest voids of space or extraterrestrial intervention to control or destroy a specific root race of humans? Would this be followed by the creation of a more evolved humanoid? If this is true - it reflects new inserts in the hologram.

  Watch the Episode

Sunday afternoon lightning struck in Venice Beach, California.

You never know where lighting will strike in the "sands of time".

Email with a client Sunday about the 2014 Israel-Gaza Crisis

From Ellie in Brooklyn: Events are very serious on the global battlefronts - all powder kegs ready to go off. From where I watch this in New York City there is no happy ending for anyone. The internet brings the tragic events to the world having a greater emotional impact. I don't see a traditional World War III but I do see lots of people fighting and lots of mistakes made everywhere. Is a third world war actually happening and most people don't know it? You know I believe this is a hologram and everything that's happening everywhere, to everyone, is bashert (destined).

From My Client in Israel: We feel safe but the situation is very frustrating. I don't live in the south where it is very hard. Also, my heart goes for many people in both sides that lose their lives. I'm kind of on the left wing here which supports settlement evacuation. Many people who held this approach lost their trust in the other side because the rockets started after we evacuated Gaza. The reality is very complex... With Abu Mazen we can make peace but with Hamas there is no chance. It is an organization which only strives for war and killing - and Israel is not doing its part in giving hope for the Palestinians by stopping the settlement growth.

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