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Current Earthquake Activity and Aftershocks

Earthquake activity continues to accelerate
exponentially in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

January 24 - February 3 - Sundance Film Festival
January 26 - Australia Day
January 27 - SAG Awards

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How brains distinguish between self-touch and touch by others
Fossilized slime of 100-million-year-old hagfish shakes up vertebrate family tree
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Gabriel Macht is an American actor.

Major networks are generally mainstream and conservative in how they approach storytelling.
I think there's a lot more room in cable television to tell broader stories.

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National Hug Day ... Children
Martin Luther King Day ... Loving Hugs
NFL Champs ... Exhilarating Hugs
Hugs and Cheers
Weather 10 degrees of Hugs
Super Blood Wolf Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 0° Leo - Pics

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January 21, 2019

National Hug Day

The Power of a Hug

Hug a tree and it will hug you back if it likes you

Loving Hugs

January 21, 2019

Martin Luther King Jr. Day - News

I still remember the day he was killed.

What would MLK say about Trump if he were alive today?

NFL Championships - Exhilarating Hugs

Sunday was a day of sports and cliffhangers as both the NFC and AFC Championships went into overtime with the home teams losing. Bravo to Tom Brady and the Patriots for a thrilling game as we move to Super Bowl LIII - Rams vs Patriots - February 3rd in Atlantic. I knew Brady would do it though I have seen him play better. Congratulations to all the players. Hugs!! It's a Rams-Patriots Super Bowl, and an Officiating Nightmare

Hugs and Cheers

Meanwhile over in Phoenix my granddaughter Joie's Cheer Team The California All Stars took home first place as the National Champs of the WSF. They continue to compete through early April. Congratulations you work hard to earn first place much like professional athletes.

Hugs and Chills

It will take more than a hug to warm up those in a polar vortex today.

Baby it's cold outside .... It's cold enough to take my plants off the window sills.

Below the streets are silent especially as this is a holiday with lots of closures around the city.

Super Blood Wolf Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse 2019 - 0° Leo

Full Moon over Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Monday morning

In pictures: 'Super blood wolf moon'   BBC - January 21, 2019

Stargazers share images of the super blood wolf moon  
CNN - January 21, 2019

Lunar eclipse 2019: super blood wolf moon - in pictures  
Guardian - January 21, 2019

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