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November 27, 2014


   Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

It's Thanksgiving week as people travel, plans are made, reunions are had, many battle the climate, holiday bargains are everywhere, and more. Black Friday is becoming a myth as bargain shopping begins earlier and earlier each year. There's just been too much pressure and craziness for shoppers in the past to not make changes. There's celebrations, entertainment, football, and hopefully something for each of my reader to be thankful for.

Each weekend as I archive blogs from the previous week - and delete the news from Ezine - it's as if they were part of something in another space-time that disappear from mind as we move to the next set of experiences. We seem to be processing faster and faster. 2014 is almost over. Most people ask, "Where has the year gone?" Personal and world situations go on and on ... sometimes haphazardly ... until it all stops.

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As thousands waited for something to happen on December 21, 2012, based on the Mayan Calendar, nothing prophesied occurred ... or was the date slightly off? "Sarah and Alexander" ends on July 4, 2012, as they spiral out of existence along with the hologram. That day the God Particle (Higgs Boson) was discovered opening doors to the multiverse, time travel, black holes, with emphasis on proving we exist in a holographic universe, and more. Fade to Black.

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