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Decision Day in New Hampshire, The Code

Crystalinks Ezine Today: News and Birthdays

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Another journalist

For me it's not about action or adrenalin.
It's about witnessing and reporting history.

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New Hampshire's Winners

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New Hampshire's Winners

Wednesday 7:00 AM ...

What a difference a day makes ... As predicted yesterday - Trump and Sanders were the winners by significant margins dominating the Republican and Democratic primaries - winning almost every town. This is how things are going to continue until primaries this summer in America's second Revolution. As you know, I believe Trump will come out victorious at the end of the day. For some reason I'm drawn to him and what he will fight hard to achieve. Goodbye to the Establishment, the Bushes and the Clintons once and for all and the rest of the corrupt politicians who have ruled our fate for over 200 years. Hopefully this represents a new inset in the hologram on our journey to freedom.

Decision Day in New Hampshire

Tuesday 7:00 AM ....

I'm watching the Today show as early results come in ... Voters in three small towns in N.H. cast the first ballot at midnight. The first results - which mean nothing - show a 3-way tie - 9 votes each for Trump, Cruz, and Kasick. Democrats: Sanders 17 - Clinton - 9.

Admit it ... this is like a game. A new poll says 23 percent of undeclared voters in the state are still open to changing their minds in today's primaries. 40 percent of eligible voters are undeclared and are allowed to vote in either the Democratic or Republican primary. Marco Rubio's difficulties with talking points continue, and he had a tense exchange with a gay voter on Monday. I don't like Rubio. Bernie Sanders and Donald J. Trump are leading New Hampshire polls, but a winter weather advisory could affect turnout. Hillary will lose to Bernie if all goes as projected. It really is time to say goodbye to the Clintons and the Bushes.

Is the ballot box a Pandora's Box?

It always has been.

Will the results in N.H. change the course and destiny of the race? No. It's already preprogrammed.

This is the time of Aquarius. Expect the unexpected. Do you remember what highlighted metaphysics back in the 1990's? "The Age of Aquarius" ... or the unexpected. Things unexpected continue to happen on a daily basis but our brains now quickly process this is the new norm as we move towards the end of the hologram - Zero.

What does this Translate to in Text?


Twenty years ago - when no one knew exactly what the term "Age of Aquarius" meant other than the Precession of the Equinoxes ... it represented the return of the Feminine Energies, the Sacred Goddess as people marched on into the Age of Healing and Energy.

Ladies ... Do you remember when women wanted to be goddesses and priestesses - healing and saving everything? In retrospect ... some are still stuck in that mode while most of us have become far more pragmatic when it comes to those paradigms. You can't fix a broken hologram. This is the way it was programmed. This is how it began in chaos. This is how it ends.

Long flowing hair and a skinny body are fun and sexy but let's get down to the real issues as the clock ticks away. Sorry to disappoint anyone who is still stuck in Priestess Mode but there is no Goddess coming to fix things ... no aliens - no god figure - reality is simply a hologram that's ending - and we are zeros and ones. (Note your emotional reaction to that statement). If you've been reading this blog all these years and you still don't get that ... there's not much else I can say. Just know that at the end your program will allow you to understand.

And the winners in New Hampshire today will be

Hey Pandora ... Stop Peeking!!

Don't you know curiosity killed the cat?

Is that a Schrodinger joke? Yes the cat is dead and
we are unconsciously stuck in the illusion of time
Also known as The Box.

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