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Michael Douglas is an award winning actor and producer.

When you're making pictures out of heartfelt passion,
it hurts when someone calls them a calculated business move.
Michael's wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones, also celebrates her birthday today.

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This Week at the United Nations
North Korea

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On Thursday will fate intervene to save the careers of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein? Follow events in this keynote week along with the sentencing of Bill Cosby today.

The 2018-19 TV season officially began Monday with some really good shows. My favorites were 9-1-1 (dealing with an earthquake and its aftermath in California), The Voice (better than ever), followed by Manifest (airplane passengers and crew experience strange turbulence then land in New York having traveled 5.5 years into the future their destinies forever changed and connected).

This Week at the United Nations

Gridlock alert here in the city as leaders from around the world convene at the 73rd United Nations General Assembly.

Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in signed a new US-South Korean trade deal. The signing happened after a bilateral meeting Monday afternoon at the United Nations.

When President Trump enters the ornate chamber of the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday, he will find a sturdy wooden gavel at his place around the horseshoe-shaped table. With three raps, the president - who campaigned against globalism and has derided the U.N. as 'just a club' - will open a session of its most exclusive body: the 15-member Security Council.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made history again this week, becoming the first female head of state to attend the United Nations General Assembly with her infant.

Last year Trump referred to North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un "Little Rocket Man". After their meeting June 12, 2018 - Trump nows calls Kim as a terrific man. Trump needs a few new adjectives. Kim is not giving up his nukes and is allegedly increasing his nuclear arsenal, even if he has halted nuclear testing.

North Korea

As I always blog - an increase in earthquake activity is the main reason North Korea was forced to stop nuclear testing. North Korea's 2017 bomb test set off later earthquakes, new analysis finds   PhysOrg - September 25, 2018

From the unexplained in politics, to natural disasters, to the increased dysfunctionality of the human paradigm, it's all part of closure.

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