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Tuesday March 28, 2017     1:30 PM EST

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APRIL 2017
April 1 - April Fool's Day
April 2 - World Awareness Autism Day
April 2 - Academy of Country Music Awards
April 5 - National Walking Day
April 7 - World Health Day
April 8 - MTV Movie Awards
April 9 - May 3 Mercury Retrograde
April 9 - Palm Sunday
April 10-18 - Passover
April 13 - Holy Thursday
April 14 - Good Friday
April 14-23 - New York International Auto Show
April 16-26 - Lyrid Meteor Showers
April 16 - Easter Sunday
April 17 - US Income Tax Day
April 17 - Boston Marathon
April 19-30 - TriBeCa Film Festival
April 22 - Earth Day
April 20 - Sun in Taurus
April 20 - 420 - 4/20 Weed Day
April 27 - Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day
April 29 - White House Correspondents' Association Dinner

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New Moon Aries
College Scholarship Money
Sudden Death Syndrome in Adults   
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My friend Nina

March 28, 2017

New Moon 7° Aries - the first sign of the zodiac. Aries always initiates a new season at the Vernal Equinox. Therefore, this New Moon is what really kickstarts the astrological New Year and the initiating energy of Aries. Look for action and change ... Mars rules Aries. New discovery about Mars?

College Scholarship Money

Do you have a child, or know someone going off to college this fall, who could use scholarship money? Ron told me about FastWeb so I passed the information along to my daughters and others. Check it out because you never known what's available. So much scholarship money goes unused because no one applies for it.

Sudden Death Syndrome in Adults

Did you notice that souls are suddenly leaving the hologram at any age even if they are not sick. I see this pattern everywhere. .... No sooner did I post this when my daughter Nikki called to tell me about a friend's father who was heathy and suddenly died Sunday. Tuesday update ... Nikki told me a co-worker's 17 year old daughter died of a heart attack on a spiritual trip to Cambodia.

Sudden arrhythmic death syndrome (SADS), also known as sudden adult death syndrome, sudden unexpected/unexplained death syndrome (SUDS) or sudden unexpected/unexplained nocturnal death syndrome (SUNDS), is a sudden unexpected death of adolescents and adults, mainly during sleep. Sudden unexpected death syndrome is rare in most areas around the world. This syndrome occurs in populations that are culturally and genetically distinct and people who leave the population carry with them the vulnerability to sudden death during sleep. Read more

This Week in the Matrix

It's Monday and you're off to do whatever. You feel up to speed on issues of the day from politics to weather to local news. You have your well thought out opinions, just as I have mine. Let's see what this week brings as everything feels redundant so far, with the exception/diversion that 36 year old Jarod Kusher thinks he can fix a broken government where others have failed. Another Trump family member will learn the hard way. This week most people will pick a grievance and focus on it - or maybe come up with another way to heal something. I need a new "insert" from the matrix so will wait to see what manifests. It should be something far off in space that reflects closure. Hello ... is anybody there?

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