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October 19 - Diwali - Hindu Festival of Lights
October 22-23 - Sun in Scorpio
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Joie in the Cotton Fields at Queen Creek, AZ

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Joie in the Cotton Fields at Queen Creek, AZ

Over in Gilbert, Arizona on Sunday my family finished their two-week autumn break with a visit to Queen Creek, Arizona on Joie's 15th birthday. Joie was taken by the cotton fields and posed for the pic above. She closed her eyes and felt transported to a time she lived on a southern plantation. Often location helps with discovering another experience your soul had in a past/parallel life.

In two weeks the family moves to a new house in Gilbert near Joie's High School. Among the birthday presents I bought for her new room are a retro record player (Crosley X UO Keepsake Wood Portable USB Vinyl Record Player - Urban Outfitters) and a copper framed wall standing mirror with lights that hang around it. It's like looking into the mirror to connect the past with present.

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