Emotions and DNA

Thursday February 21, 2019

DNA is the code which guides everything that happens to us in this physical reality experiment/experience. In a bipolar electromagnetic physical reality - sentient life forms are programmed to deal with emotions - positive and negative. Emotions make things real - they keep the game of life perpetuating. Most people are programmed to react first with their emotions and then with their mind.

As people get older you will often hear them say, "I made a lot of mistakes when I was young but that's not the person I am today." You think to yourself, "this person has worked on themself" - which is probably true but what's really happened is they have finished their DNA codes for specific emotional experiences and are now reacting to other codes - hopefully more productive.

We tend to feel that we go from the lessons of teenage life where mental illness begins - to the 20s the place where most come to understand the problems originated in their DNA code and family backgrounds - and by the 30s it's time to move on to a more productive lifestyle. If that's what you're programmed to do - so shall it be. But if your programming is for extreme mental illness your journey could become more frustrating and difficult. One can't assume that if they seek help they will be cured or at least find a way around emotional problems. It doesn't always happens.

Pay attention to how you react to events that your consciousness is processing over the next few days. It may be something in your personal life, something you read in the news, or something else that stirred your soul to react emotionally. The phone rings. You see the name of the person. Your react emotionally - often with more than one emotion. . It's just the way we are programmed and what often drives people crazy leading them to relaxation techniques, deep breathing, and yoga for balance as examples.

Looking at the DNA of your biological parents and grandparents - you will find your answers. Clues are given as to the challenges you will have and how you will address them. Genetic testing through health issues or searching for one's ancestry also helps define behavior and emotions.