Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting

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Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting One Year Later

On the matter of the two suicides one year after the Parkland school shootings ... my friend Marilyn sent this email ...

Hi Ellie, I have two grandchildren who are students at Douglas High School. As you know my grandson, now a sophomore, was in the room where three fellow students were killed. He ran out narrowly escaping being shot himself. My granddaughter is now a senior. Both grandchildren have been under therapy this year. The Coral Springs /Parkland area continues to suffer from this tragedy. Many restaurants have opened their facilities for the kids to hang out and have free lunch during spring break. Just because a year has past from the incident doesn't mean it is over. The parents as well as students are suffering. They will never feel safe.

How an art museum near Marjory Stoneman Douglas became a hub of healing for a traumatized community  
CNN - March 27, 2019

Riley Cousans, just 9 years old, sobbed as her mother talked with her this week about the trauma that's gripped their community for more than a year. "Mommy, I feel like I'm going to get shot wherever I go," the girl confided, according to her mom, describing her constant fear since a gunman last February killed 17 people at nearby Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Billie Cousans tried to reassure her daughter that her elementary school and the high school have been fortified since then. She also talked with her about the stunning news that, in just the past two weeks, two survivors of the massacre took their own lives.

Wednesday February 14, 2018

What should have been a fun Valentine's Day in High School turned into a Valentine's Day Massacre. Wednesday evening I spoke with my friend Marilyn who lives within walking distance of Douglas High School attended by two of her grandchildren. Her grandson Jeremy, a freshman, ran and hid in the bushes when the shooting started as many of the 3,000+ students fled and chaos ruled for many who at first didn't know what was happening. Over the loud speaker they heard the words no student or teacher wants to hear: Code Red. Jeremy called Marilyn and kept her on the phone as he hid waiting with other students. Prior to escaping, a boy in Jeremy's class had been killed and he would have been next had events turned out differently. Jeremy's sister Jessica, a Junior, escaped, both children safe but badly shaken, yet not as shaken as the parents according to Marilyn. We spoke again on Thursday as she described how families of the students held vigils and shared stories while continuing to watch events unfold.

Thursday February 15, 2018

News coverage of events like the Stoneman Douglas High School Shooting have become all too familiar, predictable at this point. Aerial photos of students leaving the scene as police enter the building, crying parents anxiously waiting nearby thankful for cell phones, and emergency vehicles trying to help the wounded, are part of the pattern. The suspect is captured - his classmates and social media once again reflecting patterns of mental illness and access to weapons. In the aftermath we again hear stories by students, teachers, parents, and others who feel that gun control and regulations would make a significant difference ... not really.

Once again I am blogging something that you and I already know. As the simulation of our reality is imploding so too are the behavior patterns of those within. In our algorithm, patterns repeat, as we have been witnessing, meaning that terrorism and violence will continue by those programmed to enact them. The perpetrator in this case is your typical isolated youth with emotional, and based on the fact that he was left back twice, intellectual challenges who feels isolated, considers joining the military or perhaps a radical Islamic group - anything but living his day-to-day life which shows him no future.

Many in that age group hate school and have no direction. They look at the generations before them, current global situations, the patterns of our President and the dysfunctionality of government, and wonder what kind of future is ahead. Will there be martial law in the near future when having a gun to protect themselves is important? Have they been abused emotionally and physically to the point where keeping a weapon is also for their own protection? Do playing video games and following terrorist activities influence their decisions?

The suspect, 19-year-old former student Nikolas Cruz, was adopted at birth by Lynda Cruz and her husband, the latter of whom died during his childhood of a heart attack. His adopted mother died on November 1, 2017 from influenza and pneumonia. He had been living with relatives and friends since her death. He had also previously been receiving mental health treatment, however he stopped going and never returned had been expelled from the school for violent behavior bringing weapons to school and showing them off. When he came back to the school, the classrooms were locked so he pulled the fire alarm and started shooting as the students and teachers ran out.

I am told Nikolas has a younger biological brother who is still a student at the school. The biological parents should be found as the answers lie in his DNA. Further, authorities had been notified about him and nothing was done.

Warnings about Nikolas Cruz were ignored over and over which should tell you that that his act of violence sadly was destined.

Mental illness generally peaks between the ages of 19 and 20 which is when psychosis and other serious illnesses that have been brewing through the teen years take over. How does one quiet the mind and try to function in today's world? Some turn to medical professionals, or holistic practitioners, while others to drugs (buying and selling them). This is no different than when we were growing up, only in those years everything was hidden. The results are adults who abuse women, children, coworkers, and others around them - thus following the pattern of our reality - abuse and healing. Those who are abused in childhood almost always abuse as adults. In today's world the abuses they portray in our little simulation are coming to the fore as sexual predators, domestic abusers, and worse. If you were programmed for violence it will follow you. Even if you move to a remote secluded area, away from the world, something will follow you, especially as the simulation ends and emotions rule. How does one heal from this, if ever?

Youth is the Hope of the Future

The faces of young people are reflections of our past, are symbolized in our present, and express our programmed future and destiny. Perhaps that's why many children today are born outside of the lines we colored in the past, considered to be the norm in another timeline. Their worries are not unlike ours were, but perhaps they are intuiting a different outcome.

One of the main focuses for students today is gun legislation. I have four grandchildren in High School - Giovani (Senior in AZ), Dylan (Junior in NJ), Joie (freshman in AZ) and Matthew (Freshman in CT). I often wonder what they are thinking, feeling and discussing with families, friends, and teachers perhaps in reference to their own school safety or whether they are motivated to make a permanent change in gun control legislation. Matthew remembers the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting in 2012, at a neighboring elementary school when his school was on lock down for hours and his parents worried.

Giovanni is the most politically motivated of my grandchildren voicing strong concerns about the political climate not only for him but for his generation. He graduates high school in May then goes to university to study cyber security. His conversations are like speaking with an adult who has done his homework and focuses on change. His symbol is the falcon (he drew the pic above) - a solar emblem for success, victory and rising above a situation. The falcon was symbolic of the rising sun in Egypt. It is also the king of all birds where many gods were shown with the head or body of the Falcon (including Ra).

Victims of the Florida School Shooting Fight For Change

As a former high school teacher I cannot tell you how proud I am of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students from Parkland, Florida who are taking a stand against gun legislation.

We have always been a country of protest but due to social media they continue with greater clarity and hopefully less violence. In states beside Florida, students are protesting to create change and because they are young they feel they will get the job done where adults before them failed. At the very least they hope to make a dent in gun control legislation.

Students today are also aware that everything is politically motivated. Some already follow conspiracy theories as this is the age it begins. If your brain is programmed with super tech and hacking skills, you know more. You've seen these children on TV shows and films.

Tuesday February 20, 2018 Tallahassee

Escorted by teachers and parent chaperones, survivors of the Florida school shooting, that occurred one week ago, have traveled to the state capital to press lawmakers to take action on gun control becoming advocates for gun reform. The world stage is theirs and they will use it wisely. About 100 students arrived in Tallahassee hours before the state legislature rejected a ban on assault rifles like the one used in the attack. They are due to stage an organized rally at the statehouse later today and talk with legislators. Trump is expected to hold a 'listening session' with students and teachers.

As part of the social media generation who have never known a world without mass shootings, the teen survivors of the shooting that killed 17 people are uniquely positioned to become the leading voices in the gun debate. "I"m not going to let these politicians keep murdering my friends. How can we let these people stay in power if they're just trying to save themselves?" said David Hogg, 17, who was learning about special interest groups in his AP Government class. In the aftermath of America's worst mass shooting at a high school, Hogg and many of his classmates have put those lessons to work becoming vocal advocates for gun reform and against the NRA.

Tuesday night I watched an interview with another students on his way to Tallahassee. "I was born in an age where mass school shootings had already begun and are becoming more frequent. Because I've had to deal with this my entire life, I know it has to stop. When you lose somebody you care about in a situation like this, that loss motivates you enough to become part of change. Every day I am reminded of my fellow students and teachers who died, or were wounded, therefore I will not falter. My friends and fellow students are not here about banning guns, but for stronger background checks." In my opinion background checks should not only be coming into focus now but should have always been part of the equation.

Every generation, as far back as I can remember, has taken a stand on one thing or another, sometimes making a difference and other times not. The young people are the ones who rise up, usually it's more at college age but since high school campuses are under attack, this generation seems programmed to make a difference and save lives. There are many factors in their lives, including tech and social media, that bring them to the world stage much earlier than past generations. Bravo and good luck.

Wednesday February 21, 2018 Washington DC

In an extraordinary White House event, I watched as Trump listened to a series of impassioned pleas from parents and students to make schools safer and enforce stricter gun control measures. I watched Trump's listening session where many valid ideas were presented some of which make sense and should be implemented in terms of prevention and early response.

From Arizona to Washington, students walked out of schools in support of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students a week after their classmates were silenced by gunfire. The world sees these students as making a difference in gun control legislation and on to other things that need fixing.

The students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., have won praise for their strength and eloquence on the world stage. They’ve attended rallies, raised money, appeared on talk shows, met the president and sparred with lawmakers. But when the cameras are off and the day’s rallies are over, the young survivors of the massacre struggle with the loss of their friends and educators, and the nightmares that flood back in moments of stillness.

Some things are just meant to happen

As a former high school teacher in the New York City school system, I do not believe teachers should be armed with guns due to human error. Speaking of human error - Deputy Scot Peterson assigned to Stoneman Douglas High School stood outside the building during the shooting and did not intervene. In an interesting twist to the narrative, four years ago Peterson had been school cop of the year. Some things are just meant to happen.

As events unfold ... Coral Springs police upset at some Broward deputies for not entering school   CNN - February 23, 2018

There should be more security in every school across the nation, the problem with that being funding. Trump made promises but will the nature of politics allow him to affect change? As with most politicians pay attention to what he does not what he says. As I always blog ... it's all about money though now it's more about saving lives.

It's All Programmed

Shootings everywhere are a societal problem which goes to mentally ill people getting access to weapons. Take away their guns and they will figure out other ways to kill, such as home-made bombs (terrorism), bio weapons, vehicles, other. It's as if they are mind controlled ... which in a way it is because they are programmed to perform the actions they take. Reality is broken. The human design no longer works as souls struggle to be free from pain and suffering. I don't see a solution to the gun problem, just as there are no solutions to the undeniable natural disasters which are accelerating exponentially. They are part of our timeline and sadly will play out until the end when our simulation Fades to Black.

The Experiment

This picture was taken December 2017 in front of Abraham Lincoln High School in Brooklyn where I was a student and teacher. Driving by, I stopped to take the pic noting a police car parked in front of the building, making me feel safe but hoping I wouldn't get a ticket as I parked behind him. I remember lots of security in this racially mixed school where disturbed teens often acted out. Physical reality has always been a bipolar environment where we vicariously experience in a lab experiment.

Classroom Earth

Reality is broken as we attempt to create balance while coping with the programmed circumstances that shape our lives. On the matter of emotionally unstable students returning to school and killing others, you and I already know that mental illness permeates the consciousness grids that create this reality, and gun reform or no gun reform, seriously disturbed people will find a way, as do terrorists.

It's about uncontrollable rage, violence, trying to make a difference, wanting to go down in history for some act be it positive or negative, and all of the other things that make it hard for us to believe that violence will ever stop. Our bipolar experiment is, and has always been based on violence (war, abuses, etc.) For today ... If you see something say something. The bullies and abusers will possibly be stopped or taken away, but unfortunately the nature of this reality is abuse and healing. Sadly that won't change until the simulation ends and we are free to move on.

We are the innocent children/students who came to this reality to study the nature of emotions. The dismissal bell is about to ring signifying the end of the human experiment.