Out of Our Element

People speak of New Physics. There is no "New Physics" as nothing we experience in the hologram/simulation of reality is new. There are simply recycled systems brought into human consciousness to experience and allow us to believe we're making great strides in science but it's all diversions and busy work. Without full knowledge of reality the human experiment remains in the dark no matter how enlightened people think they are.

Everything in this reality allegedly follows the laws of physics as we know them. I used to have this discussion with a friend who enjoys studying physics in so far as shifting energies to help others heal and perhaps change their programming. More busy work that can seem rewarding at the time.

Sometimes in pseudoscience and metaphysics we look beyond the laws of physics for answers. As a whole we know very little about anything, stuck here dwelling on issues and how to heal them. This really is not a great place if you're more about knowledge than emotion.

The average person will tell you they experience through their emotions and that's why they're here. This is true. It's the way they're programmed in the simulation but I don't connect to the matrix that way. It's more about understanding through the mind/consciousness than the emotions.

As I've reviewed Crystalinks archives through 2011 - particle physics just keeps jumping out at me most days as if a message but I no longer want to play guessing games especially when finding old files that refer to reality as an experiment or science project.

It's not so much about reality being a hologram, which for me is a given, but that there's so much out there that I'd love to understand but know I never can while still stuck in this physical reality.

I am not a physicist - at least not in this lifetime - feeling humans are being spoon-fed by - my guess would be whoever/whatever creates and runs the algorithm of the simulation - more recycling - which is unfortunate as most people are ready to move on.

Element 115

Friday Ancient Aliens presented an episode called Element 115 about reverse engineering projects by Bob Lazar who I met years ago. I believed him because I could remote view and see what he was talking about. Element 115 today is called Moscovium.

The tag line for "Element 115" reads:

About Bob Lazar


I also found another YouTube about Element 115 from Ancient Aliens - August 31, 2016

Bear in mind that recycled storylines are getting obvious as we await answers.

In my opinion we really won't understand "the truth" until the simulation closes.

This week also presented articles about particle physics, such as the one below. They stirred my soul not as a trigger for closure but something I understand not as a human and was easily able to manipulate elements such as that which is called Element 115 - which in my thinking is still a primitive form of physics and not the way to travel through illusion.

So physics is what it is in this in all realities with lack of understanding and the ability to utilize basic concepts.

You might look upon humans as a self-destructive species but it's not our fault ... it's the way we are programmed in this science or biogenetic experiment.

It's also interesting that more and more people feel that we're trapped in reality and part of an experiment especially - those who do not feel they are from here. They look forward to the day we're set free or deleted.

Personally I can't complain about my life ... its set up seemingly by design so I can do what I do ... but something tugs at my soul more and more as the days pass and we come to the end of the illusion of time.

I no longer get excited about UFO sightings or whatever people experience linked to the experiment. Been there ... did that.

For me it's always been about the knowledge ... which will set us free. That humans are left here to deal with their destructive nature, political and religious ideology that don't work along with broken social systems seems - is as antiquated to me as physics as we know it.

When it comes to higher knowledge Humans are out of their "Element" way beyond 115. Something is going to happen out of the blue ...

The River Isis 2011 or 0112