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2024 Blogs


2023 Blogs
Post Covid Disconnect 2023
Emotions and Conspiracy Theories 2023
People watch negative TV to combat life's stress


2022 Blogs
Suicide - Stephen "tWitch" Boss Dead at 40
Harry and Meghan Netflix Docuseries
In My Generation
Working Environment - Indoors or Out - Alone or With Others
Are you a Part Time or Full Time Person?
Double Divorces
Becoming Reclusive in 2022
Memory Loss and Stress


2021 Blogs
Block ... 2022
An Unconventional Truth
You Can't Change Anyone
Exercise and Emotions
The Pages of Reality are Written on Sheets in a Simulation
Omicron Variant and the AI - Getting Vaccinated


2019 Burnout is an official medical diagnosis
2018 Another Self-help Beginning of the Year Blog
3 Signs Your Exercise Plateau is Mental or Emotional
5 Skills Every Woman Needs to Succeed at Work
5 Ways to Eat Healthier Even When You've Failed Before
5 Steps To Spiritual Awakening
5 Surprising Things That Keep You Calm
5 Ways to Bring Yourself Back from Burnout
5 Ways to Stop Being a Control Freak
10 ways to embrace change
10 Years From Now

Abandoned, The Grids
Abused Wives
Addictions ... pick one, Delayed Gratification
Adolescent Depression
Affirmations and Readiness
Affirmations, Thinking Positively
Age of Healing and Awakening
Alcoholism With A Metaphysical Twist 2009
Allergies and Metaphysics, Nesting Time With Partners
Alterative Healing
Analysis Paralysis
Anorexia Nervosa
April is Stress Awareness Month
Are Any Decisions Made in Third Dimension?
Are Comedians Crazy? Does Talking to Spirits Mean You Are Crazy?
Arthritis Linked to Depression
Assertiveness, Saying No
Autism and Consciousness
Awakening in the Cloud in 2012

Back Injuries and Pain
Being Around Smokers - They Smell - Addictive Behavior
Being Ignored
Being Overconfident
Being Psychic in 2011
Between Laughter and Loneliness
Bipolar Disorder - 2012 Study
Birth and Rebirth
Blogger's Word Choices and Their Personality Traits
Body Language
Body, Mind and Soul Connections
Born Into The Wrong Family
Bullies and How They Affect Your Life
Business of Healing

The Calling
Can men and women just be friends?
Can Our Bodies Predict the Future?
Can Someone Be Overweight and Healthy?
Caretakers Forced To Return Home
Caretaking Some With Altzheimers Disease
Career Reinvention Rules of The Road
Cellular Memory
Centers of Light -The Things We Are Guided To At The End
Changing Your Mind
Chemosignals Communicate Human Emotions
Children's Files
City Living Stresses the Brain
Client Comments On Reality, Humor
Common Cold: Prevention & Dealing With ... Ellie and Dr. Oz
Compassion Meditation and Empathy
Consciousness Files
Consulting vs. Full Time Employment
Control 2017
Control - Mission Impossible 2020
Coping Mechanisms 2020
Couch Potato Syndrome and Chakras
Creating Goals
Creative Professions and Money
Creating Sacred Spaces, Buying a Home, City Life
Cutting, Self-Mutilation

Depression and Metaphysics
Depression and Music
"Divorce Corp."
Domino Effect
Dreams - Waking Up Tired
Dynamics In Relationships

Either It Works ... Or It Doesn't
Ellie's Office - Therapists' Spaces
Emotions and Mental Processing
Emotions in Motion
Empathy - For Richer or Poorer
Empty Nest Syndrome 2008
Empty Nest Syndrome 2014
Exercise - Is it okay to exercise before bedtime?
Expectations of a Long Life

Facial Symmetry, Health, Attraction, Golden Ratio
Finding an 'Altruism Gene'
Finding Your Spiritual Mission
First Blood Test For Teen Depression
Flattery and Priase
Flirting: When Does It Become Cheating?
Focus, Attention, Distractions Kill Both Time and Quality
Food Cravings
Food: Health Halo Effect
Foodie - Is that you?
Free Will - Explaining The Illusion of Free Will
Free Will Rewind 2023
Friendship Files

Gambling Addiction
Genetics and Your Personality
Giving And Receiving Love
Gratitude - How Gratitude Can Improve Your Life

Hand Gestures
Happiness 2010 Style
Happiness Is the Key to Longer Life
Healing and Energy Index
Healing Techniques and Programming
Health Index
'Hit The Fan' Event'
Hooking Up
How often should wash your sheets, pets, hair and more?
How to make positive changes in your life
How Well do You Know Your Own Feelings?
Humans And Animals, Souls Who Travel Together

Inner Child, Your Emotional Body
Invisible Child, Feeling Abandoned
In Your Power
Is Anyone Truly Happy?
Is Free Will an Illusion?
Issues With Tissues August 2009 - Can Everyone Heal?
Is there a positive side to allergies?
It's All Inherited
It's Who I Am, It's What I Do

Job Burnout
Job Burnout 2012
Jobs: Part-time vs. Full-time
Journaling, Healing The Loss of a Loved One

Karma In Soul Groups
Karmic or Comic? What is reality?
Knee Injuries

Lateness, Watching Your Watch
Laughter As Therapy
Libra 2014 - Creating Balance - Visualization Exercise

Life In Any Reality In 2012 (Self Help)
Life's A Soap Opera
Listening To Your Inner Voice
Living Together 2006
Loneliness 2009 - It's Not Your Fault
Loneliness Kills, Study Shows
Losing It.....
Losing it in 2014 - Weight Loss, Exercise, Stress, Mindfulness. Meditation
Loss of Control and Precognitive Beliefs

Making Mistakes and Coping
Male Energy and Consciousness
Male Soul in a Female Body
Marriage in America 2012 Style
Marriage, Living Together, What are the 2013 Trends?
Meditations and Initiations With Music
Meditation Increases Awareness of Subliminal Messages
Memory Gained and Lost in Time
Metaphors (Metaphysics) For Dummies
Metaphysical Fix
Micromanagement & Macromanagement

Nervous Habits and Chakras
Night Owls and Emotional Problems
No One Wants to Work Anymore
No Regrets: Why 'Letting Go' May Be Key to Happy Aging
Nutrition and Fitness Articles

Obesity Gene also a Happy Gene
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Old Souls
Older Women With Younger Men
One Deep Breath
Online Reviews and Decision Making
Optimists Live Longer
Order From Disorder
Organized People

Pack Rat Effect - Endowment Effect
Panic Disorder, Anxiety Attacks
Parental Favoritism Parenting ... 2011
Path of the Quester
Peeling Away The Layers
Penis Size Matters in Bed
Personal Space
Phone Call You Don't Want To Answer
Positive Personality Disorder
Powerful People Inspire Themselves
Power of a Hug
Power of Positive Thinking
Preparing for a Break-up in 2012
Prerequisites For Marriage
Programmed Misconceptions - Healing, Prophecies, The Soul
Psychic Development
Psychic Therapy 2015
Psychology Files
The Psychology of Commuting

Quintessentials: Hope and Free Will

Rage Disorder
Reading Emotions
Reconnecting, Fathers Who Abandoned Their Children
Reiki Healing and Energy in the Box, Getting Your Powers Back
Relationships and Issues
Relationships: Men tell me ... Women tell me
Riding The Emotional Roller Coaster
Road Rage - Walking The Walk - Black and White ... and Red
Running Away

Saturn Return 2015 Style - Moving Into Intu-ition
Searching for Answers and Finding the Truth
Self Awareness - Albert Einstein 2014
Selective Hearing
Self-Help Lists October 2014
Self-Multilation, Teens Who Cut Themselves
Self Awareness, Who in the World am I?
Self-help 1/11
Self-Help With Albert Einstein
Senior Citizen Files
Sharing Your Journey
Shifting the Energies in the Same Old Argument
Signs You're A Truly Genuine Person
Singling Out One Child in the Family For Abuse
Sleeping Patterns, Snoring
Slinky Effect
Smile Is Contagious
Social Anxiety Disorder - Social Phobia
Spiritual Warriors
Spirituality Induces Liberal Attitudes
Stepping Stones
Stock Market Junkie
Stress-Breath Connection
"Stressed" spelled backwards is "Desserts"
Sugar Addiction
6 Signs You're Eating Too Much Sugar

Suicide - Crossing Over 2018
Suicide - 2011
Suicide - Getting Help in 2009

Sum of All Healing
Synchronicity and Reality

Take a Moment As You Sit There
Taking a Year off From Work to Find Yourself in 2011
T- Bar Experiment 2008: Visualization
Telekinesis is Emotionally Driven
Terminal Lucidity - Clarity Before Dying
The Apology
The Back-Story ....
The Importance of Exercise
The Matrix :: Are You Looking In Or Out?
The Need To Heal ... Why Does Everyone 'Feel' That Way?
The Need to be Heard, Soapbox Messages, Social Networking
The Rush That Anger Provides - Emotion Junkie
The Turning Point
The Universe in a Nutshell
Think Healthy, Eat Healthy
Thinking Outside The Box
Things Happen The Way They Are Supposed To
Three Step Program To Third Dimension
Tips For Women ... Reality Check July 2009
Tips to Overcome Work Fears
Tools of Divination
Tough Love
Triggers of Awakening

Turning 40
1962-1963 - Turning 40 With Issues
Turning 40 in 2014 and Loving It

Understanding Human Behavior, Genetic Reality
Using the Right Brain - How to Unleash Your Creativity

Wake Up!
Waiting Feeling
Walking Styles Reflect Your Personality
Ways To Manage Your Time
Were You Born Into The Wrong Family? DNA Soul Journeys In Time
What does your office space look like?
What is my Purpose? The M.A.D. - Make a Difference - Moment
What is your purpose? Virgo Transition 2021
What's your biggest professional regret?
What to ask yourself when things go wrong
When and why do we lie?
When Helping Others Becomes Frustrating
When Should You Leave a Relationship?
Whining is the worst sound in the world
Who am I? Why am I here? Finding Community Anchor, Partner
Why Am I Here?
Why Inspirational Talks Don't Work
Why Learning Leads To Happiness
Winter Depression
Wired ... Tired ... Fired ... Hired
The Word-of-Mouth Paradox
Working Moms
Working Moms 2012
Wounded, the Wounded Healer
Why abused women stay in bad relationships
Why is Exercise Important?

Y.A.N.A. - You Are Not Alone
You Can Never Go Back
Your Aha! Moments
Your Happy Place
Yo-Yo Dieting and Weight Cycling



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