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December 16 - National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
December 18 - 2022 FIFA World Cup Finals
December 18-26 - Hanukkah
December 21 - Winter Solstice
December 21 - Sun in Capricorn
December 23 - Super New Moon 1° Capricorn
December 25 - Christmas
December 26 - Kwanzaa
December 26 - Boxing Day
December 29 - January 18 - Mercury Retrograde
December 31 - New Years Eve

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December 7, 2022

Full Cold Moon 16° Gemini

December 6, 2022

People's Choice Awards - Wikipedia - In the News

December 6, 2022

Saint Nicholas Day - Videos - In the News

Monday December 5, 2022     6:30 PM EST

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Mars sports massive hidden plume of searing rock

NASA's Lucy asteroid-scouting mission resumes work on solar arrays in deep space

Who owns the moon?

Colossal Discovery on Mars Could Drive Surging Magma Under The Surface

Researchers say space atomic clocks could help uncover the nature of dark matter



Simulations predict the existence of black hole radio-wave hot spots

The Hunt For Signs of Intelligent Alien Life Just Got a Massive Boost


When Corals Sleep For The Winter, Their Microbiome Restructures Itself

Where on Earth does the sun rise first?

Which is the largest continent? The smallest?

The first complete picture of Arctic sea ice freeze-thaw cycle highlights sea ice response to climate change

More people flee after eruption of Indonesia's Mount Semeru


Humans Keep Growing an Extra Artery in Their Arms, And This Is Why

Binge-Eating Is a Serious Disorder, But Many Don't Even Realize They Have It

Whole body scan shows the complexity of the immunotherapy response


Woman's name and tiny sketches hidden in 1,200-year-old manuscript


About 90% of all species went extinct during the "Great Dying" around 252 million years ago, but in the case of one paleo-beast — the so-called gorgon — reports of its death were greatly exaggerated, new research finds.


Bob McGrath, original ‘Sesame Street’ cast member, dead at 90


Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

December 5, 1975

Paula Patton - Videos - Filmography

The older I get, the more I accept and appreciate myself and others.

December 5, 1968

Margaret Cho - Videos - Filmography

Love is the big booming beat which covers up the noise of hate.

December 5, 1979

Nick Stahl - Videos - Filmography

Sometimes you find that there is better material
in small and more independent movies.

December 5, 1985

Frankie Muniz - Videos - Filmography

I want to do movies that in ten years time
people will respect me for, as an actor.

December 5, 1932 - May 9, 2020

Little Richard - Videos - Discography - Filmography

Gay people are the sweetest, kindest, most artistic,
warmest and most thoughtful people in the world.
And since the beginning of time, all they've ever been is kicked.

December 5, 1901 - December 15, 1966

Walt Disney - Videos

Walt Disney was a multiple Academy Award-winning American film
producer, director, screenwriter, voice actor, animator, entrepreneur
and philanthropist and co-founder of Walt Disney Productions.

All our dreams can come true,

if we have the courage to pursue them.

December 5, 1890 - August 19, 1957

David Bomberg Painter - Videos - Whitechapel Boys

The pyramids began the history of architecture.
People learned to measure time by a calendar, to plot
the stars by astronomy and chart the Earth by geometry.
They also developed that most awesome of all ideas - the idea of eternity.