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Sunday March 3, 2024

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War is as old as civilization.

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I started my day as usual with ezine blog. The first article I found was The Snake Is The Spearhead of Reptile Evolution, But Why?

I decided to add it to my file about snakes. What file? I searched everywhere. "Surely I must have a file about snakes" I reasoned as they have been part of so many of my blogs and information. I continued the search - but only found snake fossils in Paleontology.

It was time to set up a new file called Snakes.

Before I knew it, I found myself wondering around in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve and all that mythology about creation. I hadn't visited the file in a long time so I decided to stay a while to see if it needed updating. It certainly did.

Somewhere along the way I rediscovered Mitochondrial Eve which -> took me to my 23andme file and my DNA connection to Eve and Zoroaster (Z) (Persia now Iran).

The iconic motif of the snake or spiral goes all the way back to the beginning of the human journey and is depicted everywhere in one form or another. including the spirals people doodle.

There's a lot in that file and I'm sure I missed a few things, but as I came to the end of working on it today ... I thought to close my eyes.

I found myself standing inside a stone circle which I recognized as Gobekli Tepe (Turkey - Not far from the Garden of Eden which takes us to Mesopotamia, Sumer and the Anunnaki.) Last week on Ancient Aliens they had mentioned a possible connection between these two ancient civilizations that rang true when I watched the show. Now here I was in those grids. But why was I here? I looked around and didn't see snake reliefs or artifacts.

And then it came to me.. The 'Ah Ha' moment. I passed a stone circle here in Bay Ridge the other day and took a pic not knowing when and how it would find its way into one of my blogs ... until today.

From here to eternity ... Everything comes full circle.

I continue my journey until it is finished.

Ouroboros - Snakes - Coming Full Circle in Time

Comparing Lightning and UFO Maps 2024

Scientists Reveal Where Deadly Lightning Strikes Most in The US  
Science Alert - March 2, 2024

Study finds the West is best to spot UFOs  
PhysOrg - February 28, 2024

Map Reveals Where In The US Is Best To Spot UFOs In the Sky 
IFL Science - February 28, 2024

UFOs in the News

Extraterrestrials and UFOs

Fishbowl Worlds: Aliens Could Be Highly Intelligent, But Unable To Contact The Outside

Some intelligent civilizations could be trapped on their worlds

'Mathematically perfect' star system being investigated for potential alien technology

New Study Explains Why Intelligent Aliens May Never Reach For The Stars

Space in the News


Space Accident Means Tardigrades May Have Contaminated The Moon

Could Tardigrades Have Colonized The Moon?Tardigrades have extraordinary survival skills

The World's Largest Meteorite Seemed to Vanish in 1916. Why Can't We Find It?

The Bizarre Behind-The-Scenes Story Of The First-Ever Detection Of Gravitational Waves

Russian rocket successfully puts Iranian satellite into orbit

Russian satellite narrowly avoids collision with US spacecraft, and NASA could do nothing to stop it

Russia's space weapon: Anti-satellite systems are indiscriminate, posing a risk to everyone's spacecraft

The Last Transmission Of Cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov, The 'Man Who Fell From Space'

Radar images show Europe's doomed ERS-2 satellite buckle and burn during final orbits of Earth

Asteroid Struck by a Spacecraft Might Be 'Healing' as Its Surface Reforms

A Close Look at a 13 Billion Year Old Galaxy Reveals It Shouldn't Exist

A mass of 17 billion suns: Growing black hole is the most luminous object ever observed by astronomers

Earth has extra moons, and they may hold the secrets of our solar system's past

Undiscovered extra moons may orbit Earth. Could they help us become an interplanetary species? - - About Mini Moons

Astronomers Detect Hidden Moons Orbiting Neptune And Uranus

Physics in the News


Scientists Discover Bizarre Material Where Electrons Stand Still

Basic Principle of Physics Is Wrong, Oxford Scientists Say

Something Strange Happens When You Ask AI to Act Like Star Trek

Watch The World's First Jet Suit Race Zip Around Dubai Marina

Breakthrough: Positronium Cooled By Laser in a World First

New Titanium Metamaterial Has Supernatural Strength

Novel theory-based evaluation gives a clearer picture of fusion in the sun

Scientists explain: What is inertial fusion energy?

AI Just Cleared A Big Hurdle On The Road To Nuclear Fusion Energy

The Strongest Magnetic Fields in The Universe Could Be Right Here on Earth

Planet Earth in the News

Planet Earth Files

US Yosemite National Park Urges People To Vacate The Area As Soon As Possible

What's The Longest Mountain Range On Earth?

The Carnian Pluvial Event: When It Rained For 2 Million Years On Earth

The Drake Passage: One Of The World's Most Treacherous Sea Crossings

Historic Texas wildfires rage toward U.S. nuclear weapon facility

Underwater volcano eruption 7,300 years ago is the largest in recorded history

An El Nino Some 80 Years Ago Sparked The Retreat of Antarctica's 'Doomsday Glacier'

Antarctica provides at least $276 billion a year in economic benefits to the world, new research finds

Giant 'Rivers' That Flow Through The Sky Mapped For First Time

A magnitude 4.9 earthquake shook Idaho residents Monday morning, with impacts felt in Boise in the Treasure Valley. The quake, which the U.S. Geological Survey said occurred at 10:25 a.m., is the largest in Idaho since a magnitude 6.5 quake occurred in March 2020.

Earthquake research traces the pace of an approaching 'seismic dragon king'. The 'Dragon King' theory was proposed based on the physics of complexity. According to this theory, 'Dragon King' events deviate from the power law distribution as a statistical outlier and, noticeably, have predictability.

Earthquakes impact forest resilience for decades post-event, research suggests

Clouds Vanish During a Solar Eclipse, And We Finally Know Why

Spring In February: Record Warmth Through Wednesday To Cap One Of Warmest Winters In Plains, Midwest

Animals in the News

Animal Files

Incredibly Rare Pink Elephant Calf Seen Playing In South African National Park

Blue Whale Back On Top As Heaviest Animal Ever To Live On Planet Earth

New Species Discovered in Underwater Mountains

Health in the News

Health Index

A First-of-Its-Kind Signal Was Detected in The Human Brain

AI reveals prostate cancer is not just one disease

Abnormal Brain Scans In Children With COVID-19 Revealed In Data From 96 Studies

Yoga Found to Boost Cognition in Older Women at Risk of Alzheimer's

How Not Having A Mind's Eye Affects Long-Term Memory- Aphantasia may prevent some people from being able to remember their past.

Know your numbers: What is your heart rate?

Ovary Appendage Dismissed as Functionless May Act Like The Organ's 'Tongue'

Study Reveals How to Keep Weight Off After You Quit Ozempic

Archaeology in the News


13 treasures the ancient Egyptians buried with their dead, and what they mean

Alzheimer's Was 'Exceptionally' Rare in Ancient Greeks And Romans, Study Suggests

Archaeologists in England unearthed a 2,000-year-old clay head of a figurine depicting the Roman god Mercury.

SS Nemesis: Ship Lost Over A Century Ago Found On Edge Of Continental Shelf

Ancient DNA reveals children with Down syndrome in past societies. What can their burials tell us about their lives?

NASA Hit An Asteroid So Hard It Completely Changed Its Shape

Paleontology in the News


The Carnian Pluvial Event: When It Rained For 2 Million Years On Earth

A physical model to quantify the quality of stones selected as tools by Stone Age hunter-gatherers

Copper Age necropolis unearthed in Italy contains skeletal remains and still-sharp weapons, maybe from ancient warriors

Ancient 4,750-Year-Old Megalith Discovered On Peruvian Mountain

March Messages 2024

Everything moves at its programmed pace ... including the concept of Time ... sometimes appearing to move too slowly and other times too quickly as defined by your perception of it. Time doesn't actually change or move. If anything it would spiral - not be linear - though our brains are programmed to see events that way for emotional effect.

It's your programmed perception of it that creates the Illusion of Time as being in Motion. Your brain is a computer that runs on binary code. It searches the consciousness grids that create the illusion of reality -> processing imagery (archetypes) that can be translated into physical forms -> simultaneously translated into your emotional programming. You react emotionally because that is why you are here - the end game of the Human Experiment.

March is filled with the never-ending duality of change - sometimes seeming like upgrades in the simulation. It's about the way we think, the decisions we think we make, and the ripple effect to everyone who touches our lives.

The warmth of spring - coinciding with additional daylight hours - shapes human emotions and behavior alleviating depression. The winter reminds one of the confines of Covid - followed by Spring - and relief that it's over.

Regardless of the economy, people relocate in the spring often buying and selling homes. Moving and human relocation are features of the simulation that open doors to an undetermined future which often coincides with these paradigms ... family, relationships, education, career, climate, economy, and war.

In the eternal quest to find someone to share one's life - Spring can hit hard as relationships end - while on the flip side they can begin. You can't change programming ... ever. In this crazy world, if someone new comes into your life ... be careful with your heart, commitments, and finances. Never invite anyone to live with you if they can't afford to move out.

Tired of recycling Spring rituals that change nothing? Pass on them this year and play in the sandbox (of time) with those who are fun and catalyze your journey here.

If you're waiting for time to run out ... it may have already happened. We're just catching up.

One more thing ... Politics. It's going to play out as is program so don't drive yourself crazy.

Women's History Month

Honors the contributions of women to events in history and contemporary society

How many amazing women have you met who changed society and impacted your life?

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