Sacred Places and Teachings

Sacred Teachings

Ark of the Covenant

Holy Grail

Shroud of Turin

Sacred Scrolls
     About Scrolls
     Buddhist Scrolls
     Dead Sea Sccrolls
     Derveni Scroll - Papyrus - Ancient Book
     Ojibwa Scrolls
     Silver Scrolls

Sacred Texts
     Copiale Cipher
     Dead Sea Scrolls
     Dunhuang Caves in China
     Gigas Codex, Devil's Bible
     Mayan Codices
     Mogao Caves In China
     Popol Vuh
     Voynich Manuscript
     World's Oldest Torah Scroll

     Clay Tablets
     Stone: Tablets, Heads, Messages in Stone
     Solar Discs

     Huna Teachings
     Mystery School Teachings

Sacred Places

Ajanta Caves

Angkor Wat

Astronomical Observatories

Baalbek Megalithic Monuments

Black Stone of Mecca
Black Stones: Alchemy, Monolith, Kubrick, Isis, Omphalos, Goddesses, More

Carlsbad Caverns

Caves and Catacombs

Chavin de Huantar

Chocolate Hills of Asia

Coral Castle

Henges - Stone Circles


Lalibela Churches

Machu Picchu


Megalithic Sites

Monoliths, Standing Stones

Mount Shasta

Nabta Playa Stone Circle

Nazca Lines


Pyramids, Mounds, Ziggurats

Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Sphinx, Egypt

Stone Circles - Henges

Stone Faces and Carvings

Stone Jars of Laos - Plain of Jars

Submerged Cities - Ancient Alien Theories

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