Current Earthquake Activity and Aftershocks

Earthquake activity continues to accelerate
exponentially in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

November 22 - Full Moon 0° Gemini
November 22 - Sun in Sagittarius
November 22 - Thanksgiving
November 23 - Black Friday
November 24 - Small Business Saturday
November 26 - Cyber Monday
November 28 - 84th Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting

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Sunday November 18, 2018     8:00 AM EDT

Ellie's World Blogs
FAO Schwartz Reopens For Christmas
Unexpected Snowfall and Wildfires Overpower the Country
2018 California Wildfires

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

November 18, 1968

Owen Wilson

  Owen Wilson Google Videos

Owen Wilson is an award winning
American actor and writer. Filmography

I definitely would like to do some more romantic roles.

Owen Wilson Quotes

November 18, 1952

Delroy Lindo

  Delroy Lindo Google Videos

Delroy Lindo is an award winning English
actor and theatre director. Filmography

I think every actor wants to play an FBI agent
or cop at one point.

Delroy Lindo Quotes

November 18, 1942

Susan Sullivan

  Susan Sullivan Google Videos

Susan Sullivan is an award winning
American actress. Filmography

The story of your life is filed with many chapters,
and often a few mysteries.

Susan Sullivan Quotes

November 18, 1953

Kevin Nealon

  Kevin Nealon Google Videos

Kevin Nealon is an American
actor and comedian. Filmography

I prefer organically grown everything.

Kevin Nealon Quotes

November 18, 1968

Romany Malco

  Romany Malco Google Videos

Romany Malco is an award winning American
actor and music producer. Filmography

What are you fishing for?

Romany Malco Quotes

November 18, 1974

Chloe Sevigny

  Chloe Sevigny Google Videos

Chloe Sevigny is an award winning American
actress, fashion designer and model. Filmography

I am most proud of my integrity and least proud of my cynicism.

Chloe Sevigny Quotes

November 18, 1985

Christian Siriano

  Christian Siriano Google Videos

Christian Siriano is an award winning
American fashion designer.

Fashions fade. Style is eternal.

Christian Siriano Quotes

November 18, 1944

Wolfgang Joop

Wolfgang Joop is a German fashion designer.

I think fashion is about suspense and surprise and fantasy.
It's not about rules.

Wolfgang Joop Quotes

Saturday November 17, 2018     11:30 AM EDT

Due to wildfires, California now has the most polluted cities in the world   CNN - November 17, 2018

Woman survives Borderline bar shooting, then her family home is destroyed by wildfire   CNN - November 17, 2018

CIA concludes Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman ordered killing of Khashoggi   NBC - November 17, 2018

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

November 17, 2018


The 2018 Leonid Meteor Shower Peaks This Weekend! Here's What to Expect  
PhysOrg - November 16, 2018

November 17, 1978

Rachel McAdams

  Rachel McAdams Google Videos

Rachel McAdams is an award winning
Canadian actress. Filmography

I have a certain curiosity for life that drives me

and propels me forward.

Rachel McAdams Quotes 1

Rachel McAdams Quotes 2

November 17, 1979

Tom Ellis

  Tom Ellis Google Videos

Tom Ellis is a Welsh actor. Filmography

As an actor, I enjoy variety. That's a big thing for me.

Tom Ellis

November 17, 1974

Leslie Bibb

  Leslie Bibb Google Videos

Leslie Bibb is an award winning American actress
and former fashion model. Filmography

You need the right combination to unlock the secrets to what you seek.

Leslie Bibb Quotes

November 17, 1958

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio

  Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Google Videos

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio is an award
winningAmerican actress. Filmography

As a measure of acting skills, film can be very deceptive.

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio Quotes

November 17, 1983

Harry Lloyd

  Harry Lloyd Google Videos

Harry Lloyd is an English actor. Filmography

Success is only another form of failure if
we forget what our priorities should be.

Harry Lloyd Quotes

November 17, 1942

Martin Scorsese

  Martin Scorsese Google Videos

Martin Scorsese is an award winning American film director,
screenwriter, producer, actor, and film historian. Filmography

Cinema is a matter of what's in the frame and what's out.

Martin Scorsese Quotes

November 17, 1944

Danny DeVito

  Danny DeVito Google Videos

Danny DeVito is an award winning American
actor, comedian, director, and producer. Filmography

There are two dilemmas that rattle the human skull:
How do you hang on to someone who won't stay?
And how do you get rid of someone who won't go?

Danny DeVito Quotes

Friday November 16, 2018     6:00 PM EDT

William Goldman, screenwriter of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and All the President's Men, has died aged 87.   BBC - November 16, 2018


The USS Enterprise spotted! NASA's Chandra space telescope finds galaxy cluster shaped uncannily like the Star Trek ship   Daily Mail - November 16, 2018

Trans-galactic streamers feeding most luminous galaxy in the universe   Science Daily - November 16, 2018


Why 536 AD was the worst year to be alive: Scientists say a mysterious fog that blocked out the sun causing crop failures and widespread famine was the worst global disaster in history   Daily Mail - November 16, 2018


Walking backwards can boost your short-term memory, study suggests (but scientists have no idea why!)   Daily Mail - November 16, 2018

Progress in genetic testing of embryos stokes fears of designer babies   Medical Express - November 16, 2018

Cell study reveals how head injuries lead to serious brain diseases   Medical Express - November 16, 2018

When your brain won't hang up: Sustained connections associated with symptoms of autism   Medical Express - November 16, 2018

Newborn babies' brain responses to being touched on the face measured for the first time   Medical Express - November 16, 2018

Playing high school football changes the teenage brain   Medical Express - November 16, 2018

Why Don't We Forget How to Ride a Bike?   Scientific American - November 16, 2018


Fantastic Things We Learned This Year About Fantastic Beasts of the Real World   Smithsonian - November 16, 2018


Weasel-Like Fossils Reveal Evolutionary Clues of the First Mammals   Smithsonian - November 16, 2018

Tracks made by dinosaurs the size of sparrows have been discovered in South Korea   PhysOrg - November 16, 2018


Half of the world's annual precipitation falls in just 12 days, new study finds   PhysOrg - November 16, 2018

Laser technology uncovers medieval secrets locked in Alpine ice core   PhysOrg - November 16, 2018


From Pine Cones to Hobbit Holes, Mimicking Nature Can Help Humans Adapt to Wildfires   Scientific American - November 16, 2018

A scar that the Woolsey Fire left behind   PhysOrg - November 16, 2018

California wildfires: Number of missing leaps to 631   CNN - November 16, 2018

Why wildfires and hurricanes could get even worse with climate change   NBC - November 16, 2018


Is Trump sending a message by awarding the Medal of Freedom to Elvis? Yes.   Washington Post - November 16, 2018

How Photographer Alfred Wertheimer Captured Elvis Presley’s Kiss   Smithsonian - November 16, 2018

Trump announces Wheeler as EPA nominee   CNN - November 16, 2018

Trump takes aim at Mueller as speculation over Russia probe's end grows   CNN - November 16, 2018

The chances of seeing Donald Trump's tax returns just went WAY up   CNN - November 16, 2018

Bernie Sanders unveils Stop Walmart Act   CNN - November 16, 2018

Judge orders White House to return Jim Acosta's press pass   CNN - November 16, 2018

The dirty little secret of the Florida recounts   CNN - November 16, 2018

Snowstorm slams eastern US, killing 8 and knocking out power   CNN - November 16, 2018

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

November 16 - December 6, 2018

Mercury Retrograde

November 16, 2018

Button Day

This is my collection of buttons. I don't sew as much as I used
to but through the years I collected an assortment of buttons.
As with my crystals, each button has a story.

November 16, 1958

Marg Helgenberger

  Marg Helgenberger Google Videos

Marg Helgenberger is an award
winning American actress. Filmography

These days nothing surprises me.

Marg Helgenberger Quotes

November 16, 1967

Lisa Bonet

  Lisa Bonet Google Videos

Lisa Bonet is an award winning
American actress. Filmography

An instructor once told me when there's resistance in your body,
it's only because of the resistance in your mind.

Lisa Bonet Quotes

Jason Momoa and Lisa Bonet Married  Daily Mail - November 15, 2017

November 16, 1977

Maggie Gyllenhaal

  Maggie Gyllenhaal Google Videos

Maggie Gyllenhaal is an award winning
American actress. Filmography

You're not going to do good work if you're not
choosing something because it inspires you.

Maggie Gyllenhaal Quotes

November 16, 1972

Missi Pyle

  Missi Pyle Google Videos

Missi Pyle is an award winning
American actress and singer. Filmography

When you lose your sense of direction, let your soul be your
GPS and it will steer you in the right direction every time.

Missi Pyle Quotes

November 16, 1970

Martha Plimpton

  Martha Plimpton Google Videos

Martha Plimpton is an award winning
American actress and singer. Filmography

When you're working with good people it brings the best out in you.

Martha Plimpton Quotes

Thursday November 15, 2018     7:00 PM EDT

Earth's magnetotail: First-ever views of elusive energy explosion   Science Daily - November 16, 2018

Earth's magnetic field measured using artificial stars at 90 kilometers altitude   PhysOrg - November 15, 2018

The first rains in centuries in the Atacama Desert devastate its microbial life   PhysOrg - November 15, 2018

Houston's urban sprawl increased rainfall, flooding during Hurricane Harvey   Science Daily - November 15, 2018

Climate Change Made Recent Hurricanes Wetter. And They May Get Worse.   Live Science - November 15, 2018

The Earth Is Eating Its Own Oceans   Live Science - November 15, 2018

Ice Age Cave Art Found Under Layers of Centuries-Old Graffiti   Live Science - November 15, 2018

- Auroras unlock the physics of energetic processes in space   PhysOrg - November 15, 2018


A new approach to detecting cancer earlier from blood tests   Science Daily - November 15, 2018

Drinking too much water could be surprisingly hazardous to your health   Business Insider - November 15, 2018

Series of War Zone Attacks Puts DRC Ebola Outbreak On ‘Edge of Crisis’   Huffington Post - November 15, 2018

Norovirus outbreak hits Camp Fire evacuation shelter   Medical Express - November 15, 2018

Dietary fat is good? Dietary fat is bad? Coming to consensus   Medical Express - November 15, 2018

Gut hormone and brown fat interact to tell the brain it's time to stop eating   Medical Express - November 15, 2018

Bacteria May Live (Harmlessly) in Your Brain   Live Science - November 15, 2018


Einstein Letter Warns of German Anti-Semitism 10 Years Before Nazis' Rise to Power   Live Science - November 15, 2018

Statue of Liberty's Original Torch Moves Across Island in Historic Relocation   NBC - November 15, 2018

Roy Clark, 'Hee Haw' host, dies at 85   CNN - November 15, 2018


Facebook says it's getting better at removing hate speech as it deletes 1.5 billion fake accounts over the last six months   Daily Mail - November 15, 2018

Facebook claims more progress against fake news and other ills following bombshell report   NBC - November 15, 2018

One of Instagram's 13 original employees deletes her account on the picture-sharing app and compares it to a drug that 'doesn't get us high anymore'   Daily Mail - November 15, 2018

Trump Town has opened its virtual doors to anyone wary of getting blocked on other social media platforms.   FOX - November 15, 2018

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

November 15, 1991

Shailene Woodley

   Google Videos

Shailene Woodley is an award winning
American actress. Filmography

I think the most important thing in life is self-love, because if you don't have self-love,
and respect for everything about your own body, your own soul, your own capsule,
then how can you have an authentic relationship with anyone else?

Shailene Woodley Quotes

November 15, 1972

Jonny Lee Miller

  Jonny Lee Miller Google Videos

Jonny Lee Miller is an award
winning English actor. Filmography

If you're serious about what you're doing, you've got to keep
your head and follow your instinct. Maybe you won't reach the
same dizzy heights as others, but you will get something back.

Jonny Lee Miller Quotes

November 15, 1973

Sydney Tamiia Poitier

  Sydney Poitier Google Videos

Sydney Poitier is an American television actress. Filmography

I always wanted to play a cop and have fun doing it.

Sydney Tamiia Poitier

November 15, 1940

Sam Waterston

  Sam Waterston Google Videos

Sam Waterston is an award winning American
actor, producer and director. Filmography

There is no problem that is not improved by effort,
and no effort that is too paltry to be worth undertaking.

Sam Waterston Quotes

November 15, 1929

Edward Asner

  Edward Asner Google Videos

Edward Asner is an award winning
American actor. Filmography

Reporting the news has become instantaneous in the age of technology but
the news still begs the question .. what is fact or what is fake?

Edward Asner Quotes

November 15, 1887 - March 6, 1986

Georgia O'Keeffe

  Georgia O'Keeffe Google Videos

Georgia O'Keeffe was an American artist
associated with the American Southwest.

I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life. I've
never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do.

To create one's own world in any of the arts takes courage.

I found I could say things with color and shapes that
I couldn't say any other way, things I had no words for.

Georgia O'Keeffe Quotes 1

Georgia O'Keeffe Quotes 2

November 15, 1887 - February 5, 1972

Marianne Moore

  Marianne Moore Google Videos

Marianne Moore was an award winning
American poet and writer.

You're not free until you've been made captive by supreme belief.

Marianne Moore Quotes 1

Marianne Moore Quotes 2

November 15, 1607 - June 2, 1701

Madeleine de Scudery

Madeleine de Scudery was a French writer
who used the pseudonym Sapho.

Love makes mutes of those who
habitually speak most fluently.

Men should keep their eyes wide open
before marriage, and half shut afterward.

Love is a capricious creature which desires everything
and can be contented with almost nothing.

Mademoiselle de Scudery

Wednesday November 14, 2018     6:00 PM EDT

NASA Learns More About Interstellar Visitor 'Oumuamua   PhysOrg - November 14, 2018

Icy 'Super-Earth' Exoplanet Spotted Around Nearby Barnard's Star - November 14, 2018

Exoplanet discovered around neighboring star   BBC - November 14, 2018

Astronomers discover super-Earth around Barnard's star   PhysOrg - November 14, 2018

Astronomers detect once-in-a-lifetime gamma rays   PhysOrg - November 14, 2018

The dance of the small galaxies that surround the Milky Way   PhysOrg - November 14, 2018


Seismic study reveals huge amount of water dragged into Earth's interior   PhysOrg - November 14, 2018

Scientists Spot What May Be a Giant Impact Crater Hidden Under Greenland Ice - November 14, 2018

Huge crater discovered in Greenland from impact that rocked Northern Hemisphere   PhysOrg - November 14, 2018

Greenland ice sheet hides huge 'impact crater'   BBC - November 15, 2018

The Giant Crater Beneath Greenland Explained - November 14, 2018

Houston's urban sprawl increased rainfall, flooding during Hurricane Harvey   PhysOrg - November 14, 2018

Tropical trees in the Andes are moving toward extinction   PhysOrg - November 14, 2018


Biblical-Era Etchings of Ships Discovered in Israeli Desert   Live Science - November 14, 2018

Biblical-Era Cistern and Carvings Discovered in Israel   Live Science - November 14, 2018

Hoverbikes are finally here, but don't expect to fly cheap - long-anticipated flying motorcycle will set you back $150,000   NBC - November 14, 2018


Watch Jenna Bush Hager’s full interview with Michelle Obama   NBC - November 14, 2018

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

November 14, 2018

52nd Country Music Association Awards

The CMAs, are presented to country music artists and broadcasters to recognize outstanding achievement in the country music industry. The televised annual presentation ceremony features performances and award presentations by popular country music artists, with occasional appearances from pop and rock artists. The 52nd annual ceremony will be held at the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville, Tennessee and broadcast by ABC.

November 14, 1948

Prince Charles of Wales

  Charles, Prince of Wales Google Videos

Charles, Prince of Wales is the heir apparent to the British throne.

I'm very proud of my growing family.

Prince Charles Quotes

November 14, 1972

Josh Duhamel

  Josh Duhamel Google Videos

Josh Duhamel is an award winning
American actor. Filmography

The California wildfires are bringing us a message about things to come.

Josh Duhamel Quotes

November 14, 1964

Patrick Warburton

  Patrick Warburton Google Videos

Patrick Warburton is an American actor. Filmography

All I try to do is as earnestly and as acutely as I can, conceive a character
and try to portray this character just honestly. If the humor is within the
absurdity and the awfulness of situations, then let it be seen that way.

Patrick Warburton Quotes

November 14, 1840 - December 5, 1926

Claude Monet

  Claude Monet Google Videos

Claude Monet was a French Impressionist painter.
The term Impressionism is derived from the title of his painting

Impression Sunrise

In Paris Monet made friends with famous artists
Edouard Manet, Pierre-Auguste Renoir, Frederic Bazille, and Alfred Sisley.

I am following Nature without being able to grasp her.

I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers.

Claude Monet Quotes 1

Claude Monet Quotes 2

November 14, 1878 - July 14, 1966

Julie Manet

Julie Manet was a French painter and art
collector and the niece of Edouard Manet.

Look within your art work, to understand the emotional
boundaries in which your soul experiences.

Julie Manet

November 14, 1912 - November 15, 2003

Tung-Yen Lin

  Tung-Yen Lin Google Videos

Tung-Yen Lin was a structural engineer who was the pioneer of
standardizing the use of prestressed concrete in bridge building.
He oversaw the design and construction of more than 1,000 bridges.

Bridges not only link things within a nation, but link nations together.

Tung-Yen Lin

November 14, 1765 - February 24, 1815

Robert Fulton

  Robert Fulton Google Videos

Robert Fulton was an American engineer and
inventor who is widely credited with developing
the first commercially successful steamboat.

Steamboat adventures brought good fortune to some but trials and tribulations to others.

Robert Fulton

Tuesday November 13, 2018     6:00 PM EDT

Scientists uncover new gatekeeper function of anti-aging molecule   Medical Express - November 13, 2018

The illusion of multitasking boosts performance   Medical Express - November 13, 2018

How fast you walk says a lot about your health   Medical Express - November 13, 2018

Black people more likely to die of sudden cardiac arrest, but why?   Medical Express - November 13, 2018

Largest ever study of psychological sex differences and autistic traits   Medical Express - November 13, 2018

Scientists uncover crucial biological circuits that regulate lipids and their role in overall health   PhysOrg - November 13, 2018


Climate change led to the demise of the ancient Indus valley civilization that flourished in the Himalayan foothills 4,000 years ago   Daily Mail - November 13, 2018

Archaeologists find remains of lost city of Tenea first settled by prisoners who survived the Trojan war   Daily Mail - November 13, 2018

Beneath Antarctica's Ice, Intriguing Evidence of Lost Continents   Live Science - November 13, 2018

North America's Oldest Mummy Sheds Light on Ancient Migrations   Live Science - November 13, 2018

Hundreds of Tiny Terracotta Warriors Found Guarding 2,100-Year-Old Chinese Site   Live Science - November 13, 2018

Ancient bird reveals clues about the evolution of flight: 75 million year old fossil shows how creatures evolved stronger muscles and bones in order to fly   Daily Mail - November 13, 2018


The Hubble Telescope Has Found a Smile in Space to Warm Your Heart - November 13, 2018

Gaia satellite spots mysterious 'ghost' galaxy lurking just outside the Milky Way   Daily Mail - November 13, 2018


Giant 'Pink Legacy' Diamond Fetches Over $44 Million at Auction   Live Science - November 14, 2018

More American students are studying abroad, new data show   PhysOrg - November 13, 2018

CNN sues President Trump and top White House aides for barring Jim Acosta   CNN - November 13, 2018

Why your number of romantic partners mirrors your mother   PhysOrg - November 13, 2018

Violent crime rates rise in warmer winters   PhysOrg - November 13, 2018

Social relationships more important than hard evidence in partisan politics: study   PhysOrg - November 13, 2018

Amazon choses New York's Long Island City and Arlington County's Crystal City neighborhoods for HQ2   CNN - November 13, 2018

China gives the world a glimpse of its military firepower as it shows off missiles from the J-20 stealth fighter plane that will rival the US F-22 jet   Daily Mail - November 13, 2018


Democrats flip Arizona US Senate seat with Sinema victory   CNN - November 13, 2018

Florida's vote recount and lawsuits in three Florida races   CNN - November 13, 2018

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

November 13, 1969

Gerard Butler

  Gerard Butler Google Videos

Gerard Butler is an award winning Scottish actor. Filmography

I returned to my house in Malibu after evacuating. Heartbreaking time across California.
Inspired as ever by the courage, spirit and sacrifice of firefighters. Thank you @LAFD.
If you can, support these brave men and women at .

Gerard Butler Quotes

November 13, 1967

Jimmy Kimmel

  Jimmy Kimmel Google Videos

Jimmy Kimmel is an award winning American television host,
comedian, writer, and producer. Filmography

I don't really need to be dirty to be funny.

Jimmy Kimmel Quotes

November 13, 1967

Steve Zahn

  Steve Zahn Google Videos

Steve Zahn is an award winning
American comedian and actor. Filmography

I'm attracted to characters who play superheroes.

Steve Zahn Quotes

November 13, 1955

Whoopi Goldberg

  Whoopi Goldberg Google Videos

Whoopi Goldberg is an award winning American actress,
comedian, songwriter and media personality. Filmography

I am where I am because I believe in all possibilities.

Whoopi Goldberg Quotes 1

Whoopi Goldberg Quotes 2

November 13, 1947

Joe Mantegna

  Joe Mantegna Google Videos

Joe Mantegna is an award winning American
actor, producer, writer, and director. Filmography

Nobody gets a free ride. Do the best you can with the means that you can
and try to open yourself to as much knowledge and all that that you can.

Joe Mantegna Quotes

November 13, 1954

Chris Noth

  Chris Noth Google Videos

Chris Noth is an award winning
American actor and poet. Filmography

I cannot explain something that no one has ever figured out.

Chris Noth Quotes

November 13, 1934 - July 19, 2016

Garry Marshall

  Garry Marshall Google Videos

Garry Marshall was an award winning American
actor, director, writer, and producer. Filmography

I love it all ... the writing, the editing, the directing ... all of it.

Garry Marshall Quotes

November 13, 1953

Waswo X. Waswo

  Waswo X. Waswo Google Videos

Waswo X. Waswo, is an artist and writer most commonly associated
with his chemical process sepia-toned photographs of India.

I am a soul rebel,

a capturer of soul adventures.

Waswo X. Waswo

Monday November 12, 2018     6:00 PM EDT

Purrfect Photos: Cat Mummies and Wooden Cat Statues Discovered at Ancient Egyptian Burial Complex   Live Science - November 12, 2018

Primates of the Caribbean: Ancient DNA reveals history of mystery monkey   PhysOrg - November 12, 2018

Scientists develop new and more realistic model of human interaction   PhysOrg - November 12, 2018


Our maps are all wrong: Graphic shows just how out of touch the commonly used Mercator map really is   Daily Mail - November 12, 2018

Republican Gov. Rick Scott Was Just Sued Over His Role In The Florida Recount   Buzz Feed - November 12, 2018
Marvel Comics Giant Stan Lee Has Died At 95   Buzz Feed - November 12, 2018
The comic writer and film producer was best known for co-creating iconic superheroes like Spider-Man, the Hulk, the X-Men, and Black Panther.

Ariana Grande Is The First Woman To Debut At No. 1 On The Hot 100 Since Adele's "Hello"   Buzz Feed - November 12, 2018

Trump's Latest Claims About Voter Fraud Have Zero Basis In Reality   Buzz Feed - November 12, 2018


In Photos: The 2018 California Wildfires as Seen from Space - November 12, 2018

Colonizing Mars Means Contaminating Mars - And Never Knowing For Sure If It Had Its Own Native Life - November 12, 2018

Massive Solar Eruptions 'Probably' Detonated Dozens of US Sea Mines in Vietnam War - November 12, 2018


Ebola outbreak worst in history of Democratic Republic of Congo   CNN - November 12, 2018

Exosomes 'swarm' to protect against bacteria inhaled through the nose   Medical Express - November 12, 2018

Defective DNA damage repair leads to chaos in the genome   Medical Express - November 12, 2018

Major traumatic injury increases risk of mental health diagnoses, suicide   Medical Express - November 12, 2018


Trump's Paris trip marked by missed moments -- and a dire warning   CNN - November 12, 2018

Today's Events, Birthdays and Quotes

November 12, 1945

Neil Young

Neil Young Google Videos

Neil Young is an award winning Canadian singer
songwriter, musician and film director. Discography

Neil Young Blasts Trump Over California Wildfires Tweet:
"That's What Climate Change Looks Like"
- Rolling Stone

Neil Young Quotes 1

Neil Young Quotes 2

November 12, 1840 - November 17, 1917

Auguste Rodin

  Auguste Rodin Google Videos

Auguste Rodin was a French sculptor.

Art is contemplation. It is the pleasure of the mind
which searches into nature and which there divines
the spirit of which nature herself is animated.

Auguste Rodin Quotes

November 12, 1980

Ryan Gosling

  Ryan Gosling Google Videos

Ryan Gosling is an award winning
Canadian actor and musician. Filmography

Freedom is such an amazing gift that many people take for granted.

Ryan Gosling Quotes

November 12, 1982

Anne Hathaway

  Anne Hathaway Google Videos

Anne Hathaway is an award winning
American actress. Filmography

I've intimidated men my entire life and it has nothing to do with fame.

Anne Hathaway Quotes 1

Anne Hathaway Quotes 2

November 12, 1958

Megan Mullally

  Megan Mullally Google Videos

Megan Mullally is an award winning American
actress, singer and media personality. Filmography

It's great to be back on Will and Grace.

Megan Mullally Quotes

November 12, 1974

Tamala Jones

  Tamala Jones Google Videos

Tamala Jones is an American actress. Filmography

I love comedy because I'm naturally a very silly person.

Tamala Jones Quotes