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Christmas - A Shining Stars
Christmas Eve with Family in Connecticut
Christmas Day with Mike in Seagate
Zsia Discovers the Simulation
Sandy Hook Elementary School Shootings
Ellie's 2012 Adventures in Southern California
12.12.2012 With Sherif and George

Hurricane Sandy - Ellie Reporting from Brooklyn
Manhattan Beach after Hurricane Sandy

Does the Universe Grow Like a Giant Brain?
Lone Woman of San Nicolas Island
Mystery of Angkor Wat Temple's Huge Stones Solved
Singing Sand Dunes Explained
Obesity Gene also a Happy Gene
There's a Song in my Head
Science Explains Instant Attraction
Chemosignals Communicate Human Emotions
Weekly Meditations for Healthy Sex
Can Our Bodies Predict the Future?

The Keys Part I - Ellie's Adventures with Lost Keys
The Keys Part II - Roman Connections
The Keys Part III - Skate Keys, Coney Island
Final Copy - A Tribute to my friend Steve Crawford
"Weird or What" with William Shatner and Ellie Crystal
Who Is Most Stolen Artist of All Time?
Consulting vs. Full Time Employment
5 new skills every woman needs to succeed at work
Politics and Relationships
Penis Size Matters in Bed
Compassion Meditation and Empathy

Fringe: The Message of the Dandelions
Spiritual But Not Religious
Bored ... The Unengaged Mind
Unraveling the Human Genome - Science and Pseudoscience
When and why do we lie?
Are organic foods better than conventional foods?
Working Moms 2012
America's 10 Most Stressful Jobs in 2012
Genetics and Your Personality
Osel Hita Torres - The Reluctant Lama who goes by the name Oz
From Chaos to Consciousness and Back - Olympians and Titans
The Birth of A Dolphin

August 25, 2012 - Crystalinks Turns 17
The Adventures of Ellie and Z - Let's Rock an Roll
Blue Moon August 31, 2012
"Wow! Signal" and the Perseids 2012
DNA Zipper Effect, Time Travel, Sun in Virgo, Sci-fi Birthdays, Fade to Black
M.C. Escher
Ancestor Syndrome and Genetic Memory
Stop Searching
Trash the Dress
Remembering Helen Gurley Brown
How long should you keep your car?
The Psychology of Commuting
Rainbows Index
Glacial Tsunami

Finding the Higgs - Boson
60 Years Ago ... 1952 Washington D.C. UFO Incidents
Night Vision Glasses and UFO Sightings
Mahabharata and Ancient Alien Theory
Our Program Has Ended ... The Latency Period
Visual Learners
Lucid Dreaming in 2012
London 2012 - Olympics
History of Astrology - Astrology and Beyond ....
Early American Migration
Getting There ... Living Without a Car

Tortoise and Turtle - Lonesome George Dies
The Sentinels of Summer
Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico
Addicted to Drama - Dating an Unemployed Man
Love is in the Brain
Meditation Increases Awareness of Subliminal Messages
China's Floating Rainbow and Other Rainbow Files

Will Smith talks to Obama about Aliens (YouTube)
Shavuot 2012, Torah, Blue Saphire Stone, Ancient Aliens, Cylinder Seals, Moses
Earliest Evidence of Wall Art Found in France
Donna Summer ... The Last Dance
Mother's Day - Ellie and her Mom
Babies Don't Like to be Bored
More Than 8 Million Americans Sleepwalk
Brain Activity During REM Sleep
Emotions and Mental Processing
Can men and women just be friends?
Arthritis Linked to Depression
Smart Uniforms

Interesting and Unique Easter Eggs
Easter - Passover 2012
Is there a positive side to allergies?
Why 'Letting Go' May Be Key to Happy Aging
First Blood Test For Teen Depression
The Word-of-Mouth Paradox
Why Learning Leads To Happiness
Expectations of a Long Life
2 Childhood Obesity Genes Discovered

Greg's Adventures to the Arctic to see the Northern Lights
Ancient Manmade Animal Mounds Discovered
Atlantis ~ Thule
Venus Transit June 6, 2012
Spinning Vehicles that Transport Consciousness
Tomb of Jesus - Fish or Ancient Spaceship?
Ancient Aircraft in History - Various
UFOs and Extraterrestrials in Art History
Ancient Petroglyphs, Pictographs, and Geoglyphs
Sacred Caves
Is Free Will an Illusion?
Client Issues and Patterns March 2012
Awakening in the Cloud in 2012
Sitting Disease
Women's History Month - History, Spirituality

Paying For Medical School the Hard Way - Sex
Adolescent Depression
What we can learn from studying the Hand
What to ask yourself when things go wrong
How Long Will Your Love Last?
Write it down or you'll forget
Child Abuse Leaves Mark on Brain
Life In Any Reality In 2012
The Infinity Environment
Quantumly Entangled on Valentine's Day 2012
Valentine's Day 2012 With Music
Preparing for a Break-up in 2012
February 7, 2012 - Full Moon 18° Leo
It's About Time: Science, Illusion, Articles
"Little Horney Man" Petroglyph and Fertility Gods
Cloud Tops Dropping Closer to Earth
New Madrid Fault Zone 200th Anniversary
Waterworld Exoplanet Discovered
To see a world in a grain of sand
Grey Aliens - Time Travel - Creation

Stargates - Archaeology, Earth Grid, Mythology, Pseudoscience
Zep Tepi - First Time - Egypt, Osiris, Creation, Alchemy
Persia (Iran) ... Then and Now
July 4th - Ellie and Marcus Upstate NY
El Dorado - The Lost City of Z
Aliens, Pandemics, and Plagues
2012 Year of the Chinese Water Dragon (Z01Z)
It's All Inherited
Being Ignored
Endings are Powerful
Happy 90th Birthday Betty White
Job Related Injuries on the Increase
Never Share Your Password
The 5 Biggest Hair Myths in 2012
The Long and the Short of It - Height, Penis Size
Whatever gets you through the workday ...
What Women Really Want in 2012
The Best Diet For 2012
2012 New Years Resolutions - Psychological and Motivational Factors
How to Handle the Former Workplace Enemy, Again
How to Simplify Your Life in 2012
Happy New Year 2012 Images

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