The Sentinels of Summer

Summer Solstice at Stonehenge

The Watchers of Stonehenge

People are drawn to Stonehenge for many reasons - especially when the sun speaks to them. As in ancient times, they pray to .... the sun ... invisible gods ... aliens. How primitive. You should be beyond this. Look at the image of the praying statue. Does it take you back to ancient rituals you read about and think, "That was then but we are far more advanced today." People observe holidays and rituals then go back to their programmed lifestyles. If you celebrate holidays - has that changed your life? Earth customs have always been strange to me.

Huge statue back at Stonehenge  
BBC - June 19, 2012

A seven tonne steel statue is to be dismantled and moved to Stonehenge for a second time. The 22ft (6.70m) figure, called Ancestor, was first installed at the ancient monument in 2010 but has since been at Solstice Park near Amesbury. Last year, creators Andy Rawlings and Michelle Topps failed to sell the statue on e-Bay. It will be at Stonehenge for the Summer Solstice before being moved to Salisbury for the Olympic torch event.

Ways to Celebrate the Summer Solstice - June 19, 2012
Each year, thousands gather at Stonehenge, the 5000-year-old stone circle in England, to see the sun rise on the summer solstice. For some it's sacred but for others its one of the largest summer kickoff parties on the planet.

June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice


How the Easter Island's statues walked   MSNBC - June 20, 2012

Easter Island Moai

Milky Way Above Easter Island   NASA - June 18, 2012

What message does this bring to you about the Giants of Easter Island and 2012?

When the moon is in phase we will know and we will return.

Time Travelers - Watchers - Ancient Aliens

June 19, 2012 ... New Moon 28° Gemini

From the Watchers to Big Brother is Watching

Target al Qaeda: An inside look at Obama's drone program   Yahoo - June 18, 2012
A new book from Newsweek delves into the successes and failures of Obama's drone program.

This goes to "Big Brother is watching" which takes me back to my college years (1960's) and having to read Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell. I knew then, what I have aways known - humans are watched in one way or another - today by surveillance camera, satellites and more. As with everything - this has both positive and negative sides.

1984 came and went ... I divorced and remembered the book - knowing I was being watched and guided by others like myself who exist in the place where the Watchers dwell - many octaves above "Big Brother Theory". It had been 30 years since my experience in the Nevada desert (1954) on the UFO where I was reminded who I was and why I was here. Now it was time to embrace that destiny.

People always speak about Big Brother watching in reference to governments and/or secrets societies - all true. Taking this to Forces of Creation ... humans have always been under surveillance in various biogenetic experiments. Does that make you feel like a lab rat created and controlled by what we perceive of as gods - who according to ancient alien theory, destroy and create root races all the time? The answer is yes - but the concept must be better understood and expanded as in some instances you may be one of the creators rather than projected illusion in the endless holograms that exist. Events in the hologram are all inserts that come and go - some explored then deleted, others becoming part of the collective hologram.