Ellie's Archives 2004

Ellie's Photos and Adventures 2004

Playing in the Sandbox of Time
Thinking Outside the Box

White Noise, EVP, Electronic Noise Phenomena,
What the Bleep Do We Know?
Librarian, Quest for the Spear, Language of the Birds/Gods, Green Language
Films, Fade to Black

Sagittarius, Milky Way Center, Ouroboros December 2012
Flecks of Light Isis, Ices
I'd Like to Propose In Mercury Retrograde
Z Computer Keyboard
Z Cartoon, Last Responder
Just Words
Music of the Spheres Geometry/Symphony of Creation

Jane and Her Deceased Father Astral Project to the End of the Universe
The Eye in the Tree
Etemenanki, Sharing Theories
Job Burnout

Christmas With Family
Tsunami December 26, 2004, Waves of Consciousness

Welcoming the New Year

Election Day, Tuesday November 2, 2004
Healing Issues, The Sum of All Healing Journeys of Consciousness
Solar Maximum 2004
Mantaka, 2012
Famous Film Quotes, Poll Bogart, Schwarzenegger
40th Anniversary of the Verrazano Bridge November 21, 2004
Flying Triangles

Workshop on Balance, Crystal Bowl Exploded
   Sunday: The White Rose, Bob in the Park
   Monday: Parallel Journeys Mimic Other Timelines
   Tuesday: Getting High With George, Crystal, Obelisk
   Wednesday: Tuning Forks and Messages From Spirit
   Friday: Black Isis, Goddess, Return to Basic Black
   Saturday: Time Travel Experiments, 1944, Hitler, Brooklyn Connections

Friedrich Nietzsche, Reality is Projection and Interpretation
Sarah's Amulet
Roses, Rose Bloodline
Dream of Awakening, Nikki, Past Life Clinic
Gods with Water Buckets' Anunnaki, Viracocha, Zoroaster
33, Myth, Math, Metaphor, Masonic Program
Earth Changes Mimic Grid Consciousness
Ellie and Pat Hear Voices, Speakers, Egypt

Why Am I Here?
Depression and Metaphysics
Sudden Deaths Syndrome
'Off The Boat' Parents

Christopher Reeve Dies
Halloween 2004 - Skull and Bones Election

   Sequence Dreams of Creation
   Dreams of Creation Continue
   Dreams of Ending, Phoenix, Eye, Railroad
   Dream With Shirley, 36 Souls
   Dream, 414, Eye/Fountain of Life Hologram, Kabbalah

Filming on 4th Avenue in Front of My House
Psych Out, Media Event in Manhattan

Shopping Habits
Priests and Priestesses of the Realm
Metaphors For Dummies

August 3, Statue of Liberty Reopens, SOL
Ellie's Gold Finger, Hands of Light, Scrying, Events Before 9/11, Aunt Rose, Eye, 36
Crop Circles 2004
Hudson Valley Cruise to Lyndhurst Castle 8/8/04
When Helping Others Becomes Frustrating
Stargates and Virtual Reality - Do You Know Truth From Illusion
Accordion Pleats, Reality Folding In
Micromanagement & Macromanagement
Birds in Spirit, Disoriented Pigeon

July 4, 2004

Solux, The Praying Mantis Alien in a Crystal
Holograms in Crystals

New York Minute
Life Is a Wave Harmonic

Fertility Gods and Goddesses
The 'Hit The Fan' Event
Stargate Atlantis Premieres
July 20, 1969, Apollo 11 Lands on the Moon
Senior Citizens and Finances
Haiku, Poetry, Showcasing Your Creative Talent
Plato, Metaphors, Allegory of the Cave. Other
The Day Out of Time - Mayan Calendar

Prerequisites For Marriage
Turning 40, Consciousness, Lifepath, Single and Searching

Venus Transit June 8, 2004
Ellie's Workshop: June 6, 2004 - June 4, 2012. Many Topics
Workshop June 27, 2004, Carousel, DNA

Joy's Journey, Larry's Projected Image
Reality is Projected Illusion
The Eye of the Camera is the Lens of the Soul
The Journey of Our DNA
Teleportation and DNA Activation

Secret Knowledge
Messages From the Sky
Ellie the Blogger

Egyptian Initiation
Pronouncing 'Isis'

5 Borough Bicycle Tour
Walking with Spirit, Wesak and Buddha
Earth and the Umbilical Cord
Temporal Anomalies, Mallory
3D Vision, Viewing Reality With 3D Glasses
Earthquake 10.5, Prophecies and Film
Film Making, Independent Productions
Giving and Receiving Love

Ellie's Temporal Distortions
The Time Traveler Creates The Program
Venus Transit, Isis, Mayan Calendar, Alchemy

Wigging Out, Wigs and Traditions
Crystalinks Stats, Over One Million Hits

Thinking Outside the Box
Evolving Inside the Box

Edicaran Period Feather Pen in Stone
Mexico, Pyramids and UFO Sightings by the Military
White Buffalo Born May 2004, Arizona
Making Global Predictions, Some Things Are Not Meant to be Predicted

The Spirit By My Car
Rose Quartz Crystals, Angels, and Spirits

Memorial Day 2004
Astronomical Alignments May 28
    Suns and Grandsons, Matthew
    Lower Manhattan as an Astronomical Observatory

Alpha Omega - The Omega Project
Patience and End Time Scenarios

Healing and Energy Work With Spirits
The Whistling

Passover, Easter Week 2004
    Ellie's Fractal Easter Eggs
    Zarathrustra, Film, 2001, The Experiment, DNA, Metaphors
    Moses, Thoth, Song of Songs, The Bloodline

Upstate New York and Related Adventures
Index: Adventures in Upstate New York
5 Alchemists on a Journey, Trae, Ron, George, Pat
The White Stone
Expanding Your Consciousness
Metamorphosis of Consciousness, Caterpillar and the Grid
Metaphysical Schools of Study - Eckankar
Remote View in the Great Pyramid
Ptah, Path, Pi, Phi

Patterns and Prophecies
The Brown Pigeon

Relationships and Issues, 404 Not Found
Little Old Lady, Little Old Man Syndrome

Poets Die Young
Z As Shakespeare
Teenage Author, Prophecies of the Stones
Troubled Teenagers
When You Grow Up, What Do You Want To Be?

The Limos of Brooklyn The Maiden Voyage of the QM2 - Queen Mary 2

5 Alchemists on a Journey, Trae, Ron, George, Pat
John Edward, Westbury Music Fair
Gulrukh, Pat and Ellie, Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

The Insert
Men Are From Mars ...
Excalibur, Sword in the Stone
Mars-Earth Connection
It's Who I Am, It's what I Do
Spiraling With 'e'...electronic
Programming the Grids
Christ Consciousness and the Star of David (SOD)
Metaphysics Doesn't Exist, It's All Girds and Sacred Geometry

It Happened in Europe
    The Train in Spain - Terrorism
    The Euro, Currency, Freemasons, Sacred Geometry, 9/11, 212
    The Watchers, Thornborough, Star Alignments, Pyramids, Orion, Atlantis

The Emotional Grid
    Blueprint of Humanity
    Sacred Geometry, SOD
    Programming the Grids

When Cultures Collide, It's All Alien to Me
    Children From Different Nationalities, Aliens, Art and Channeling

Stargate SG1 - Season 7 Finale
    Finding The Lost City, Destroying Anubis
Sedna, New Planet
Content Management of Crystalinks
    Changes in Conscious Awareness, Astrology
Getting Passionate About "The Passion of the Christ"
Spring Time Changes and Challenges
Creating Sacred Spaces
    Advice on Buying a Home, City Life

Did Life Ever Exist on Mars?
    Mars Rovers - Spirit and Opportunity

The Phone Call You Didn't Want to Answer
My Gay Week
Working Moms

The Shining Ones
Shakespeare in the Park
Nought, Naught, Nautilus, Sea of Consciousness
The Red Hat Society
What People Want From Relationships
Money and Relationships
Gods and Goddesses of Love
Ellie and the City
Relationships and Make-overs
Conjuring Up A Lover, Love Spells
Sexual Patterns
Ellie's Birthday 2004, Crosses of Light
Ellie's Birthday in Manhattan
The Wedding Planner
The Personal Shopper
Friend Index
Academy Awards 2004
Fire and Predictions
The Wounded Healer

Wake Up!
Waking Up In 2004
Computer End Program
Chronic Lateness, Watching Your Watch
Dynamics in Relationships
Affirmations and Readiness
Winter Depression
Three Step Program to Third Dimension
Order From Disorder

Reflections in Space, Art, Music and Sacred Geometry
Clouds, Wings, Feathers, Doves

Atlantis, The Way We Were, Meditation
The Way We Were
    The Metaphysical Experience
    Chinese New Year, Year of the Wooden Monkey, Thoth The Baboon

Chinese New Year, Year of the Monkey 4702, Theresa Wong
New Years in Japan, Shinto Temples, Robert's Report

The Bank Heist, The 'Almost Home Bridge'
Verrazano Bridge. Images From Ellie's HomeAquarius, Lisa, Helen, Iron and the Spirits
Pennies From Heaven, Pennies and Crystals Manifest
Quarters, Dreams Mars Predictions 2004
Computer Oracle, Pocket Watches, Time Travel, Ghost

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