"Weird or What?"

February 1, 2012

Time to tell you about Ellie's UFO adventures in January. Everything is coming up UFO for me these days and since I had one experience at age 11, anything seems possible. Two weeks ago I read a man from an Orthodox Jewish community on Long Island. He comes for a reading every few years. When he was leaving he said something about seeing me again perhaps next year. My instant reaction was ... and I said ... "Don't think I'll be here." I went on to explain about endless UFO synchronicities since December and we laughed about me being beamed up. This lead to a discussion about Leonard Nimoy who comes from an Orthodox Jewish background and the origins of Spock's hand symbol for Live Long and Prosper.

The client left ... Ellie returned to her computer and the birthday updates for my second daily blog Ezine ... leaving off on March 26th. (I am generally 2 months ahead.) The name on my screen was ... ta da ... Leonard Nimoy and I laughed. Just after updating his information, the email chime rang ... a message from a TV production company wanting me to do a show for History Channel and Discovery Channel. Are you ready for this? It's William Shatner's series "Weird or What" about the unexplained. What a synchronicity I thought returning the email to a woman named Katie in Toronto. She called immediately and asked if I would discuss Channeling - art, music, literature - real or hoaxed ... an interview ensued after which she said she would get back to let me know if they want me. Not that I cared, as for me in that moment in time it was all about the synchronicities that call attention to this growing feeling within.

The synchronicities reminded me of this 2008 photo of me

taken by my friend Mike in Cannonball Park across the street.
We called the photo "Beam Me Up" after we had been talking about aliens.

The jokes that followed from friends and family about me making alien babies and going off with Kirk were hilarious. But when Katie didn't call last week - I reasoned that they chose someone more involved in the topic of Channeling so I forgot about it.

Tuesday, my friend Pat sent the email about the CNN story above possibly linked to a UFO discovered in the Baltic Sea. As we spoke ...who should call me? You got it ... Katie. The History Channel will be here to tape me Wednesday February 8, 2012.

History Channel Adventures - Taping "Weird or What"

Wednesday February 8, 2012

I spend most of the day taping for the History Channel at the Pearl Room in Brooklyn. I started the day, as always, with a quick glimpse at the news - the scene opening with a close-up of a street sign that read: Pearl Street in lower Manhattan. The day would indeed be about "Pearl" - the image above looking like her ghost was walking by. (I look like I'm in a daze, and it really doesn't look like me, but that was the only photo I took.)

The topic of the show was Automatic Writing more specifically the life and work of Pearl Lenore Curran who allegedly channeled books by an entity she called Patience Worth. Her automatic writing had to do with healing and finding herself to help others and make a difference, in a time partly like our own but not with the tools we have today.

The TV crew from Toronto consisted of 3 guys - Wendelle the cameraman in the photo above, Mike the sound engineer, and Ryan the producer/director ... all lots of fun.

Here is how the day rolled out.


I sat on a tall bar stool (not the most comfortable) using the brick wall for the backdrop as Ryan asked questions. He said I moved between 2 personalities - Ellie the teacher and Ellie the funny charismatic woman from Brooklyn, which he preferred for the shoot.

There was much to be said about channeling as I explained it based on science and math - consciousness grids that one aligns with to get information. When you do a show like this, they ask you the same question several times and you can answer in any way you chose then in the final edit they select whatever they want. I certainly made my case for channeling and hope it gets to air.

Did you know that other than technical writing most of what you write is influenced from the other side - even if its your soul trying to guide. The simply doodle (spiral) many people draw is all part of Automatic Writing - and there is no need to be in a trance state.


The crew and waiters sang Happy Birthday to me (surprise) as I blew out a candle on creme brulee. Lots of fun. Turning 69 - (next week on February 17) - promises to be interesting indeed - and this was a great start, especially with Z looking at me with that expression he gets when something is about to happen. Don't you just hate surprises? I do most of the time.


I was seated at a table, a black table cloth, white paper and pen in front of me. The crew and I agreed that the energies were wrong to do automatic writing ... but suddenly it all changed. Everything behind me got very cold allowing me to know Spirit was there. Generally the cold indicates an alien presence for me but not on this day. The guys checked and noted the change in temperature in that part of the room as well as my freezing hands.


Ellie holding a silver pen and looking at a stack of white xerox paper

... Suddenly there was Pearl. We connected grids. I quickly realized I liked her energies and we began to have fun writing.

We wrote or scribbled or whatever - resulting in 8 pages of words, drawings, and messages in about 5 minutes ... or maybe it was longer as you lose focus of linear time when channeling. She had much to say about her life, work, this timeline and more. Those details are now part of the program ... I mean the TV program.


Pearl wished me a happy birthday then took her leave. As soon as Pearl and I disconnected the area behind me, and my hands, warmed up ... session over.

Well staged Pearl. She deserves a Spirit Award given the day before the Academy Awards - February 25, 2012 - just two weeks away.

This episode of "Weird or What" will air in the fall of 2012".

As I waited for my car service to take me home, the guys said they will always remember this shoot ... as will I ... and perhaps will Pearl.

One more funny thing ... Pearl kept referring to Ryan as Wally though none of us knew why! Another lifetime??

You never know what you're going to video when working with someone in another frequency. Stayed tuned for Weird or What? Season 3.

October 18, 2012

February 2012 - I taped an episode of TV series "Weird or What" about author Pearl Curren who used automatic writing to get information for her books. I was told the episode would air in November. In late September I received a copy of the show. Today I looked up the air date on Wikipedia and it seems that episode aired August 14, 2012.

Not one to give up, I traced the show to YouTube. It's the second segment beginning at 16:10. I come in at 26:15. It's an interesting synchronicity that my channeling with Pearl began when she showed me 2 gold keys (alchemy, consciousness) ... and my finding the video on YouTube 4 days after my experiences with Lost Keys. Weird or What?

"Pearls" are a metaphor for human DNA. Curren looks a lot like "current" ... in the flow of ... electromagnetic energies or physical reality.