John Paul Jones Park - Cannonball Park

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Since 9/1/91 I have lived in an area of Brooklyn called Bay Ridge across the street from the park.

The Park faces the Verrazano Bridge which connects Brooklyn to Staten Island.

The Atlantic Ocean flows under the bridge ... into the Narrows to the Statue of Liberty and Lower Manhattan

The Gazebo in the Park

John Paul Jones Park dates to pre-revolutionary New York. It is linked to Fort Hamilton army base which is at the far end of the park. The summer brings people out to the park for concerts, and other entertainment venues.

All ships sailing into New York Harbor pass under the bridge. Some are ancient vessels that dock in the New York Harbors during Fleet Week in NYC, Memorial Day and July 4th holidays. Every major ocean liner passes by here, some on their maiden voyage.

The park is the backdrop for many of my blogs as well as Films and TV shows that are shot in and around the park, bringing celebrities to the area. Saturday Night Fever starring John Travolta was filmed along the esplanade across from the park.

Sometimes the Sun or the Moon transit through
the arches like an astronomical observatory.

Ellie and the Obelisk in the Park

Fleet Week in NYC

Several hundred years ago the soldiers from Fort Hamilton shot the cannon at the British navy and at Fort Wadsworth on the Staten Island side of the bridge. Every year, at the start of Fleet Week in NYC, this naval vessel sails under the bridge and fires at both forts.

Annual Memorial Day Parade up 4th Avenue turning at the park

soldiers marching up 101st street to Fort Hamilton

My workshop in John Paul Jones Park 10/10/04

The Weddings

It has become a tradition for bridal parties come to the park arriving in long white stretch limos, to take wedding pictures as the scenery is unbelievable, the energies strong, and the pull of the four encapsulating.

Saturday May 26, 2001 -- Today, as I looked out over the park I saw a white horse tied to a bench, its image becoming clearer through the mist of clouds that lifted as I watched.

I noticed a Cinderella-type white carriage near the horse.

I quickly got my camera, raced downstairs, and over to the park. The horse and carriage had been used by a bridal party that was now in the park taking pictures. The sun came out as I stood there talking to the white horse. The coachman sat on a bench waiting for the bride and groom. The white horse was perhaps a metaphor for another dimension where my twin flame lives. I sat in the coach for a while as the driver took pictures.

Cinderellie !

May 2, 2004 -- NYC 4 Boro Bike Tour, John Paul Jones Park, Verrazano Bridge

Snowstorm and John Paul Jones Park - January 15, 2004