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October 7, 2003

I could not get the photo of the Shroud of Turin, out of my mind. I mentioned it to a client as the impression was so strong. The client is a healer who found me through Crystalinks, after Thoth appeared to her in dreams, bringing her messages that of course link back to sacred geometry and DNA activation at this time. Many healers today have systems that allegedly activate DNA. Alas, I went about my day, though the image remained, the color orange seemingly important.

That evening my friend, Ron and I, spoke about my blue photo as I was updating the file on which it appears.

To see the photo in person, is to see all of the creational myths placed there as if it were a collage, placed there as triggers for me by Thoth, as most link with Egyptian Goddesses - Isis, Hathor, Sekhmet, Bast, and more and Fibonacci Numbers.

I did not mention to Ron about the shroud images as it did not seem important at the end of the day. I see the shroud as a trigger for the group of souls in what is called 'the Jesus consciousness grid'.

We all exist in grids of consciousness, which hold the keys to remembering the nature of human reality and experience.

It is all about the end of a cycle of called time and the rebirth of soul through the alchemy of consciousness.

As you move through the experiences of your life, you move from one consciousness grid to another.

Sometimes you move up the spiraling grids of consciousness and wind up in a place where finding your spiritual mission and who you are, is all that matters.

There is no going back. You have become enlightened. Therefore you are compelled to continue your journey into awareness, leaving behind people, places, and things that no longer fit in, are on your frequency of experience.

Back to the blue image, The best way to view it is in a dark room so you can see the layers. This is how you should look at all spirit photos, as it shows the multidimensional levels of consciousness and experience.

Further, if you step away from your computer screen, you will get a better perspective of the layers.

The center of my T-shirt, has an image linked to goddess energies,
Wicca, Pentagram 5 pointed star
Sacred Stars and Treasure Maps

12 Around 1

Inspired, Ron created this sepia photo to match the color of the shroud. Sepia, blood, bloodlines, alchemy. Find and interpret whatever you see in this version of the photo.

As is Above, So is Below - Hermes who is Mercury the Messenger and Thoth

Vitruvian Man - The Flower of Life

Leonardo da Vinci

Cosmos is 'shaped like a soccerball' BBC News

We could be living in a small Universe where space is curved in on itself, rather like a soccerball. More precisely, we may inhabit a dodecahedral cosmos. Dodecahedrons, and similar shapes, have long fascinated mankind. Plato believed that the Universe was made up of them. Leonardo da Vinci also studied them, as did the great astronomer Kepler, who thought the structure of the Solar System was based on geometrical shapes. Dodecahedron - 12 sides.

Grids, Sacred Geometry

Flower of Life, Tree of Life, Spiraling Snake, DNA, Evolution