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The Garden of Eden

Sumerian Gods Allegedly Create a Biogenetic Experiment

Dilmun, Iraq

All Seeing Eye

Isis, Iris, Pupil, Rods and Cones, Masonic Symbolism

Caduceus Rod of Hermes, DNA


Lyra of Hermes

Using the Rod to Slay the Dragon

Omega Project, Ending the Human DNA Experiment, Leo, Lion

Ouroboros, 2012

Reptilian Connections

Coiling Snake, Dragons


Saturn, Chronus (Cycles of Time), Portrayed with Reptilian Imagery

Uraeus, Egyptian Connections
Alpha, Omega

Feather Serpent God, 2012, Mayan Calendar

Dogon Nommo

Reptilian Part of the Brain

Gods with Water Buckets

Amphibious Gods

Oannes, Oneness, Babylon, Baby Lion, Many Others

Twin Flames
Reunion of both aspects of your soul at Zero Point

Zero Point

The Eclipse of Time and Consciousness


Counter rotating fields - Rotation and Spin
Movement of consciousness between realities

Center, Heart Chakra

Hour Glass Effect - Time - Hours - Horus Rebirth

Qabbalah - Flower of Life - Star of David
Above and Below

Hermes Trismegistus

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth (thought, consciousness)
As is Above, So is Below


Sacred Geometry, Spiraling DNA, Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Numbers

12 Spiraling Cones Around 1 - Creation

Flower of Life

The Court Jester and the Fleur de Lis (Flower of Life)

Tube Torus

Conical Hats

Metatron's Cube

Gordian Knot