Easter Sunday 2023

Wearing purple for Easter.

We both love cherry blossom trees.

This pic reminded me of my Anunnaki lifetime when I had wings.

As they say ... time to grow a pair.

Tulips and Orchids For Easter. John bought me the purple orchid.

Happy Easter From NYC

Pic sent from a friend who lives across from Central Park

Happy Easter from Brooklyn

April 9, 2023

National Unicorn Day

Winged Unicorn from Ancient Persia

Unicorns on Crystalinks
Art, History, Religion, Heraldry, Mythology, Paleontology

The Cross and the UFO Motif

Easter Sunday

April 8, 1970

J. R. Bourne - Stargate SG1 - Videos - Filmography

UFOlogy and mythology overlap.

Crucifixion of Christ - Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo, Yugoslavia

Jesus in UFO Art History

April 8, 1966

Robin Wright - Videos - Filmography

Everyone has the answers if they could only remember where they are hidden.

They are hidden in Time and the Flower of Life (Meditation with Music)

April 7, 2023

Good Friday Crucifixion of Jesus

April 6, 2023 - Holy Thursday

De Vinci's The Last Supper - 12 Around 1 in Religion and Art

12 Around 1 Geometry

Digitized Legacy

The Ancient Egyptian Script has activated - Myth, Math and Magic.

The Emerald Tablets of Thoth

April 6, 2023

Full Moon 16° Libra

Full Moon rising behind the bronze statue of John the Baptist that sits atop Pisa, Italy's Baptistery. April's full moon is known as the pink moon, egg moon or fish moon.

April 6, 1483 - April 6, 1520

Raphael Italian Renaissance painter, architect - Videos

Together with Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo, they
formed the traditional trinity of great masters of that period.

April 5-13, 2023

The Magic and Mysteries of Passover and Easter

Passover - Wikipedia

Jewish festival celebrating the exodus of the Israelites from Egyptian slavery

Ancient Egypt in the News

Crystalinks: Ancient Egyptian Medicine

A Day In The Life Of An Ancient Egyptian Doctor

April 7, 2023

World Health Day - 2023 Theme: Health For All

Caduceus - Rod of Hermes (Greece) - Thoth (Egypt) - Mercury (Rome)

April 5, 1976

Star Trek First Contact Day - Wikipedia

On April 5, 2063 - 60 years in the future - Zefram Cochrane makes first contact between humans and extraterrestrials setting the stage for one of the greatest adventures all time. Of course that was just a story ... as are we.

Live long and prosper

Saturday. Lightning. Tornadoes. UFOs.

Freedom Tower

Saturday evening. Dramatic lightning bolts struck the Freedom Tower in New York City.

4 Tornadoes Hit NJ as Violent Thunderstorms Thrashed NYC Area. Here in Brooklyn it all began as a lightning storm which connects for me. As the storm approached I went out on the terrace to take a pic and video of the Verrazano Bridge.

What made these video clips so special for me was the pink coloring of the lightning set against the backdrop of tonight's sunset and the way the lights on the bridge twinkled.

As the storm approached and darkness crept in I felt guided to take this pic of an object by the Verrazano Bridge while waiting to take a still pic of lightning - but the onset of torrential rain and gusty winds sent me running back into my apartment.

I posted on Facebook where friends inquired about it being a UFO.

Familiar pic of UAP Surveillance Drone photographed by the US Military

Closeup of the object in the pic.

There are unmanned UAP surveillance drones everywhere.

Sightings will continue to increase until the end to secure proper closure.

Sunday in Connecticut and Manhattan

Visiting the Connecticut shore. Beautiful day but cold.

Driving home. Stopping in Harlem. Haven't been there for a decade.
It cleaned up nice. Famous ancient Cathedral. Happy Palm Sunday and Easter.

Passing Trump Tower then downtown to the Manhattan Courthouse.

Ellie's 2023 Trump Blogs

Hudson River Sunset

Spiral building on the west side near Chelsea Piers

Freedom Tower.

I loved the way the sun reflected off the adjacent building.

Monday With Ellie and Kim

Ellie and Kim on the 69 Street Pier - aka American Veterans Memorial Pier. The small semi-enclosed area is a ferry terminal where you get the NY Ferry to the city and other destinations.

That's the Statue of Liberty and lower Manhattan in the background.

Selfie fun and silly faces

Kim, Spiraling Trees, and Bird Feeders. Narrows Botanical Gardens

Ellie and the Spiraling Tree. Narrows Botanical Gardens. From tornadoes, to buildings, to the movement of consciousness, to sacred geometry, to emotions, and now trees. I spent a lot of time blogging about spirals lately.

Daffodils for Easter

I love trees and this version of split screen.

Parting shots after a fun day with Kim. Taken from my terrace Monday night.

Space Adventures

NASA Unveils Astronauts For First Human Mission to The Moon in Over 50 Years

Return to the Moon. It really happened in 1969 but many mysteries surround that encounter including human-alien agendas, what the astronauts saw, and more. How We Know The Moon Landings Weren't Faked