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First Republican Presidential Debate of the 2024 Election

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Wednesday August 23, 2023

It was the first day of Mercury Retrograde (repetitions and delays) as recovery from compounding issues on all fronts permeated reality.

Earlier in the day - several of Trump's co-defendants surrendered at the Fulton County jail in Atlanta, Georgia. One by one they did the 'perp walk' all the while thinking Trump is going to win in 2024 and they will get out of jail if found guilty. What has Trump promised them if they say nothing? How many have flipped on him ... how many more will in the future? How many Republicans are waiting for an excuse to turn against him without fear of repercussions for their political careers and the party? Do we actually still have a two party system in America or have things fractured into something that will reshape itself in whatever is left of the future?

Watching Rudy Giuliani turn himself in took me back to the years he was mayor of NYC and though many people thought he was a great guy I always thought he was an idiot, which in the long run proved to be who he really is. The intoxication of money and power certainly got the better of him as he aligned with Donald Trump through the years. At the end of the day, the truth will out, as the leftover vestiges of this once respected man disappear into the courtroom, the history books, and perhaps behind bars.

Wednesday evening featured the first Republican presidential debate - analysis by viewers at home and of course the media and social media. The debate played out in front of a rowdy crowd of about 4,000 people at the Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee. The crowd's reactions - including jeers and boos when candidates criticized Trump - at times drowned out the Fox News moderators. This is what energizes Trump - the emotional discharge of angry energy set against the backdrop of change for the nation.

Bloopers and mistakes - At times the candidates delivered false and misleading statements which is the norm and makes you wonder why they even bother with these debates. That airtime could be better spent on town halls. You have to wonder if after the debate the candidates wish they could go back and change some of their responses.

Vivek Ramaswamy comes across like another NYC (almost) billionaire Trump wannabe - perhaps second-string or backup if Trump loses. He's ADD, unprofessional, inexperienced, overly talkative, and really annoying.

This is the first debate - there will be others as audiences reduce in size along with the number of candidates unless Trump shows up which seems unlikely. None of the candidates on stage at this point can beat Trump or Biden.

In this strategically played battle of wits - if Jack Smith can make his case about Trump's part in the January 6 insurrection - under the 14th amendment Trump will be disqualified from running for president.

You sit there wondering why anyone would vote for a criminal of Trump's magnitude who would take the country down a road filled with Putin-esque energy and repercussions and yet people are programmed to align with Trump to create dramas following the algorithm of our bipolar reality.

The issues facing humanity were never programmed to be resolved - with few temporary exceptions - the main one being abortion. The majority of the country is Pro Choice which is where these candidates fell short. People like Pence talking about God ... you have to stop and ask who and what is god and unless he or she states their opinion on abortion rights then it's up to women to fight on which usually takes us to Democrats.

Destiny Rules - You can think what you want, say what you want, and do what you want - but at the end of the day there's no escaping fate.

My favorite question went to Chris Christie on the topic of UFOs.

Christie's humorous response -

The Next Day

Strategically Timed For Maximum Attention

Trump surrendered in Atlanta in fourth criminal case brought against him this year

Rehearsed expression to look like Winston Churchill

The mug shot that will go down in infamy.

Donald John Trump - Inmate No. P01135809

Numerology ... P01135809 ==> 27 ==> 9 ==> Endings

Trump: I did nothing wrong.

Putin: I didn't do it.

Yevgeny Prigozhin's Fate

Wagner boss Prigozhin was on passenger list of crashed plane
  BBC - August 24, 2023

Boom! You knew Putin was going to retaliate after the short lived rebellion Yevgeny Prigozhin - leader of the Wagner mercenary group - waged against the Kremlin on June 23, 2023. To quote Biden, "There's not much that happens in Russia that Putin's not behind."

This is the unconditional power Putin's ally Trump thinks he has ... until he doesn't. To quote Trump two weeks ago - as if a mob boss or dictator - "If you go after me, I'm coming after you." Once again ... It's time to censure Trump.

50 Years Ago ...

Fifty years ago it was August 1973. The NY Times and the Daily News cost 10 cents each. On New York City newsstands today the Times costs $2.50 for the Monday through Saturday editions. The Daily News drops to $1 in New York City beginning Monday. Print is not dead but most people read the news online today.

August 16, 1973 - 50 years ago this week The Daily News featured a story about then President Richard Nixon blasting false charges against him. We know how that ended. On August 9, 1974 he resigned.

People in NYC were familiar with the Trump name and family. (I just realized how much Trump looks like his son Barron).

Over in Sheepshead Bay - not far from where I lived in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn - friends and family were starting out in life - renting apartments in Trump owned buildings. Truly destiny was playing a hand in this family dynasty.

The apartments I remember most were on Avenue Z in Sheepshead Bay - where one might see Fred Trump or his son Donald - as they came and went. Those buildings are still standing as the saga of the Trump family has taken us on a roller coaster of events through the decades.

The New York Times: October 16, 1973 - Meet Donald Trump. 27 years old Donald Trump is the president of the Trump Management Corporation at 600 Avenue Z in Brooklyn, which owns more than 14,000 apartments in Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

"I did nothing wrong.

It's everyone's fault but mine.

If I say it often enough people will believe it."

August 2023 - 50 years after Nixon was indicted - we come full circle with another corrupt narcissistic Republican president who has been indicted four times this year in an attempt to clean up the corruption wrought by him and his cronies.

We live in different times yet some things remain the same just with new players.

Trump Indictments - August 2023

Trump indictments: A very simple guide to his four big legal cases

Trump's fourth indictment annotated

Takeaways from the Georgia indictment of Trump and 18 others in 41-count indictment - 91 charges

I'm sitting back and watching Trump's role - along with his cohorts - in the surreal nature of end times. You can't make this up. It will replace much of the 2024 TV season with writers and actors on strike. Why would anybody possibly consider Trump to lead the 'free world' and shape the future? Trump never thinks or talks about issues that face the country - only about his own issues and how he remains a victim - all part of mental illness and being raised entitled.

June - Trump and the Classified Government Documents

: :     Simulation Insert D.J. Trump     : :

April 4, 2023 - Trump Arraignment - Hush Money Case

Trump's programming remains a diversion until the end.

Things are not as they seem.

Trump Indicted

March 30, 2023 - Trump Indictment

Manhattan grand jury votes to indict Trump   CNN - March 30, 2023

As I posted last week about Trump ... "the best and worst will come out of the blue". This indictment was delayed from Trump's prediction of Tuesday March 20 leaving many to believe it wouldn't happen until after the upcoming holidays. Today it caught many people off guard.

There are two other cases open in NY that former Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance handed over to Alvin Bragg - one of them having to do with investigation of Trump's assets - the other a rape case. Judge in Trump rape defamation case allows 'Access Hollywood' tape as evidence. Trump is accused of raping writer E. Jean Carroll in the mid-1990s, and defaming her when she went public with her allegations when he was in the White House.

January 13, 2023 - It was a bad Friday the 13th for former president Donald Trump when the Trump Organization was fined $1.6 million after conviction for 17 felonies, including tax fraud. It is the maximum possible penalty by a New York judge for running a decade-long tax fraud scheme - a symbolic moment because it is the only judgment for a criminal conviction that has come close to former President Donald Trump - so far.

There will be other indictments as Trump plays the victim and battles on in Georgia and Washington - Republican supporters backing him until they can't. He's going away with the DC convictions no matter how long it takes.

As blogged previously - Trump will spend the rest of his life in and out of court and perhaps jail. Trump stands to lose everything - most of all the respect of his followers in the time that remains for both him and the simulation.

Love him or hate him - Trump's fall is predictable. There is too much evidence against him in all cases coming before the courts.

In the court of public opinion - people are tired of seeing him get away with everything as well as trying to destroy Democracy as it presents itself to America and the world today.

As president - Trump promised to get rid of corrupt systems and make America Great Again. His term speaks the opposite especially with the events of January 6. You may feel sorry for him because you align with him - but rest assured - everything he does comes under the heading of 'self interest'. Trump is going to spend the rest of his days in litigation and will never run the country again.

In conclusion - It will take to take time for this to go trial. In the meantime let's see what happens when Trump gets indicted in Georgia and Washington which are federal crimes and can go to trial more quickly.

Trump's Emotional Decline - Going Batty

New York Post Shows Trump as a Deranged Bat Wielder Going after District Attorney Alvin Bragg! - Friday March 24, 2023

Trump is running scared with four indictments coming up - and a strong possibility of losing everything and going to jail.

The news clips I've seen of him since he went out on the campaign trail to make money - show a pathetic individual babbling on in a nonsensical way. Even his followers must stop and wonder if something is wrong with his mental state.

In his delusion - Trump believes he can rally his followers as he did on January 6 - but that is not the case. This time he is more blatantly obvious about inciting violence and could wind up in jail on new charges and have a complete mental collapse as he loses control.

His followers believed they were doing the right thing on January 6 - looking at Trump as a god and then realizing he is just a man who is after money and power and will stomp all over everything and everybody to get what he wants.

They need to see that he is not fighting for them - but is just as corrupt as the 'system' he tells them he is protecting them from - if not worse - to get what he wants. Sadly a large majority of Trump's followers have the same psychological profile as him making them gullible enough to believe his lies.

There will be chaos and protests once he is finally indicted - but it only makes the case for keeping him out of office and locking him up. It will be interesting to see what bizarre behavior he is planning especially after yesterday's outrage against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

The (cuckoo) clock is ticking on Trump's downfall. Republicans really have to stand up to him and his crazy associates who support him in Congress.

Trump is like Mercury Retrograde - repetitions and delays - though in his case it's more like diversions and delays. The storyline continues as Trump continues to fight on to the death.

In other probes, Trump's defense attorney Evan Corcoran appeared before a federal grand jury in Washington today, where he was expected to answer questions in the classified documents probe that the former president unsuccessfully fought to hold back. And a federal judge ordered several former Trump aides, including former chief of staff Mark Meadows, to testify before a grand jury as part of the criminal investigation into efforts to overturn the 2020 presidential election.

Spring in NYC

March 20, 2023

Fellow NYC seniors ... stake out your bench on the first day of Spring. For decades, we've watched the Trumps influence events around the city, and now it's showtime as Donald returns for this off-Broadway event with an exciting cast that promise not to disappoint.

This week America's political and legal institutions are bracing for the next moves posed by Trump who sends this message, "If I'm going out it will be in a blaze of glory taking others down with me."

Others? Those Trump sees as standing in the way of his return to power and version of Demo-crazy.

Though we watch this episode from our seats - or streets - here in NYC - this will extend out as prosecutors in other states prepare their indictments and Trump attempts to ignite a preemptive backlash.

Which group of prosecutors will outsmart Trump and his team - finally bringing him to justice? I'm going with the DOJ.

Broadcasting the News

Wednesday March 8, 2023

As far back as I can remember Fox News has always created controversy and conspiracy theories attracting viewers of like mind. We choose media outlets based our belief systems - true or false. News aligns with intellectual beliefs - but as we exist in the land of emotions - they also have to fulfill that need.

You read something or hear something in the news ... you process with your mind ... but immediately your emotions kick in which is the way we are conditioned to go through life.

Viewers of Fox News generally love to argue about everything and believe Fake News - not that information given by other networks is always accurate - it's not but at least those networks are trying to present the truth not twist it into a conspiracy for higher ratings.

In 2020 Fox viewers and his other followers told me Trump would be reelected by a landslide. There was no talking them down. Let's fuel the controversy. Let's fight. Nope! Not I.

When I said the race would be very close and I didn't see Trump re-elected they would get indignant. In their perspective there was no way Trump would lose because he has done such a great job as president.

After he lost all they could talk about is how the race was stolen from him, an echo of Trump's sentiments and his mental illness, Fox News, and conspiracy theories. They needed drama in their lives and were willing to believe anything to get that fix.

Trump tells his followers what they want to hear, that he's a victim, and evidence against him is a witch hunt threatening to take down those who go against him. It's something he's been doing all of his life and it's worked. He's too old to change his patterns.

Diversion and delays have worked for Trump but now there is just too much evidence against him - and too many enemies.

Do you really believe Republicans buy Trump's BS and want four more years dealing with his insanity? No. But they want to remain in power so if he's the candidate, they will support him even if - just like the reporters at FOX News - they will text and talk about him behind his back. It's hard to believe that his family supports his lies, unless they have a personal reason to do so, which could include going to jail.

In recent weeks, Rupert Murdoch was forced to admit his financial connection to Trump and how he paid people like Tucker Carlson and other news anchors at Fox - millions of dollars to perpetuate Trump's lies even though there are emails and texts between them proving how much they detest Trump and never believed him.

For people like Murdoch and Trump it may seem to be about the money but it's really about The Game and how much they can get away with until finally it all blows up in their faces.

It's time for indictments against Trump to be handed down so he is not allowed to run for office again. That's what I see happening.

There are millions of people out there who still plan to vote for Trump should he become the Republican candidate - because of the powerful image he presents. He's an old man with a criminal past that's going to catch up to him now. His recent conversations show deterioration in his thinking becoming more obvious as he addresses an audience.

In a simulation problems occur because of their emotional impact - and will never be solved - or the resolution will create more problems.

Tucker Carlson passionately hates Trump, and eight more key revelations about Fox News from new Dominion filings

January 2023

Trump could be arrested and indicted here in New York, Georgia, Florida, and Washington DC where he committed crimes and was arrogant enough to believe he would never be held accountable.

He has no ethical compass and believes he will never be held accountable and continuing to tempt fate. He has lied his entire life leading him to believe he can lie with impunity.

In truth Trump stands to lose everything including his freedom - becoming the most disgraced US president in history if he isn't already.

Regardless of your beliefs or conspiracy theories - the game is almost over for him.

Since 2020 I have posted that Trump wouldn't be the next president and most likely not the Republican candidate for many reasons. He's a detriment to the Republican Party as it once was - which wasn't great - his version much worse because it takes away the freedoms of the people - some of them blindly unaware.

This is going to take time ... something reality is running out of.

Trump's tactics will remain as always "Divert" and "Delay".

Trump's Fate Lies With Accountability

December 2022

Wikipedia: United States House Select Committee on the January 6 Attack

Monday December 19, 2022: The January 6 committee took its place in history by presenting one of the most - if not the most - important set of hearings in congressional history. The House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, attack on the US Capitol concluded that former President Donald Trump was ultimately responsible for the insurrection, laying out for the public and the Justice Department a trove of evidence for why he should be prosecuted for multiple crimes.

Tuesday December 19, 2022: The Democratic-led House Ways and Means Committee said it will release former President Donald Trump's tax returns within days, and asserted that the IRS failed to properly audit the former president's taxes while he was in office. The committee also released a report Tuesday detailing six years' worth of the former president's returns, including his claims of massive annual losses that significantly reduced his tax burden. The release marks the conclusion of a nearly four-year legal battle House Democrats waged against the former president after they took control of the House in 2019. The pursuit was also tied in part to long-held suspicions about Trump's finances after he declined to release his tax returns while running for president in 2016 or once in office.

Thursday December 22, 2022: Jan. 6 committee released its final report saying Trump should be barred from office

Trump's take-down shows us that no one is impervious to the law and after a lifetime of avoiding criminal activities ... it's time for him to be held accountable. No more diversions, delays, or other means of coercion. We all know Trump's psychological profile and criminal activities. Now as the curtain falls on ACT III some will applaud while others will want to argue about his script and enjoy the art of banter. The clock is ticking.

The January 6 Committee did a remarkable job over their 18-month investigation producing a report that is compelling and cogent. Though Jack Smith and the DOJ will proceed with their own investigations this report will aid in their quest to bring to justice those responsible for the January 6 insurrection.

Each modern-day president seems to be knowledgeable about extraterrestrials though they may never divulge where their sources came from. No one knows what information Trump has only that he created the Space Force - founded on December 20, 2019. I often wonder if some of the documents he stole from the White House are related to the UFO phenomenon - the biggest and best kept secret of all time. Trump will continue to thrill readers with his actions even after he's gone.