Rebooting Space-Time and Your DNA Programming

Wednesday September 3, 2008

This afternoon, while talking on the phone with my friend George, suddenly we both felt an overwhelming need to sleep or more to the point, feeling as if we could not remain in our physical bodies. I instinctively faced north, while George was guided to face south - which we soon realized. I generally face south in the direction of the Verrazano Bridge in Brooklyn.

The energies we experienced, were a rerun of those from July. It is about rebooting one's DNA (insert) in the program and realizing when it happens.

Emotionally, as most people process and experience through their emotional body, it is a feeling of total detachment and inner peace. This has nothing to do with physical things, such as lack of sleep, meditation, things that put people in altered states, but a genuine knowing your consciousness is removing itself from the physical grid.

George and I went on to discuss various paranormal experiences we had this summer, and the feeling of leaving soon - it grows stronger.

Around 6:00 pm ... my friend Ron and I went out to dinner. As we left my apartment, he noticed a gentle mist sweeping by us as we walked down the hall to the elevator.

On another picture perfect evening in the city, we walked across the street to Restaurant 101 and sat outside watching the rest of the world go by.

Looking up at my apartment, Ron noticed Venus twinkling, as if above my building, looking like a single star. You can't see the night sky from my area of Brooklyn as there are too many electric lights.

As Ron looked at me, he said I looked different as if I wasn't really here. Tell me about it! And so I explained what happened with George. Ron asked what time that was and when I told him, he said he had a similar disconnect around the same time.

Ron was hit by the energies mid-afternoon while driving west in the city, not far from George's house.

Though I had not experienced the foggy mist (like ectoplasm), that Ron did as we walked down the hall, as I reached for my water glass, there it was, as if a spirit wanted to join us. Fun, but I look forward to something far more tangible. I've never been impressed with spirits and such. I await the physical, if that is my destiny, most likely at the end of the program. I often experience temporal anomalies, no biggie - want more.

Our conversation prompted me to call another friend, Mike, who generally experiences the same energies when I do, then we compare notes later. Sure enough, Mike and his ET researcher friends felt it too. When asked which direction Mike was facing, it would appear we were all facing Ground Zero. Those energies are back as we come to 9/11/08. This is just one day after the Large Hadron Collider is turned fully on, which should be an interesting trip - no black hole yet, but changes in space-time are a given.

After dinner Ron and I headed to the esplanade that runs along the water, passing under the Verrazano Bridge, stopping to align with the center of the arch on the Brooklyn side. I was taken back to my 12/12/00 experience in the Kings Chamber, linked to 9/11 when I watched the twin towers hit and implode, to meeting Sherif in Washington DC the day before the war in Iraq began in 3/03. When I first met Sherif in Egypt also on 12/12/00, it was the time of Ramadan. Just this day I had wished him a happy holiday once again, something right about talking to him now, we both agreed.

As Ron and I stood there, the familiar gusty wind (spirit) began to blow, the water just beneath us, splashing up on the rocks, information unspooling from consciousness. It was no accident Ron had been guided to come to my house, as we don't often see each other.

We understood what was linking together by our presence at this time, in this place as we stood there ... and it was powerful, Ron capturing the moment with his cell phone.

Ron and I have always felt the arches were giant tuning forks, amplifying above and below. I thought about my blog Lines, written earlier in the day as I saw a holographic map with lines linking places above and below, like a grid.

The top of the arch, below the bridge, stirred something in me. Do you see the 3 triangles just under the arch? Standing there, my mind tried to make a connection with their shape, and a power source in Egypt. But what? After a long cleaning and review of my Egypt images, I found what my consciousness was searching for. I should have known it was in my file about

The Great Pyramid

What I realized, as Ron and I stood there, was the program is playing out many scenarios of closure. It has been opening and closing and over and over again. It closes, then reboots - then plays out another scenario and everything changes. It almost appeared like a game, emotionally entrenched from the physical, but lightning fast from outside the matrix. It's quite amazing. Not sure how many shut-downs there have been, but they seem to be endless, and needing to conclude. Either the program is seeking the correct closure or it's simply programmed to play them out until they are complete.

It's all going somewhere ... very quickly.

This blog caught the attention of many readers. People need to identify and know they are not crazy ... You are part of the biggest experiment of all time. Live it with understanding and dignity.

Z sends this message ... Reality is constantly rebooting as some more and more souls become aware of the process. Objects related to our consciousness experience include: unmanned UFOs monitoring and influencing activities - witnessed during and after major events such as nuclear disasters, extreme weather conditions, Earth changes and events in space. What would it take for everything to suddenly change without explanation at this level? Linear time is all part of the illusion, so anything/everything goes.