Oprah and Synchronicity

January 14, 2003

I had a strange 'wake-up' dream this morning.

As I rarely remember my dreams, and this one seemed interesting, upon awakening I opened the drawer of my nightstand and took out the pad and pencil I keep there, should I want to record a dream experience. As you know, the dreams must be captured as soon as one wakes up, or slowly bits and pieces of the dream are lost as consciousness spirals down into third dimensional reality. I always dream in color which is more about astral experiences than 'dreams', just another reality of consciousness. Here's the dream ...

Scene 1: I was in my apartment, the time frame undetermined. I was with a small group of people. It appeared to be daytime. I answered the door and was not at all surprised to see Oprah along with a man who was tall, thin, young and probably a close friend, or work associate, of hers.

Scene 2: We are all in my living room discussing my book Sarah and Alexander, and how much she loved the story. We also laughed about both of us being Aquarians and the fact that she has the name 'Ra' in her name which gave us both a connection to Egypt, the pyramids among other things we found humorous.

Scene 3: Oprah and i walked to the window as we heard the sound of children laughing in Cannon Ball Park outside, by the water and the Verrazano Bridge. Oprah stood next to me and mentioned that she loves children and hoped to create projects to help them, perhaps in Africa.

Scene 4: Someone mentioned getting something to eat. Two of the guests, I'm not sure how many people were here, went somewhere to get food, not sure where or if it was important.

Scene 5: My attention was drawn to one of those outstanding sunsets that I see from my apartment, the kind that encompass the entire horizon. Oprah and I stepped out onto the terrace to see the sunset. Below many people had stopped to admire the sunset as it was more spectacular than any we had even seen, lots of pink and reds and unusal colors.

The season must have been summer or early autumn as that is the only time of the year I can see a sunset that goes from one side of the horizon to the other. As children were out playing, I can only assume it was summer. We were dressed in casual clothing, pants and short sleeve tops.

Scene 6: Suddenly my attention was drawn to something in the sky that I can only equate with a 'wormhole'. It was tiny, round, and spun in a circle, like a marble, almost unnoticeable. I seemed to be the only one who noticed it. I remembered a physical rip in the projected illusion of our reality, earlier this month. That day I was looking northwest towards Manhattan. What I witnessed was real to me, and shown to me for a reason. It told me that the illusion of our reality was losing its integrity. This 'wormhole effect', for lack of a better word, was in the southeast and spun quickly in a counterclockwise fashion.

Scene 7; Oprah turned to look at it. We watched in amazement as a tiny black form appeared to move through the spinning 'wormhole' and remained there as the wormhole spun behind it, like a projection on a screen. In my mind it really looked like the shadow of a wicked witch on a broom, but I am not sure as it only lasted for about five seconds, just along enough for others to witness what I had seen.

Scene 8: I woke up and looked at the clock. It was 6:15 ... (6:6 = 12 = 12 around 1 geometry).

Scene 9: I found the picture at the top of this page. As I took it 'out of a box', it fell to the floor. (good metaphor) When I loaded the jpg file into the Crystalinks directory, I looked down at the number of files, 20,003 as in 2003. Cool!

Ellie, the Book, and the Spirit (Z)

Z just told me to look at the hands on my clock behind me. 7 and 4-5, which speaks to me of >Sarah and Alexander, as the 'key' dates in the story are July 4th-5th. The 12 white roses also have meaning for me.

Some days life is beyond synchronicity. My first client this morning is a top fashion designer here in NYC. I met her through a friend named Marc, who happens to be the person who took this picture. The greater the synchronicities, the faster your consciousness is moving beyond this reality.