The Passing of my Friend Tom

Tom, Ellie and Z the Spirit

Friday December 2, 2016

To lose a friend is difficult. To lose someone who has been an integral part of your life and your spiritual journey for almost 30 years can be even harder.

In 1989, at a psychic fair in Chadwick's Restaurant in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, a man sat down in my pyramid across from me. His name was Tom Lombardi and as I sat there reading him we made an instant connection. He took my business card. Several months later he called to make an appointment telling me that everything I had predicted had already come to pass and he wanted to learn more. At that point in his life he was divorcing, changing jobs, and living in the city. He had no children nor did he want any.

There was something special about Tom - he just made me laugh and laugh and laugh. Sometimes you meet someone and that type of chemistry exists between you. It wasn't about sexual chemistry it was about the start of a beautiful friendship that ended a few days ago when Tom suddenly passed away of heart failure. It came as a surprise to everyone because Tom, at 70, was one of those guys who was always slim and fit - no drinking nor drugs - and never sick.

Tom went on to become the creative director and producer of my TV show, The Metaphysical Experience from 1990-1993. He often played cameraman and generally found himself behind the scenes in the control room ... loving it. We had endless adventures in studio and on location interviewing dozens of authors, researchers, healers, channelers, and more. To me it was one of the greatest adventures of my life with one of the most special people I ever met. The show ended when Tom changed jobs and no longer had availability. Also ... I was starting to put together information for the original files of Crystalinks, was working on my book "Sarah and Alexander", teaching psychic development classes, and seeing clients. On occasion, when I brought a guest speaker to Manhattan, Tom was there to help me - always upbeat - always happy - making any guest - before and after the show - feel at ease with his great sense of humor.

In the picture of Tom, Ellie, and Z, above - Z used our combined energies to create something unique. Some have suggested the white area was the camera strap, but not the way the head and legs present - it's more than that and holds special meaning for us.

Tom and Iris

When I moved from Manhattan Beach to Bay Ridge, Brooklyn it was Tom who help me move and set up the energies in my apartment. At the same time he moved in with Iris, pictured above. He and Iris lived together for 24 years, until his passing.

Tom understood the nature of reality as a hologram and how close we are to "wrapping everything up" as he would say. Like most of the men I met on my metaphysical journey, Tom followed conspiracy theories and was excited to see everything Fade to Black - the truth known. He stayed in touch with one of the channelers we met while doing the show, but that was never my thing. Tom understood corruption in government and economics and longed for the day they would be taken down. The last time we met was December 15, 2014 when Tom came here for an afternoon of fun and to make this YouTube Video. After that we kept in touch by phone, text, and email.

Last night I dreamed about Tom. He was so happy and excited to be on the other side. He showed me his exit out of this part of the hologram with the same euphoric emotions all of my other metaphysical friends who have passed have shown me. None were afraid to "die" shall we say. Tom said you are instantly pulled towards a huge blinding light at the end of what appears be a tunnel but is not. He said the energies draw you in the second you leave your physical body. In that instant your life really flashes in front of you - not just from this grid experience but from all of your experiences. You wonder if you're going to come back into this part of the grid but Tom is not sure how that works yet.

Tom showed me everything as a grid system looking much like points of light connected to each other in a maze of gridlines as if photographed at night. They go on and on and on and on. Then he changed the image to three points of light connected to each other but not as a triangle - and told me, "That's all that's left." They resemble the Belt Stars of Orion

Tom showed me a light brown leather laced up shoe-boot which confused me. A shoe or boot is my symbol for a soul/sole. A laced-up shoe means - karma complete.

He next showed me a plant with green and purple leaves that looked somewhat familiar but I couldn't remember its name. He laughed and said, "It's a Wandering Jew ... That's you Ellie but don't worry, the experiment is almost over. See you soon." I heard him laugh as he instantly disappeared into the darkness as I woke up.

Wikipedia ... "The Wandering Jew is a mythical immortal man whose legend began to spread in Europe in the 13th century. The original legend concerns a Jew who taunted Jesus on the way to the Crucifixion and was then cursed to walk the earth until the Second Coming. The exact nature of the wanderer's indiscretion varies in different versions of the tale, as do aspects of his character; sometimes he is said to be a shoemaker or other tradesman."

This morning my friend George called to tell me about a lucid dream he had last night in which he and I were sitting on my sofa discussing a death linked to my friend Anna. As it turns out - Anna and Tom are distant cousins growing up on the same block in Brooklyn. What George experienced in his lucid dream was a male person on the other side related to Anna who was extremely happy to be there and had actually died rather than someone he met in dream time. What did George and I surmise from this? Life is a lucid dream from which we are about to awaken.

As I proof read this blog with a client today, who should show up but Tom ...
after which a tear slowly flowed down my cheek.


Sunday morning

This morning I spent hours updating Orion. It all started with the image of the stars in Orion featured on APOD today at the top of that file. There really is something about the Orion-Earth Matrix that has greater meaning.

I'll never forget the scene in the film "Stargate" when Daniel Jackson (James Spader ) realizes that Orion is the key to opening the Stargate.

The musical score still lingers in my mind.

When the hologram ends I always see me inside what appears to be a submarine. I'm looking up, turning the arm on the hatch door that opens to the outside ... then we're free. As I updated "Orion's Arm" I realize it's the same symbol. I also realized the three points of light Tom showed me are the Belt of Orion. We are going home Tom! Wait for us!

Monday Morning - In my wakeup dream I was shown that the hatch is hermetically sealed and opens with a popping sound. In 2002 I called it Thuup - the sound of a soul releasing from the physical.