The Metaphysical Experience With Ellie Crystal

1990 - 1993

In 1991, I was guided to create a weekly talk show about metaphysics. This became a synchronistic experience wherein everything I needed to make the show a reality fell into place. The show aired in New York City on Manhattan Cable TV and in parts of New England. In 3 seasons we produced 30 shows.

Shows were produced on locations around the US and in ELA studios on West 5th Street in Manhattan. My producer and good friend was Tom Lombardi. The staff at ELA studios were a great bunch of people especially David, the man in charge who taught me and Tom all about the production end of creating a show.

The first day I first visited the studios David gave me a tour and everything felt right. I knew I had been guided to that studio to do my show. I asked Z, my "spirit Guide" to give me a sign if this was the place. Suddenly the overhead lights went POP! David and I were momentarily startled! I explained that sometimes happens about my problem with electromagnetic energies and about my partner on the other side, Z(oroaster). From that day forth many of the lights were kept off until we were ready to shoot.

Guests came from various backgrounds in metaphysics and science. They included researchers, healers, channelers, authors, artists and more - each trying to showcase the messages they felt they were hear to teach. It's amazing to feel passionate about one's life work and the journey it creates. These experiences were part of a journey I would cherish and two years later incorporate into Crystalinks. Enjoy your journey through its thousands of pages that remain a Work in Progress.

Ellie with Deja Allison and David preparing for a show about crystals

My first show was about Crystals - types, uses, clearing, more

There were healers and light workers. Lynn Andrews Shaman Mystery School Teachings

There were interviews with Native Americans with lessons to be learned about prophecies.

This woman taught me about the Hopi and the Blue Star Kachina.

I met the Dali Lama at a Buddhist Monastery in Staten island

Then later returned to interview one of the Monks

Aliens and Related

The Philadelphia Experiment

I was the first person to interview Preston Nichols and Duncan Cameron.

Holding Max the Crystal Skull while doing a show at a Whole Life Expo in NYC

There were channelers who brought messages - sometimes from aliens - about the future of humanity.

Interviewing Brad Steiger about Starseeds

Ellie and Michael Luckman

Ellie and Wendell Stevens and his adventures with alien contactee Billy Meier

There were cosmonauts, astronauts, and other scientists to teach about space and UFOs.

There were endless conspiracy theorists. Here I am with Bill Cooper who I later sponsored in a NYC workshop.

Every show ending with a meditation as I sat in my pyramid.

"The Metaphysical Experience" Revisited