September 11, 2023

As you reflect on history it seems all major conspiracies are linked to each other one way or another - never-ending stories played out for emotional value as we dwell in the land of emotions. These stories would have to incorporate conspiracy themes related to creation, religion, and the unexplained that go on and on throughout time.

The events of September 11, 2001 always resonate with fellow New Yorkers who come together at Ground Zero to honor and remember those who died on that day and others who have fallen since then. They are never ending stories of survival in an end time hypothesis that began 22 years ago on another plane.

Never Ending Stories - Part 1

Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust

September 11, 2023

9/11 Crystalinks Files
Personal accounts, pics, spirits, more

Today the world remembered 9/11. I have so many memories from that day. When you live through an insert and reboot in the simulation of reality - it's not hard to bring those events into the forefront of your consciousness and understand events from a more advanced perspective as time passes.

I remember standing on my terrace watching the second plane hit the South Tower and thinking the scene was surreal as I took pics with my new Canon camera.

9/11 is a never ending story as the remains of two more victims have recently been identified. A total of 2,753 people were reported missing in lower Manhattan after the attacks on the World Trade Center. To this day, 40% of the victims, or about 1,100 people thought to have died in the disaster, remain unidentified.

Smoke and debris-filled pics from 9/11 remind me of Friday's 6.8 earthquake in Morocco as well as scenes from the current war between Russia and Ukraine. What once symbolized life and society is now reduced to rubble and human suffering.

Three days later ... Monday 9/11

5.9 magnitude earthquake hit Central Mid-Atlantic Ridge

I don't know about you guys but when Friday's 6.8 earthquake hit Morocco my first thought was how close that was to the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and End Time Theories connected to the La Palma Canary Islands Mega-Tsunami Theory. I checked on the movement of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge ... and yes, it is rising faster than ever.

Scientifically I'm sure they will find an explanation for the lights. From a pseudoscience perspective there may be a connection to UFO drone activity that monitors Earth creating synchronized events as we move towards closure. UFOs are often witnessed over nuclear facilities - as well as before natural disasters. When the 2022 war between Russia and Ukraine began - many UFOs were witnessed and photographed.

Mysterious Lights Flashed in The Sky Before Morocco's Devastating Earthquake. Scientists still can't figure out what caused them   Science Alert - September 13, 2023

Experts believe they could have recorded an aerial phenomenon known as "earthquake lights." If these lights are proven to be linked to powerful seismic activity, some scientists hope they could be used to help with early detection efforts. Reports range from bright second-long flashes to minute-long fireballs, either high or low in the sky, of different colors.

Earthquake lights were long relegated to old folk tales. There is a smattering of records reporting bursts of light linked to earthquakes that date back centuries. Geophysicists at SETI Institute are working on a paper reviewing 65 reports of potential "earthquake lights" collected since the 1600s. Mysterious bright flashes were caught on camera before the 2021 earthquake in Mexico City. They also appeared over eastern Japan before a 2022 earthquake.

Never Ending Stories - Part 2

Gods and Aliens. Who are they? Who are we?

Extraterrestrial interaction has always been part of the human experiment whether it is part of creation, mythology, prophecy, monitoring the planet, or something else more personal to you.

In some versions of reality the truth is known - but in this timeline humans are tasked to figure out truth based on sightings, physical evidence, and conspiracy theories - because there is no greater conspiracy than the human bio-genetic experiment.

Let's call on conspiracy paranormal super-sleuths Mulder and Scully - the dichotomy of believer and non-believer in our bipolar reality.

It was September 10, 1993 when a show called The X-Files debuted on Fox TV.

Thirty years ago, on a Friday night, a sleepy and modestly budgeted show about a pair of FBI agents investigating the paranormal debuted on a very young Fox network. It wasn't exactly a formula for ratings success. But The X-Files was destined for a higher path. The rest is history.

Never Ending Stories - Part 3

JFK Shooting Theories Rebooted

Why we're still learning new things about the JFK assassination
  CNN - September 13, 2023

Why we’re still learning new things about the JFK assassination
  CNN - September 14, 2023

Paul Landis, one of the Secret Service agents closest to John F. Kennedy during his assassination, has come forward with a new accounting of events six decades after the fact that raise questions about the official version. The revelations center around the so-called magic bullet that struck and then exited the president before hitting then-Governor John B. Connolly Jr. in such a way that caused injuries to his chest, thigh and wrist, according to conclusions drawn by the Warren Commission.

Did author Paul Landis write this book after 60 years to make money? Whether or not he remembers the facts correctly is up for conjecture.

I remember the day JFK was killed and the events that followed. The truth was not known then - and after many decades of investigation still lacks a definitive conclusion.

None of that matters in this timeline unless an ancient conspiracy theory about JFK about to expose the truth about aliens was proven to be true. He knew ... but he was not programmed to reveal the truth allowing that storyline to continue on until the end.

All major conspiracies are linked to the journey of the bloodline from Africa and the Middle East -> into Europe and Asia -> and eventually the Americas where it's making its final stand in the mechanisms of today's out of control political, judicial, economic, climate, and social systems. It's programmed drama ... waiting for closure.

Definitive Transitions

We are in the energies of Mercury Retrograde (ends September 15), Virgo Transition (ends September 22), the anniversary of 9/11, and the Jewish High Holy Days Rosh Hashanah-Yom Kippur (September 15-24).

Reality is dissolving into its natural essence as the world is thrown into the chaos from which it arose.

Change repeats the same End-Time lessons.

This month saw the Maui Wildfires -- Burning Man and the storms at Black Rock Desert that stranded 70+ people -- and the major earthquake in Morocco that killed thousands.

These cultures are all about love and light and pagan traditions that are outdated belief systems alongside ancient monuments that brought comfort and hope to people for thousands of years now reduced to rubble.

I used to wonder what would happen if the Great Pyramid in Giza was destroyed either by humans or a natural disaster. Some people think it's a power source, or a portal, or something else of great importance based on its perfect geometric design and alignment to the stars. I've always seen the Great Pyramid and Sphinx as markers on a Monopoly-type board with other pieces geometrically placed across the landscape of Earth in a Matrix of physical designs.

One could look at the Twin Towers of the original World Trade Center as markers in time whose implosion symbolizes the end. (9=endings) (11=Twin Towers)

Programming ... "Who am I? Why am I here? I don't want to be a fractured soul controlled by my past and programmed emotions mixed with overwhelming urges."

One day you will remember the epic saga of the journey of humanity in the alchemy of time set against a backwash of emotive events.

For today we return to matters beyond our control - End Time events - that erupt out of the blue to teach lessons and shake human consciousness out of its hypnagogic state.

Journey of the Soul

More and more people ask me... Can a soul experiencing in this reality exist (experience) in more than one physical form - each sole aspect unaware of the others, or perhaps, just sensing them, but independent. Yes.

Since reality is physics and math, are the soul aspects quantumly entangled? Yes. That explains why when one soul aspect dies (deletes) - the other follows shortly thereafter whether they know each other or not.

You can also be quantumly connected to another aspect of your soul that you consider a spirit guide or the like. Many people believe Z and I are one soul. As above, so below.

The reason people often ask about souls is because they feel if they can heal the other aspect of their soul they can heal themselves here .... or some other metaphysical theory in an endless list. Wrong.

The healing world is convoluted yet simple. You heal according to your programmed DNA. Done!

Other Files about the Journey of the Soul

The Spirit of Professor Calvin Brooks

September 11, 2023

At this time the energies and spirits of 9/11 - mixed with the upcoming High Holy Days of Rosh Hashanah-Yom Kippur - permeate the grids. One can always feels their momentum and influences especially here in New York City.

Last week I posted about my experiences with the spirit of a beloved family member named Joel who died September 1, 2023 from complications of colon cancer.

A few days later a client named Stephanie Brooks, from Riverdale, New York came for a reading. During her session we were visited by the spirit of her father Professor Calvin Brooks who died January 8, 2023 in Washington, DC from complications of colon cancer.

Calvin was an interesting soul in life - and as Stephanie and I discovered - in death.

Calvin was the middle of 11 children born on October 13, 1938 in Lilbourn, Missouri. His life was a testimony to the power of personal perseverance, determination, and education, from a childhood of picking cotton to support his sharecropping family in segregated "Jim Crow" American south, to becoming a Professor of Mechanical Engineering at the University of the District of Columbia (UDC), with teaching positions throughout the United States and Africa, including Liberia, Uganda, Tanzania and Zimbabwe.

In 1957, Calvin was among the first African American students to attend the University of Missouri. He earned masters degrees, and eventually a PhD., in Physics and Engineering, attending Columbia University Teachers College, Makere University College in Kampala, Uganda, Catholic and Howard universities in Washington, DC, and the University of Maryland.

He was active in the U.S. civil rights movement, including being arrested for refusing to leave an all-white counter at a Greyhound bus station after being denied service, and participating in the historic 1963 March on Washington.

He had a 48-year career as a professor at UDC, with additional teaching sabbaticals to Africa, retiring in 2016. Calvin's life was committed to uplifting younger generations, whether teaching young people all over the world or supporting educational and travel opportunities for his children and grandchildren. He didn't brag about his achievements, but instead became a living inspiration through his actions and encouragement.

When Stephanie came for her reading we discussed many things - pausing near the end of the session as her father showed up in spirit - and things got really interesting. Not the usual spirit messages, I've become accustomed to after a lifetime of talking to spirits - but as a professor who came to teach Stephanie and I about reality. Apparently once a teacher, always a teacher.

How long would it take us to figure out the nature of his lesson?

The first projection of his current reality found us in a 'university' workshop 'somewhere' - filled with students and 'others' who seemed busy at work.

It took a while for me to understand that he had created a virtual world for us in which he is able to learn and teach. The world he created is ever expanding in knowledge without bigotry and other negative experiences that occupy and shape the minds and emotions of humans in 'their' virtual construct. It reminded me of the film "Inception" where one can create their own reality using their mind if programmed to that end.

Though they say in physical reality humans have the ability to create their own destiny that is not true and just part of the illusion. We are an existential part of a larger hologram.

I told Calvin that he would have been a great cosmologist. He replied that if he had been a white man he probably would have spent part of his career at NASA yet he seemed proud of what he had accomplished while he was here.

I wish Calvin and I had known each other as we would be in the same age group with an interest in learning and expanding the mind.

He understands the simulation but sees it in a far more advanced way than I possibly could comprehend in this reality and agrees that soon it will all disappear returning to the void from which it originated - which can also be said about the illusion he created for Stephanie and I. Apparently projected illusions are teaching tools - simulations within simulations - this being one of many.

Calvin's visit with Stephanie and I ended with an emotional catharsis - lots of love for the family and everyone left behind - especially Stephanie's daughter Olivia, 21. (Chills and goosebumps)

As I sat here on 9/11 writing the first draft of this blog - Calvin returned and showed me a rainbow. He was with some of the spirits who visited me after 9/11 - whose loved ones had come to see me in the weeks and months after the planes hit the twin towers (9-11) (9=endings) (11= twin spiraling DNA or the simulation). This was the insert that created the closing chapter of the simulation taking us back to the beginning.

A short time later a double rainbow appeared over the World Trade Center.

Good-bye Professor Brooks. Thanks for the memories. Your energies will make a difference to those you met in this reality and others who read your words and thoughts.

9/11 Sunset and Rainbow Over the WTC

One orb of sunlight shines through a yellow (sepia) sky after a major thunderstorm.

As the storm cleared this pic was taken of "Twin Rainbows" over the World Trade Center.

22 years ago today I stood in this same place and watched the
second airplane hit the South Tower. Life would never be the same.

NY Jets Monday Night Football on 9/11

New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers to miss the rest of the 2023 NFL season with an Achilles tear

It was a clear Monday night on the 22nd anniversary of 9/11 - when quarterback Aaron Rodgers ran across the field for the first time as a NY Jet. He carried the American flag as over 80,000 fans in the stadium and millions at home looked forward to seeing him play for our local team.

Many of us were hoping his trade to the NY Jets would end up like Tom Brady to the Bucs for at least two good seasons rejuvenating the New York Jets.

The best laid plans... Will Aaron Rodgers ever play professional football again as he turns 40 in December? He gets to keep the $75m for a two-year contract so he could come back in 2024 and coach this season.

Back at MetLife Stadium - disappointment turned to hope for the Jets with an exciting overtime finish to their first home game of the season beating beat the Buffalo Bills 22-16. Watch the Final Play on YouTube

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