Burning Man 2023 - The Great Exodus After the Storm

The Great Exodus in the Desert

Burning Man attendees make a mass exodus after a dramatic weekend that left thousands stuck in Black Rock Desert

Burning Man is a week-long large-scale desert campout focused on community, art, self-expression, and self-reliance held annually in the western United States The name of the event comes from its culminating ceremony: the symbolic burning of a large wooden effigy, referred to as the Man, that occurs on the penultimate night of Burning Man, which is the Sunday evening before Labor Day.

This year the effigy was set ablaze Monday night as these very creative attendees (called Burners) were making their exodus determining how to express what happened in their own way (documentary, book, blog, other). Friendships were forged and networking created.

The 35th Burning Man event began on August 27, 2023 and should have ended today - September 4, 2023 Labor Day - for the estimated 73,000 people who attended. The start of the festival was delayed due to Hurricane Hilary which should have signaled to the attendees to be prepared for a hasty exit as climate change comes out of the blue everywhere and in all shapes and sizes.

Durning this window Mercury was Retrograde so delays and repetitions would occur. And so they did as the world watched on their devices.

The love and light folks prayed and did ceremonial "work" in hopes the weather would turn around - but it never did because we exist in an algorithm and it wasn't programmed to.

As I watched people making their escape because they had important commitments that they have to get home to - such as the woman who is breast-feeding her baby and needs to return home - I had to wonder why she went in the first place. One must always plan for the worst case scenario - and if it doesn't occur that's great- but if it does preparedness saves the day. That is the world we live in even if it means missing events that are important.

Life is not based on spirituality be it ceremonial, religious or whatever one's belief systems are. It's all an algorithm and we are at the end.

Media reported images of people "stuck in the mud" (symbolic of being stuck on planet Earth or physical reality) - navigating their way out - some successful some not.

Others are hoping the rain stops so they can burn the effigy tonight as a symbol of overcoming obstacles. That is how they will see it because they are programmed to believe in superstitions. Outdated thinking.

They built a Temple of the Heart aligned with love and light themes - fun, creative, healing and wellness. Whatever works.

You don't live in that world. You've been given the tools and techniques to figure out that reality is a simulation much of which is artificial intelligence.

You can't change what is programmed. There is no free will - never was but people need to believe and have hope that the future will be brighter (as it fades to black).

We are in waiting mode. We have always been in waiting mode. The answers come at the End of Time.

Never worship - or give power to - inanimate objects or believe in false gods or aliens. Regardless of prophecy and mythology they are not returning to save humanity and bring it to another level of existence. They were just other inserts in the framework of the simulation of reality.

At the end of the story - truth will out and understanding permeates consciousness. Wait for it.

People go to Burning Man for different reasons. It would seem it's a lot about healing - letting go - 'burning your issues' rituals, etc. "Abuse and healing" - the cornerstone of reality. Another bandaid for the wounded.

How the ultra-wealthy infiltrated anti-capitalist Burning Man

The infiltration of the jet set is the driving force behind the schadenfreude emanating from social media in response to video footage of Burners - some of whom paid $2,750 for a single ticket - tromping through ankle-deep mud, unable to drive out of the camp following unusually heavy rain. One attendee, Andrew Hyde, told CNN the rain and mud have taken the meaning of the event back to its roots.