Ellie's Adventures with the Spirit of her friend Joel

Thursday September 7, 2023

Today I slept late for me -12 hours all told. In my wake up dream I saw myself as some sort of astronaut returning to Earth at very high speed. Perhaps I had overstayed my welcome in the grids last night - but what was I doing there?

The heat wave continues and though we liftoff out of the 90's it will remain hot and humid over the next few days. As I turned on the TV for a morning update there was Al Roker tracking Hurricane Lee with 'spaghetti strings' of projections across the Atlantic ... and visions of Floridians praying.

Praying takes me to what one might call a 'mystical experience' I had Tuesday afternoon.

Last week my son-in-law, Jon, lost his father, Joel, after a brave four-year battle with cancer. He was my age - about to turn 80 on Christmas Day.

Joel was a sweet nice guy and great dad who lost his wife Sheila to cancer years ago - followed by the death of his 38 year old daughter Paige the following year.

These were difficult times for Joel bringing us closer as friends who often shared a meal and our thoughts on the world at large.

Joel wasn't programmed to understand the simulation - but was polite about it as most people are.

Sheila and Paige were spirits who frequently visited - their presence known to me and my daughter Zsia among other family members.

As the years passed Sheila and Paige visited less and less as I realized their energies were leaving the grids.

In the days before Joel died - Sheila's energies were around but not in the way we 'see' spirits - but as what I call a two-dimensional "cardboard cutout" that looks like the person who passed - but the energies are gone.

The first time I had this experience - I didn't understand the significance of it - but through the years I knew that it meant the spirit in question was no longer in the simulation - the cardboard cutout a facsimile of that person versus projected illusion which we are.

This reminds me of current thought on simulation theory - wherein a two dimensional image projects out through a black hole becoming physical in appearance after entering third dimension to experience.

Anyway, on the day before Joel died I saw Sheila as a cardboard cutout and realized it was just time for Joel to cross over. He had said goodbye to the family from his hospice bed - and to me in our last phone conversation weeks before.

As I lay in bed the night Joel died - suddenly there he was presenting an image of himself dancing a jig relieved to be out of his body. He came to tell me that I would get a call the next morning from Zsia that he had passed.

I looked at Joel and asked, "Where's Sheila?"

Joel said he had not seen her ... then turned to his right... and to my surprise the person (soul) who had guided him out of this physical experience was his mother, Ruth, who died years ago.

I fell asleep.

The next morning at 7:30 Zsia called to tell me Joel had passed which everyone recognized as a blessing - combined with the emotions coming from the loss of physical connection one has with the person who died - in this case Joel.

As I started my day suddenly there was Joel telling me how happy he was to be out of this physical reality and his body yet saddened by the pain of those left behind.

He reminded me that this time of the year - as we come to the Jewish High Holy Days - the week between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur - creates a window or portal for souls to release from the grip of physical reality - and return to consciousness.

My mother had told me about this energy window when I was a little girl and we attended services on these days. Though I had not as yet been reprogrammed on the UFO - my frequency was always high enough to understand.

Next Joel told me to look out of the window because he was going to create something symbolic of his passing. Suddenly through the clear sky - as if through a window - one black cloud appeared in this reality. It was not smoke. I grabbed my phone and took this really cool pic.

I thanked Joel then changed the subject asking what he thought I should wear to the funeral. Together we picked out something. Then he said something he used to say all the time when he was alive, "Ellie, you look beautiful in everything."

He told me I was going to get a call from Zsia about what Joel would've liked to have been buried in. Sure enough he was right as I conveyed the message he wanted to be buried in his favorite warm-up suit. They had already made that decision - more confirmation.

Joel wasn't around until Tuesday when this happened.

As with most Mediums and others who connect with the other side - we see and sense spirit in our minds - and not as projected illusion.

On Tuesday afternoon as I was walking from my office turning right to the living room - there was the projection of Joel standing in front of one of my wall units.


He said nothing and I got the feeling he wasn't aware that I could see him. Then he turned to his right and started to walk away as the projection faded without communication.

It happened too quickly to take a picture - but it would've been cool to see if anything came out to share with the family. You never know - Joel just might do that again.

In all my years as a Psychic and Medium, I have never physically seen the projected illusion of a spirit so this was very exciting.

What does it mean? One can deduce several things from - my brain is better able to see between realities - to the grids that create the illusion we believe is our reality are merging - to anything else you may conclude after years of studying these things from a scientific or metaphysical perspective.

I have to wonder why I slept 12 hours last night which was not about the heat wave as I run my AC all day and night when it gets this hot. I was not sick, overtired, nor stressed.

I choose to believe I spent the time with Joel who returned here this morning to discuss the start of the NFL season tonight. We always shared thoughts on our favorite teams and our experiences going all the way back to baseball's Brooklyn Dodgers.

I asked about seeing him as projected illusion - how he did that and could he do it again. He replied that he had no idea I could see him but in that split second he was here he saw me as illusion then left when I disappeared from his point of view.

Grandparents' Day is this Sunday September 10, 2023. Joel had seven grandchildren - all boys. This year his presence will be greatly missed by all,

To be continued ...