Black Hole - Sagittarius A* or Sagittarius A Star

Sagittarius A* - Astronomy

The First-Ever Image of The Black Hole at The Center of The Milky Way

11 Space Telescopes from around the world were used

This close-up image reminds me of a UFO

Sagittarius A* is a bright and very compact astronomical radio source at the Galactic Center of the Milky Way. Sagittarius A* is the location of a supermassive black hole, similar to massive objects at the centers of most, if not all, spiral and elliptical galaxies. On May 12, 2022, astronomers using the Event Horizon Telescope released a photograph of Sagittarius A*, confirming the object to contain a black hole. Continue reading

Sagittarius A* - Mathematics

The God Equation: Creation is based on the Fibonacci sequence.

The Human Equation: The brain works on binary code.

It's all an algorithm in the alchemy of time.

Sagittarius A* - Mythology & Prophecy

The center of the Milky Way Galaxy is sometimes referred to as the Ouroboros - the snake that eats its tail in the end or coming full circle - dark energy (Quintessence) - return through the shimmering black hole of creation.

In 2012 someone on Ancient Aliens linked it with the Mayan Calendar Prophecy about coming 'full circle' on December 21, 2012. In Numerology we find 12/21/12 or 12+21+12= 9= Endings. The concept was right but the date was wrong as time is an illusion. Our Simulation ends when the Fibonacci sequence reverts to zero. Currently it is at 0,1.

Suntelia Aion referred to the sun (light) rising out of the mouth of the ouroboros (aion) on the winter solstice December 21, 2012. Endings always are catastrophic as the grids collapse disappearing into the zero point of the Fibonacci sequence or the center of the black hole of creation. No matter where mythology, numerology, prophecy, or celestial messages take you - it all begins and ends with a shimmering black hole in the alchemy of time.

Sagittarius A* - Astrology


Simulation Theory - Holographic Universe Theory

Geometry, Grids, Time, Fibonacci Numbers, Black Hole


Everything is coming Full Circle in the Alchemy of Time

May 15-16, 2022 - Full Blood Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse

The Eclipse, the Geometry, and the Milky Way Galaxy

This full moon is also considered a supermoon, meaning it looks bigger and brighter
than usual because it's at the closest point to Earth in its orbit, also known as perigee.

Black Sun: Astronomy, Mythology, Alchemy

May 10 - June 2, 2022

Mercury Retrograde

Mercury - God of Transportation and Communication

Retrograde - Repetitions and Delays

Be careful what you say, do, plan, commit to, and decide on.

Mercury - aka Merlin the Magician-Trickster, Apollo, Hermes, and Thoth

I have been a fan of Roland Emmerich for almost 30 years when the film Stargate was first released in 1994.

Due to covid I haven't gone to a theater in two years but tend to watch films On Demand or Streaming.

Years ago the screen play version of my book Sarah and Alexander got as far as Emmerich's readers. There was interest but they said it needed to be more professionally written which makes total sense as it was my first and only attempt at writing a screenplay. The same was true as another client brought my screenplay to Steve Spielberg and other clients to other A-list producers with the same reaction. As I believe in fate/programming I was honored that the story got as far as it did.

I still follow all of Roland Emmerich's films and some of Spielbergs. Today I was guided to Emmerich's latest film, Moonfall released February 4, 2022. It's an interesting adventure that borrows from conspiracy theories about the moon being hollow, artificial intelligence, ancient civilizations and creation myths about humanity's origins. There's a lot of recycled patterns from Emmerich's former science fiction disaster films but I liked it nonetheless - I just would have cast it differently.

Today events on planet Earth read more like an end-time disaster film than current writers bring to the screen.

Like many of you the dramas that headline the news every day are something to skim then realize they are nothing more than diversions especially if you follow them as holographic inserts. They are redundant to conclude that reality is a series of overlapping patterns that repeat in time like a fractal series. It's all about the study of emotions in various scenarios of physical reality.

Science and science fiction hold keys but even with simulation theory we still are not able to begin to understand the basics of how things work. Hopefully our programming will bring answers at the end ... maybe.

I allow events to play out with guidance from Z. What ties everything together - like a quantum Gordian Knot - is our DNA.


There has always been something about this fractal image

Sunset Vortex - View from my Terrace

Let's go to wormholes and time travel. Along those (time) lines we find the Netflix film The Adam Project starring one of my favorite actors, Ryan Reynolds. No aliens. Just traveling back in time to make corrections. We are all time travelers because none of us are from here (physical reality).

I have always remembered coming into this reality from the past through something that resembles a tunnel most likely a wormhole based on experiments during World War II. My senses of sight and sound remember. We shall see where this takes me in the near future as things align in time and a vortex opens.