Ellie and The White Dove

The Messenger Arrives in Time

The White Dove has been a symbol of peace and safety since ancient times. In the Old Testament tale of Noah's Ark, Noah released a raven from the Ark after forty days and 40 nights of rain, and another 40 days of waiting while the flood waters receded. The raven returned, having found no dry land. Noah then released a dove, which at first returned as the raven had, but later returned with the twig of an olive tree in its beak, signifying that the flood had ended and that it was safe to venture out of the Ark. White Dove Images -- Flood Stories ... it's all myth, math, and metaphor.

40 = 4 = closure in time.

Friday September 26, 2008 - 6:00 AM ET - Brooklyn, New York

Heavy rain poured down, beating a cadence on my skylight as I sat at the computer starting the day by answering email. Alas, there must have been a problem with Road Runner in NYC, because I could not access my account -- password not recognized. I decided to update Ezine then call Time Warner Cable, laughing that this was a Mercury Retrograde Moment.

Suddenly my attention was riveted to a white dove who landed on the windowsill before me, perhaps to get out of the rain. Though I have seen white doves land on the terrace railing during some of my readings - and in the past associated them with Nikola Tesla's obsession with white pigeons - never has one landed before me and sat there peacefully.

A telepathic connection allowed me to know he was not injured
and was here as a messenger.

"Peace is close at hand."

Instinctively I grabbed my camera and started taking pictures as I telepathically communicated with him. The camera's flash did not seem to ruffle his feathers. I asked, "Are you really Z?" and he winked.

(The tape you see on the window is part of an old security system.)

The white dove first sat on the far left hand side of the windowsill watching me.

I asked him to move closer for a better angle and he did.

This is when I asked if he was Z.

Crazy as it seems, I told him I had to call Time Warner and fix my email. "No problem," I heard. "Consider it done." I checked my email, sending myself a test message, and it worked. Email... the Messenger.

Closeup - He didn't seem the least bit afraid.

I asked for a special message.
He walked to the far right side of the windowsill.

My anniversary clock is actually 1 minute slow
as compared to my computer and cable box.
The message from above (dove) was

"Return to Peace and Balance 6:36". (36)

He then turned tail, wiggled his butt and flew away.

After downloading the photos, I challenged him to return with another message.

He instantly returned near the clock.

I grabbed my camera and took this picture. Note how the clocks move through the 'window' into the light.

He winked again and said,
"7 ... July
12 ... 2012
Until then we are asleep".
He closed his eyes as if emphasizing a point.

7/4/2012 is right out of my book
"2012 Sarah and Alexander The Alchemy of Time".

Tick Tock!

Torsion Pendulum Clock

400-day or Anniversary Clock
(Note the reference to number 4)

The clock was a gift from my children when I moved here 9/1/91.

White Dove and Black Bird Tales

Symbology: Dove (see above), Lion (Z), White (light), Dream (this reality), Blackbird (alchemy, spiritual transformation).

From Patricia,

Language of the Birds - God Language - Green Language

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Ellie and The White Dove
September 2008
A White Doves Sits on my Window
White Dove and Black Bird Tales
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White Bird From Down Under

Greetings Ellie ...

I wanted to share my synchronistic experience, similar to yours, with a white dove. I have been a regular reader of your website for 7 years since I first woke up again, and I find it an invaluable part of my journey, so thank you. I also have the 'Z Energy' as a guiding force. As a child when he was my 'imaginary friend' I called ZanZee.

My experiences happened within the same time frame as yours, and when I read your experience afterwards I had a smile from ear to ear. One evening I went outside and walked down my path to the front gate (portals). Suddenly I noticed a beautiful white pigeon with a shimmering silver/blue/magenta chest following me. I was surprised at how closely he followed behind, and commented to my friend on how cute he was as he waddled along, but I was in a rush so I left.

The next morning I was awoken by a knock at the door, which was the postman (hermes-messenger), who said, "Looks like you've got a visitor". I looked down and there was the same bird sitting by the door looking weary and kinda propped itself up against the wall. I took him inside and tried to work out whether he was injured, which he didn't seem to be, and noticed bands around his feet, one grey, one blue. I had to rush out again, but asked my father to drop him to the local vet, who said he appeared to be most likely a showbird rather than a racer/homing pigeon, although that was possible too, and was suffering exhaustion (collective consciousness-closing time) and kept him in for some TLC (what we all need right now methinks). Also white feathers had been appearing around the house and garden leading up to this.

I thought you would enjoy reading this.

Thank you,

Daniel, Melboune, Australia