Steve, Ellie, and The Journey of the Bloodline

January 5, 2000

The twenty-first century is going to focus on the Journey of the Bloodline, from ancient times to present day and beyond.

My friend Steve is one of the best remote viewers I know. Remote viewing is about splitting the consciousness to be in two grid realities at the same time and accessing information. Steve's consciousness journey on this day was laced with metaphors, as reality is myth, math and metaphor. As Steve spoke, I took notes. Our agenda was my connection to the Great Pyramid, which I will visit at the end of this year.

Steve began at the Great Pyramid in present time. He saw me standing on one side of the pyramid, a circle of light around the entire base. He felt 'right time' went from 6:00 to 9:00, but he wasn't sure why he was shown those times.

A tornado appeared over the pyramid, rotating counterclockwise. I entered the tornado and initially went downward, then came up to the top point to do something - my mission.

Several times Steve mentioned the eye or point of the tornado as the most important place.

He next saw me peering over the top of something that looked like a roof as I watched the tornado spin.

Suddenly we were back in Germany in the lab that I view as a past or parallel life experience in which I am a male German physicist. Steve saw experiments taking place in which I and others were trying to manipulate space/time.

We managed to get through a door that blocked our way, but suddenly everything went wrong.

Steve saw me open a safe that was lined with gold. The combination read:

15 right
4 left
12 right
20 left
54 whole turn

Inside was a book bound in gold with one of those tassel bookmarks.

Steve said the book linked with me to the year 1954 and my experience in Nevada where I was Taken and met Z(oroaster) in the form a Shining One or Anunnaki on a ship of some kind.

Next he saw a Spirit writing with a feather quill pen ... Page 173 - Verse 44.

Steve was sure this referenced the bible so off he went to get his bible. He turned to page 173. The page was titled The Book of Numbers reminding me of Sacred Geometry or Simulation Theory .

Steve read the main topic on that page, Sum of All Israel.

He continued to read as the page went on to talk about someone named Sarah! I thought of my book, Sarah and Alexander.

Steve put the book down and continued to remote view.

We were back in the lab. I was seated at a desk with an old fashioned typewriter and typed a short note, dated 1944. Steve read the message to me: "The keys are in the vehicles. You will need help recovering the amulet. It's between Israel and Egypt."

There was something about the closeness between Israel and Egypt that wouldn't let go of him. Something will happen in the Middle East. It is destined.

In Germany something was sent through time to be retrieved now. It was not the paper message I typed, but something recorded, that goes back further in time than Germany. Steve said it was sent to the Middle East. There was a canister that I buried there in the beginning and some leaves! My name was Aster.

Steve saw an explosion in the lab. Ever psychic has always seen that event as the end of my lifetime in the Germany grid program.

The explosion was followed by a tornado spinning clockwise which met with the one at the Great Pyramid in our timeline.

Steve emphasized that what was most important was the eyes of the tornadoes lined up and became one point.

Next Steve saw the numbers 173, 44 and the words "Sumer" and "Anunnaki".

Steve saw me at the top of the Great Pyramid in the eye of the storm. I was working with electrical tools, rewiring. I turned off the main circuit breaker which stopped space and time. Then I worked with many loose wires that needed to be replaced. When I was finished, I turned on the switch and things began again. Oddly, we simultaneously both saw images of our deceased fathers.

Steve, Ellie, and The Cave