Memorial Day May 30, 2005

Today we honor those who have served our country in battles past and present. I live in New York City which is bustling with people here for different ceremonies. There's Fleet Week, an endless parade of ships all of which sail just outside my home, under the Verrazano Bridge on their way to events in NY harbor from May 25-June 1. Many ships will remain through the July 4th weekend.

The summer beach season kicked off this weekend with great weather in most areas. There were lots of parades around town all weekend. The annual Memorial Day parade took place here in Bay Ridge, marching bands, and veterans from different wars. The parade ends in Cannonball Park where noted dignitaries come out to speak.

There is entertainment in the form of concerts which continue for much of the day after which the activities culminate in historic Fort Hamilton - just down the block. It had been announced that Fort Hamilton would be closed due to military cutbacks, but that decision has been reversed.

This is an historic area, with energies linked to the American Revolutionary War and it's principal players, who set up the Masonic Program on the north American continent. Just around the bend to my right, we find the Statue of Liberty, and just beyond that, Ground Zero. In times of war, there are special ceremonies, to honor those who have recently crossed over, a growing number these days as our troops remain in Iraq.

Soldiers in Time

Saturday May 28, 2005

West Point grads undeterred 4 years after 9/11 CNN News

This article caught my attention because a client's daughter, Adrienne, 17, has decided to go to West Point this fall vs. several Ivy League Colleges that had accepted her. I read Adrienne in April and found her to be extremely intuitive with an inner knowing that takes years for others to develop. Having attended private school, she has already traveled the world, and speaks of herself as a free spirit with a mission that takes her to West Point, at least for the next 2 years. She understands that there is karma involved and she will see it through. We also discussed a connection to the Masonic Program and Sacred Geometry! Marriage and children are something in the remote future, if at all. She is an 'A 'student, with no issues, no vices, beautiful, talented, creative, presently looking at a career in aeronautical engineering. Months ago I told her mother, during a reading, that I see her daughter in West Point which seemed so remote at the time.

War is part of the journey and prophecy of our Masonic Program, Freemasons.

Americans have always fought bravely for that which they believe, never losing hope that one day peace will find itself in the American Dream that dates back to the American Revolution and freedom for all. But is it all just a dream as we experience in a simulation ?

Visualization, Are you a Soldier in Time?

When you have a moment ... find a quite place free of distractions

Relax your body, especially your head ... neck ... shoulders ... jaw ... and arms.

Still your mind.

Close your eyes.

Take 3 long slow deep breaths, inhaling through your nose, holding the breath as is comfortable, exhaling through your mouth.

Visualize a military uniform. Allow the image to slowly filter in and become clear.

You may, or may not, have see on this uniform before.

See yourself wearing the uniform. Feel the jacket, the trousers, the hat, any jewelry.

Walk past a mirror and gaze upon your reflection. Notice facial features, stature, other.

What is the name of this soldier?

What country does he serve?

What year is it?

What war, or battle, is he part of?

Is this a parallel experience for you or have you randomly walked into this soldier's frequency signature?

Spend time with him as he shows you his battleground and his part in history.

Listen to the sounds of battle.

Pay attention to fragrances.

Experience the emotions of the soldier if they connect for you.

View his death. Perhaps it will allow you to release something in your personal collective memory that is blocking you.

Now reflect ....

Is anyone from your current timeline part of that experience? To what end?

Are you a warrior in your soul? Is the reason emotional, chemical, environmental? by choice .... or by design?

Are you a nerd who would like to be a warrior?

Past or Parallel Lives are your soul's experiences in another part of the collective consciousness, grid program, matrix. They are projected imagery through which you can vicariously experience anyone ... anywhere, just as they can experience you here.

For an nanosecond you were a soldier.

As you sit there, you play another role. It is one of many experiences you are having as they are projected through the lens of time.