Behold the Magic and Mystery of the Tree ....

Merlin guided me here.

Once upon a time ... in 1943 ... someone wrote

a book called "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn".

The book was #1 on the New York Times best seller list

for 22 weeks. The film version won several Oscars.

I was born in Brooklyn in 1943

on a day my grandmother, Sarah, planted a tree.

West 22 Street, Coney Island, Cones and Spirals

The Alchemy of Time

Archeometre, Synchronicities

If A Tree Falls....

Reality is about a book written by the Egyptian gods Thoth and Seshat - the scribes. That book is the Tree of Life. It is the story our humanity's journey in time.

Like the branches on a tree and the twists and turns in the plots of a great adventure, the story has captured the hearts of millions of souls through the millennia. It is the script of our reality played out through the matrix of sacred geometry through which you experience all and everything.

A tree was born in Brooklyn. It was a book and a script. We are now in Act III, the final curtain on this little drama.

The tree grew in Brooklyn. It spoke to those who read its pages. It brought messages..."Now is the time of change."

Last Monday, in the late afternoon, NYC and its surrounding areas experienced a powerful storm, with some areas reporting a tornado. This is not tornado country!

From my point of view, looking out at the Verrazano Bridge and the park, I saw what looked like a small tornado spiraling around a tree. My next-door neighbor, Julie, the woman who had a baby last week, witnessed it also.

As my next client came to my door, I stopped watching and greeted her. Her first name is Grace. Julie’s two-year old daughter is named Grace.

Tuesday I noticed a yellow police ribbon around an area near 'my' obelisk, where I had seen the tornado. As I have been very busy, I did not investigate further.

View from my apartment today

As the sun was setting, I decided to take a walk in the park, the energies of spirit seeming to guide my way.

The sun was setting just ahead of me as I entered the park.

I walked toward 'my' obelisk and was surprised to find that a large old tree had fallen over, due to the tornado. The taped-off area was to keep pedestrians away from the fallen tree until it can be removed.

The lamp light next to the tree was almost dim, trying to stay on. I watched it flickering as I came closer.

I touched the fallen tree and 'saw' an old tree merging into a new tree of light with white blossoms, that looked like soul 'sparks'.

The tree showed me the wildfires in California at this time,

the destruction of the Amazon rain forests,
and a global connection of trees to each other.

"If a tree falls in the forest, and no one is there to hear it...

does it still make a sound?"

Yes! It all begins and ends .... with a tone.

There's a tree that grows in Brooklyn.

Some people call it the Tree of Heaven.

No matter where its seed falls, it makes

a tree which struggles to reach the sky.

~ Betty Smith ~