Halloween Week 2021

Dark Matter in a Simulated Universe   NASA - October 31, 2021

In May 1997 - (6 weeks before Stargate SG1 debuted) - a friend and visionary artist from the Netherlands named Steve Soeten came for a visit. Steve brought two drawings he created representing the way he saw me. They never made sense until today when I saw the dark matter image above. Dark matter - dark energy - manifestation of a simulation through a black hole.

Simulation Theory

Metaverse - Reality is a Simulation

October 29, 2021

Reality is a consciousness simulation set in linear time as an experiment to study emotions. We are projected characters in that illusion now coming to its end as the truth about our reality awakens in human consciousness.

Knowingly or unknowingly there are 'influencers' out there to trigger awareness. Among them is Mark Zuckerberg known for co-founding Meta Platforms, Inc. - formerly Facebook, Inc. In October 2021, media outlets reported that the parent company of Facebook planned to change its name to "reflect its focus on building the metaverse". It was rebranded as Meta on October 28, 2021. The name Meta comes from the Greek language and means "beyond", indicating a futuristic motive.

Mark Zuckerberg was raised in a Reform Jewish household in Dobbs Ferry, New York. You have to wonder why he didn't realize the word "Meta" sounds similar to the Hebrew word for "dead."

The Internet began on this date October 29, 1969 and is still evolving as is everything in our Metaverse defined today as the sum of all virtual spaces - a speculative future iteration of the Internet part of shared virtual reality, often as a form of social media.

Rorschach Halloween Aurora   NASA - October 30, 2021

Crystalinks Aurora Pics

Happy Halloween From Space (1995-2021)

October 28 - Halloween Pumpkin Stroll

Helping set up made me feel like a teacher again.

Making friends with the head of the PTA

Pigeons perched on the decorated obelisk to watch.

A bridal party also became part of the festivities. (Not a Halloween Costume)

I love this pic of the bride and tree.

October 28, 2021

National Chocolate Day
Treat yourself today to something special. You deserve it.

October 26, 2021

Pumpkin Day - About Pumpkins

Halloween fun comes to the Bay Ridge Pumpkin Patch October 2021

I'm trying to steer clear of peeps but it's not easy.

Wednesday October 27, 2021

Speaking of ghosts, a client I read today brought two spirits with her one of whom died on 9/11.

Ghosts That Appear Every Halloween Night in the UK

Halloween Across the Pond - always a ghost story or two
with all that ancient architecture and grid point anomalies.

New Poll Reveals That 73% of Americans Would Buy a Haunted House

UFOs and Aliens in the News

Sedona, Arizona, Has the Most UFO Sightings in the Entire USA

NASA Scientists are Planning for How to Announce the Discovery of Alien Life

When the World of UFOs Crosses Paths with the Domains of the Supernatural and the Paranormal

Two FedEx Pilots Record UFO Near Monterrey, Mexico, and the Incident Was Analyzed

Sightings of Aerial Phenomena in 1973 Remain Among the Strangest in UFO History

October 30, 1938

Orson Wells broadcasts H. G. Welles' novel War of the Worlds.

A film is never really good unless the camera is an eye in the head of a poet.

Orson Welles Quotes 1

Orson Welles Quotes 2

October 30, 1953

Charles Martin Smith - Videos - Filmography

In Starman, a crashed UFO produces evidence of an alien visitor.

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The TV series Stargate SG-1 premiered on Showtime on July 27, 1997 and moved to the Sci Fi Channel on June 7, 2002 airing until March 13, 2007.

Monday ... I was guided to watch the first episode on Netflix though I'm not sure why. I hadn't seen it since 1997. I was also guided to the image above ... and the colors navy and gold.

Tuesday ... When I wasn't busy I watched a few more early episodes of Stargate SG-1 but that was then and this is now and the energies about aliens and UFOs has changed.

In 1997 I hoped to be taken again and learn more about the outcome of the series we call "The Human Experiment" but it never happened and as the years passed I realized they are gone from the storyline mirroring the fate of Stargate SG1. Everything is experience. Everything has a shelf life. I think I got the message.

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