Electromagnetic Energy Unites the Twins

March 14, 2003

In a dream, I was flying (time traveling) with my friend Ron. We were looking down at Ellie, age 3, on July 2, 1946, living in Coney Island.

There's a strange story connected to this photo. It seems to have manifested out of nowhere, in a letter from a friend named Deja in Rhode Island, in 1989.

As the story goes ... Deja and I met and became friends through A.R.E., the Edgar Cayce studies, July 4th weekend, 1989, when a synchronicity brought us together. A month later, Deja suggested we exchange childhood photos based on a soul connection we both felt. This was before the days of email.

We both mailed our photos and received them within 2 days, exploring them together in the phone and trying discovering many past lives shared, the most current as Jewish physicists and twin brothers in Nazi Germany where we worked on in the secret underground labs on time travel projects.

We also discovered a past life in the American old west, both lifetimes bringing to us other people with the same detailed information and confirming other roles we have played.

Deja later went on the draw the image of Ellie and Z, twin souls, found on the cover of my book, 2012 Sarah and Alexander.

After Deja and I completed working with the old photos, we were ready to return them. Deja put my photos in a Priority Mailer, but much to our dismay the letter got lost in the mail for 10 days. When it finally arrived, it was repackaged with a note from the post office explaining that the original Priority envelope had gotten jammed and ripped in a machine, its contents then placed in a new envelope and forwarded to me.

I called Deja as soon as I received the envelope and opened it while she was on the phone.

As I mentioned the photos by description, the photo above popped out.

It was unfamiliar to me.

I described the photo to Deja. She replied that she had not received, nor seen, the photo when she received my original letter.

She received 4 photos from me. But now there were 5, this one seemingly different as it still had the jagged edges from the 1940's which I had cut off the other photos I saved through the years, and placed in a photo album. (I have since trimmed the edges just a bit.)

I replaced the 5 photos in the slots of my photo album, noting that there was no slot for the fifth photo.

The photo is dated July 2, 1946 when I was 3 years old ... interestingly one year before the Roswell UFO crash, yet no connection that I see. All things in and around July 4th have always had significance for me. That is a key date in "2012 Sarah and Alexander The Alchemy of Time the screenplay version, "2012 The Alchemy of Time."

Ron and I flew over the parachute jump. The top was giving off waves of electromagnetic energy bringing to mind the work of Nikola Tesla, the Tesla Tower, Tesla Coils, and Tesla's Tower of Dreams. Tesla died on January 7, 1943, one month before I was born. He was connected to white pigeons.

Nikola Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower

Ron concluded that energy flows between objects and people in a global networking grid system above and below, and that Tesla, and all of this, links to time travel and experiments conducted during World War II in Germany. I woke up knowing that electromagnetic energy with other grid programs support the integrity of this reality and that somehow living on the Atlantic Ocean, are keys to them.

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