Ellie's Adventures in Time - 1999

1999 dealt with the concept of Time. One millennium was ending, another beginning, one that would shape the lives of humanity as never before, leading to the evolution of consciousness in the alchemy of time. Many people believed that 1999 would bring the final prophecies to fruition, Dooms Day scenarios. I never 'saw 'any of them manifesting, though the fact that human consciousness sensed change, would guide souls to healing and awareness. I welcomed the new millennium, as a guest psychic at party in an elegant Manhattan hotel as hundreds gathered in the city to watch the ball drop. Y2K was in the news, though I never placed much emphasis on it, just another drama. Though many people believed that this was not the actual start of the millennium, none of that mattered to me as time is an illusion and irrelevant.

Coney Island With Trae

Thursday, March 19, 1999 ...

3:15 pm ... The Set Up

The energies began to rapidly shift for me, followed by a 3:15 pm call from Trae, the Admin of Crystalinks, saying that he had finished a business call in Brooklyn, and asking if I had free time.

Though always busy, a window of opportunity had opened up unexpectedly for both of us ... Carpe Diem. I was downstairs in minutes as Trae drove up. Off we went on a sunny day, temperatures in the high 60's, to Coney Island, heading east on the Belt Parkway.

Trae was all excited about a film that was about to premiere, The Matrix dealing with reality as a computer simulation. Life imitates art ... or in this case, art imitates reality. Trae came into my life, in December 1995, also having the understanding about the nature of reality as a programmed bio-genetic experiment in linear time and emotion with links to the Sumerian and Nazi Grid Programs. We remembered prior time loops. We remembered who we were to each other and what we were here to do. Our meeting made my work succinct.

3:33 pm ... Time and Synchronicities

Ellie, Age 3 - Photo taken July 2, 1946 - July 4th Energies - 'Independence Day'

There has always been a mystery surrounding this photo and now we had return to the place of origin to see what we would pick up. The energies grew stronger as Trae and I approached the place this picture was taken on Surf Avenue between West 22nd & 23rd Streets. We experienced waves of energies as if the sidewalk was warping.

Trae walked toward me and suddenly said, "I was walking towards you the day this photo was taken." Though he was not sure why he had said that, somewhere it was a truth for him as we both experienced temporal anomalies.

Suddenly a strong spiraling wind blew up, signaling it was time to leave. The energy of the wind is my cue for closure and always seems to happen when I am guided to this type of experience.

3:55 pm ... Driving home ... the fibonacci sequence came to mind.

In the evening I told my friend Anna what happened with Trae, not giving her a time frame. She said that somewhere between 3:30-3:45 she was driving east on the Belt Parkway and got stuck in traffic as she came to the exit for Coney Island. She suddenly felt a weird sensation, though she didn't understand why. As the traffic picked up, it dissipated. Was it a coincidence that something happened to Trae and I the exact same time that Anna was passing on the parkway not far from us? Did she get caught up in something we were doing?

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