Unidentified Flying Objects - Drones and Balloons Shot Down

On the matter of three unidentified flying objects shot down February 10-12 ... the first incident was over Alaska - the second one 40,000 feet over central Yukon in the far north of western Canada, and the last one over Lake Huron.

They are NOT extraterrestrial but it appears the government is worried about something - or many things - like perhaps finally telling us the truth about UFOs and Government Coverups by administrations going back to President Truman.

Those were the days of physical UFOs. What we see today are man made flying/devices or drones in different shapes and sizes including the Chinese high altitude surveillance balloon shot down over the Atlantic near South Carolina on February 23, 2023.

They are diversions but just their appearance stirs humanity to wonder about aliens and the quest for answers about creation.

Balloon sightings have most likely has been going on for years but we were not made aware of them - or programmed to pay attention. Suddenly everyone is looking for the next conspiracy theory and/or hopefully alien connection. It stirs the soul to remember what's next.

Mention of the Yukon reminded me of a remote view I did with my friend Cheryl in the 1990s where we discovered UFOs under the ice there.

Beneath the melting frozen wastelands of planet Earth lie ancient junkyards of abandoned UFOs that hopefully will be found before our story ends. My connection is beneath Antarctica.

In the late 1990s I met a UFO researcher named Alex who told me about buried spaceships and other artifacts beneath Lake Michigan. As with most researchers he wanted me to fly there with him to explore. Michigan really isn't that far from New York but I declined though we did travel to upstate NY and had a great adventure.

Alex visited Lake Michigan with several other investigators but never returned with tangible proof of UFOs - though he spoke with witnesses who told him about UFOs rising from the lake. To date nothing has been conclusively proven or if it has - it's been covered up by the government.

The Lake Michigan Triangle, or simply the Michigan Triangle, is an area of Lake Michigan where a number of disappearances, shipwrecks, and plane crashes have occurred under unexplained circumstances. Unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and unidentified submerged objects (USOs), have also allegedly been spotted in the area. The triangle stretches from Ludington to Manitowoc, down to Benton Harbor, and back to Ludington. The first major unexplained event began was the disappearance of the Le Griffon and its crew in the 17th century. Starting with the sinking of the Thomas Hume In 1891, shipwrecks and disappearances became more frequent. The first reported UFO sighting was in 1913. Continue reading

Michigan Meteor Holds Extraterrestrial Organic Compounds

'Fireball' meteorite that crashed in Michigan holds extraterrestrial organic compounds   Live Science - October 28, 2020

Theory of Panspermia - Life on Earth began in a rudimentary form in outer space, brought to Earth billions of years ago

This goes with choice #5 on my list of places Covid might have come from.

UFOs Monitoring Natural Disasters & Preventing Nuclear Ones

February 13, 2023

People often witness UFOs before and after powerful natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, or volcanic eruptions.

Some believe aliens are responsible for these disasters. If anything it's the opposite. They would be doing damage control so the simulation doesn't end prematurely and we don't reboot ... again.

One year ago this month Russia invaded Ukraine. Since then Cosmic and phantom UFOs have been seen over Ukrainian skies a government report claims.

They are drones in place to monitor and prevent a nuclear war. They are often seen near nuclear facilities - where one can conclude they prevented nuclear disasters.

Aliens are not in this part of the simulation anymore. They have no reason to be here as the human experiment is ending. All that remains are drones or projected illusions of UFOs.