The Case of Donald John Trump and the Classified Government Documents

FBI investigation into Donald Trump's handling of government documents

The life and times of Donald Trump have been a journey everyone will remember - for better or worse and have an opinion about. About to turn 77 next week on US Flag Day - Trump has perpetrated many criminal acts in his lifetime - while those watching or affected by his actions wonder if he will ever be held accountable. To date the answer has been 'no' except for hefty fines.

Trump is a criminal with emotional problems and ego driven issues based on the need for money and power. 2023 is not a great year for this senior citizen now facing his second indictment with more to come.

Friday I was home due to environmental concerns after wildfire smoke blanketed New York City. I used the time to follow the investigation and indictment of Trump's handling of classified government documents.

Special Council Jack Smith spoke on the matter for the first time. His succinct speech urged all Americans to read the 49 Page document which clearly spells out Trump's illegal handling of classified documents.

It includes witness reports, an audio recording of Trump discussing the documents, pictures of the boxes in question - and verbal admissions of guilt by Trump himself as seen in the media. "They are mine". "I can declassify them by just thinking it."

Donald Trump engaged in relentless efforts to hide government documents from authorities, instructing aides to shuttle boxes of sensitive information at his Mar-a-Lago home from a ballroom to a shower, to a storage room, as well as his office. This all seems ironic as one of the platforms Trump ran on was the importance of keeping classified documents secure.

Millions of Americans - and others around the world - follow Trump's legal battles speculating as to their outcomes. If it was anyone else - there would be no doubt they would be in jail - but Trump seems to be programmed in such a way that ... to date ... he has avoided jail time. Most people do not see him going to jail even with this and other indictments and trials upcoming.

Friday two members of his legal team were either fired or quit. Trump has a habit of trying to get his lawyers to participate in his illegal activities. Some of the most potentially damning evidence in the 49-page indictment came from notes by one of his own lawyers.

Could Trump become President again and cancel out all of his charges?

Lots will happen between this event and the November 2024 election - keeping humanity grounded in the game/simulation as closure inches its way to completion.

I will continue to follow the highlights and hope that Trump is finally held accountable along with his friends and family who aided and abetted him.

One has to wonder if the 'freedom' equation - 'get out of jail free' card - in Trump's programming has expired?

Time to look ahead at Trump's emotional reaction when this case is said and done. He is ranting and raving calling for a mistrial.

June 14, 1946

Donald Trump 45th US President Turns 77 - Videos

Not Guilty. Witch Hunt. I am the only one who can fix the country.

When you repeat something over and over again - either they, you, or both believe it. A narcissist always believes that they are the only one who can fix a situation, or have invented something no one else ever thought of. They seek attention and kudos which stems from childhood issues and bad programming ~ Ellie

June 14, 2023

Flag Day in the US

The US flag symbolizes the beginning of the American Experiment on this continent. In 1777 no one was certain if it would be successful. It's been almost two and a half centuries of challenges but as things stand today most Americans do not trust the government as political leaders are more self-serving than working for the interests of their constituents. All forms of government have a beginning and an end.

June 13, 2023 - Trump Arraigned ... Again

Donald Trump pleads not guilty to classified documents charges

I didn't watch the motorcade of SUVs and motorcycles that escorted Trump to and from court today. I found the picture above - and saw the highlights on the news this evening. The whole Trump scenario is becoming too tedious to follow thought I know others will.

Trump has been on a collision course with the law for most of his life - seemingly always getting away with criminal activity by settling with those who accused him for using coercive means to stay out of jail. We will know that even the worst of criminals - at some point - have to be held accountable.

There are those who would like to see Trump not only get away with criminal activity - but become president again - versus those who want to preserve the dignity, safety and security of this Republic - want to see him taken down once and for all. We know that all political systems are corrupt, one way or another - Trump just makes it easy to see what is broken.

The Masonic Program and The Trump Effect

The Masonic Program is another name for our reality. In the time before time - a simulation was created as an experiment in emotions based on an algorithm. Its true nature would remain shrouded in secrecy to be revealed at the end (of time). The Masonic Program is laced with symbolism throughout the world, especially in the U.S. or "us". It depicts the alleged journey of humanity from Africa and the Middle East, sweeping across the globe in a quest to find God and Purpose.

Trump's role is to create diversions and stir emotions - the story of his life. No one plays this character better than he does much to the dismay of some and approval of others.

Looking at other end time events I've blogged about over the past 28 years that seemed remote in 1995 they include ... an End-Time pandemic, accelerating natural disasters and climate change, shifting magnetic poles, social unrest, anxiety, depression, soul burn out, economic chaos and more. These are issues that cannot be fixed because the simulation isn't programmed to that end.

As a programmed algorithm it will forever create situations to elicit emotions ... hence the Trump Effect in this timeline.

The only thing that hasn't manifested with unequivocal physical proof of existence - are extraterrestrials - and I don't mean projections in the simulation (consciousness grids) who allegedly channel messages, or shape-shifters who allegedly walk among us, or the drones recorded by some and displayed on media, etc.

It's about the quest for truth with tangible facts concerning alien intervention in the history of the human experiment. That's what stirs the soul.

Maybe they're not 'aliens' as we define them - looking at 'us' from another perspective.

As the simulation is about to close it's time we learned the truth - brought into manifestation by artificial intelligence created by reverse engineered extraterrestrial technology.

The popular Gray aliens were/are artificial intelligence.

UFOs and extraterrestrials are part of our storyline which draws us further into the depths of curiosity to learn the truth.

As the element of time comes to closure - this type of alien presence in the simulation of our experience has concluded. I know many of you believe that aliens will return - while others believe in the return of mythological gods. No one is manifesting as god or savior before everything Fades to Black.

The Trump Effect is the battle between truth and lies as told by the Storyteller. It continues on ... until the end.

UFO and Alien Retrievals

UFO Mystery: Controversy Swirls Around Report of Retrieved 'Craft'  
Science Alert - June 12, 2023

This article takes us to reverse engineering that created today's technological advances including AI. It comes as we approach July where UFOs and aliens highlight especially with the Roswell, New Mexico Incident July 1947. There is something about the July 4 window that connects us to the Masonic Program and Aliens. It's all part of the algorithm of humanity's exploration of physical reality via time travel. Nothing is by accident. Everything is by design in the simulation of reality.