We are all the 'spare' at some point and hopefully important at others. It's built into the human equation to be loved and accepted and all that goes with it.

If someone ghosts you - they're either going through something or your programming together is done. Move on. Life is short ... growing shorter by the day.

Everyone views the world through a lens. Everyone has a backstory featuring the most important people in their soul group - most of whom they encounter by age 20. This sets in place their programmed journeys and a quest of lifelong discovery.

Last week featured the journeys of two men in different walks of life with different issues - both of whom are making comebacks - Kevin McCarthy and Damar Hamlin.

We move on ...

Sunday I watched "60 minutes" featuring Anderson Cooper's interview with Prince Harry before his memoire "Spare" hits the stands Tuesday January 10, 2023. I'm sure the book will be a best seller as people like to empathize with the journeys of others - in this case a lost little boy whose parents were divorced and mum died. We also find the wicked stepmother (Queen Consort), the King, and assorted other characters worthy of a Frank Baum novel.

We read about Harry's version of events and perhaps one day someone in the Royal family will write their story ... but not today ... and again it will be based on their perspective.

I like Harry and Meghan but enough is enough. The same holds true for any celebrity who shares their story and never stops promoting it. There's the money element for Harry and Meghan and who could resist a $100 million advance.

I remember one thing Harry said before they got married ... Meghan will finally have the large family she always wanted. The best laid plans ...

Charles and William will never reconcile with you Harry so stop talking about how much you love them when you've rocked their fantasy world ... deliberately. Most likely they deserved it but what about the collateral damage? Perhaps William Shakespeare could best express it in a farcical play and Lin-Manuel Miranda could put it to music.

Life can be terrible. I have a friend who grew up in Florida and pronounces the word "terrible" as "tearable" as I mimic her and we laugh. Perhaps she is right.

P.S. I do not plan to read "Spare" nor follow the adventures of the British royal family any more than I do with Kevin McCarthy and the bipartisan/bipolar version of American politics today. They all seem like characters in a seriocomedy whose storylines are all theatrics to the average viewer.

The key takeaways from Prince Harry's explosive memoir

Harry, Meghan, and the Paparazzi in New York City

Tuesday night May 16, 2023 ... Prince Harry and Meghan's paparazzi car chase in NYC. I agree with Mayor Adams - there is no way one can have a high speed car chase for two hours in the city.

I know how traumatic the paparazzi is for Harry - taking him back to memories of his mother's passing - but this story seems embellished based on what their spokesperson alleged.

This is New York City and it was a perfect weather day. One would expect paparazzi and plan for it with the assistance of NYPD - which is what happened until - what looked like a staged scene from a movie. Neither Harry nor Meghan are new to the crush of paparazzi - but this feels publicity seeking.

We know Harry has issues that he continues to capitalize on by bringing them to the public ... then backing off by saying he'd like to reconcile with his family. I think he needs to go back to his therapist.

I followed Megan for many years when she was on the TV series Suits. What's going on with her now is not the Meghan she was then. Did she change based on circumstance and her love for Harry? People speculate about her behavior and game plan.

There has been a sense of performance since Meghan met Harry.

As to the paparazzi in New York City - we know the deal. There are a lot of high profile trials in the city that have kept the paparazzi and other media busy looking for the next perfect photo that will define a moment in history.