The Epic Battle to Make Kevin McCarthy Speaker of the House

2023 Speaker of the United States House of Representatives election Wikipedia

In the energies of a full moon (completion) 16° Cancer (water, emotions) - Rep. Kevin McCarthy was elected House Speaker after multiple days of negotiations and 15 rounds of voting. This was the longest speaker contest in 164 years. McCarthy's first speech

His election followed a chaotic night on the House floor, including an extraordinary confrontation between McCarthy and Rep. Matt Gaetz during the 14th round of voting. Obviously Matt Gaetz's political theatrics were the plan of his fringe element all along to get attention and concessions.

Democrat Rep. Hakeem Jeffries made history, becoming the first Black lawmaker to lead a party in Congress.

President Biden congratulated McCarthy on speakership, saying he's prepared to work with Republicans. "Jill and I congratulate Kevin McCarthy on his election as Speaker of the House. The American people expect their leaders to govern in a way that puts their needs above all else, and that is what we need to do now."

Trump also congratulated the historic accomplishment. It makes you wonder what deal was made when McCarthy went to Mar-a-Lago to visit Trump two weeks after the January 6 insurrection when McCarthy had condemned Trump. Isn't the answer obvious?

Members of the 118th Congress were sworn in early Saturday morning after days of deadlock in the House speaker election that prevented them from assuming their roles.

The new Congress features a record-setting number of women and several history makers, from the House's first Gen-Z lawmaker to the longest-serving woman in congressional history - Democrat Marcy Kaptur in office since 1983. Marcy Kaptur breaks new record in Congress with a familiar warning for the Democratic Party

Pep Talks

Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer said, "Speaker Kevin McCarthy's dream job could turn into a nightmare for the American people. To get the votes, he surrendered to demands of a fringe element of the Republican party. McCarthy's concessions to Republican extremists make it far more likely that the MAGA Republican-controlled House will cause a government shutdown or a default with devastating consequences to our country. Americans want Congress to build on the historic bipartisan achievements from the last two years, not more gridlock. House Republicans will have to reach across the aisle and work with Democrats if there is any hope of getting things done to improve the lives of the American people."

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY, the most senior ranking Republican in the chamber, also congratulated McCarthy and House Republicans on the speakership. "Congratulations to Speaker McCarthy and the Republican House majority. Senate Republicans look forward to working together to check and balance Washington Democrats, bring oversight to this reckless Administration, fight the far left's radical policies, and defend America."

Reality Check

The American experiment in democracy was always just that - an experiment whose progenitors were never quite sure of its outcome. As with well experiments - including the human experiment - there's a beginning and an end - the latter of which is at the forefront of reality today.

Neither the Republican nor the Democratic Party are without bipartisan factions as drama permeates most legislation. This is not new just as the bipolar aspects of the human experiment show how dysfunctional reality is. It all advances over the next two years so let the 2023 games of politics begin.

McCarthy and Congress resume business with a fractionalized majority. From a fight for speaker and government shutdowns to debt ceiling increases and GOP investigations of the Biden administration and more, 2023 promises to be a contentious year on the Hill which some will equate to the Trump years.

This is where I get off this train wreck.

Waiting at the Station - Vanishing Point

All Roads Lead to 2025

My Dream About 2025

Monday July 18, 2022

I was awakened this morning with a clear message that there are three years left until the simulation ends. I don't remember who said it - though it was a male voice with no accent - nor how true it is. Further time is an illusion so dates are irrelevant as time loops and should never be taken as a precise predictor of anything.

That would bring us to 2025 = 9 = Endings or completions in Numerology.

My friend Dean, an astrologer, emailed: "In 2025 ALL planets will change signs. This is significant. The inner planets as well as the sun and moon change signs often. To have ALL the outer planets change at the same time is a big deal. Major shakeups for everyone."

Friday January 6, 2023

Climate change is increasing exponentially along with natural disasters. Let's see what the Doomsday Clock report is at the end of the month. This image reflects 2025 as the end though time is difficult to pinpoint and measure. (2025=9=Endings)

Full Wolf Moon 16° Cancer (Water) ~ Flooding Increases

Upcoming natural changes in the Moon's orbit - a so-called Moon 'wobble' - coupled with rising sea levels caused by climate change could lead to record flooding on the Earth in the coming years, a recent study by the United States space agency NASA and the University of Hawaii has found. ~ google

Experiment. Time. Masonic Program. Pyramid. Eye.

January 7, 1964

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The real National Treasure is not on paper but the freedom to defend our democracy.