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Tuesday November 14, 2023

Last night I posted this airbrushed pyramid art work created by my friend Rick who wrote: "Your soul has called this place home." Rick believes I am connected to the alien storyline and this is part of my journey.

My interest in aliens and pyramids began at age 11 when I was taken on a pyramid-shaped UFO in the Nevada Desert.

In the 1980's my journey linking pyramids and extraterrestrials began to unfold. I suddenly found myself reading everything I could on pyramids and pyramid power - combining old and new. It was a 'matter of time' that my nine-foot pyramid came into my life - eventually becoming the Psychic in the Pyramid combining Pyramids with Extraterrestrials - ending each episode of my TV show "The Metaphysical Experience" with a Pyramid Meditation.

Readers of my blog Ellie's World know that I am totally connected to Antarctica and the black hole beneath which takes us to creation and reality as a simulation.

Ongoing research on Simulation Theory is unfolding answers though the mechanisms used to produce the simulation are beyond current technology and understanding as our insert/storyline is programmed for emotions over logic.

Monday night Ancient Aliens discussed Pyramids and Antarctica. Yes, I know that the current shows are pretty much a review of everything but remember its the end of the simulation and we've covered all the topics just cycling back for a final review and to connect storylines.

Pyramids are a global phenomenon. Hundreds, if not, thousands of ancient pyramids - buried for all time - are being discovered as climate change reveals ancient storylines, inserts, and secrets. It was all meant to happen in end times ... again.

Ellie and pyramid power

The 1980s for me was about pyramid power, alien themes, and the supposition that at some point a world-wide pyramid power grid existed and was used for energy, transportation, communication, and spirituality.

Nothing built by and for humans was without purpose - designed by the algorithms of creation within the matrix of reality.

Everything is hand-me-down recycled patterns or algorithms that are about to expire. Computer End Program.

Ancient aliens

At the beginning of the last night's episode - Andrew Collins and David Childress suggested that perhaps there was an original (master) pyramid and that it is located beneath Antarctica - further that it was linked to ancient aliens.

The algorithm is based on 12 around 1 consciousness pyramids set in linear time (physical reality) to create a Matrix (Grids) of endless experiences.

There are 12 consciousness pyramids. They still exist. They cannot be accessed. They cannot be destroyed nor altered. They originated through the black hole of creation and appear to be made of the same matter.

They form the simulation and keep it running, so to speak.

They create experiences on many levels of consciousness through which we vicariously experience in the matrixes of its creations.

Pyramid-shaped objects were programmed into the simulation as reminders of the original 12.

Antarctica connections

My first remote view in 1989 immediately took me beneath Antarctica where I saw a junkyard of UFOs and other ancient alien artifacts to which I felt a connection. I still see them down there. Hopefully there's enough time left in the simulation for the ice to melt and the secrets of Antarctica to fill in missing information about humanity's journey and its extraterrestrial connections.

After all ... what do we really want? Answers!! We are programmed to seek answers!!

The question is - and has always been - will Antarctica's mysteries be discovered - connecting current civilizations with ancient alien visitations and colonies? And most of all ... satisfying the researchers on the TV show Ancient Aliens.

I have never seen aliens or remains of extraterrestrials in my search beneath Antarctica - telling me that they either left - or their storyline was deleted from the simulation (happens all the time - most recently in our storyline in 2008).

If we are ever to find the remains of aliens (artificial intelligence) - it would be through government dissemination and that will not happen as all politics is based on deception and lies for dramatic effect.

We know that extraterrestrials have visited Earth in current times for various reasons. Some we're captured by governments and others - if they perished here - we're buried or found ways to camouflage or destroy evidence of their existence here.

I know this reads like a sci-fi movie but we experience in an insert where science meets science fiction at the end.

Back to the future

I remember working with alien technology as a physicist as recently as World War II - from time travel technologies to transportation and communication devices.

Ancient Aliens also discussed the fact that UFOs, aliens, and Antarctica connect to expeditions by the Nazis during World War II.

Hitler was not only interested in creating an Aryan race of super-soldiers or aliens or artificial intelligence - but also technologies linked to them - specifically those used for time travel. He allegedly used psychics to communicate with extraterrestrials leading him to send submarines that allegedly found passages under the Antarctic ice which lead to enormous caverns that housed alien bases and extraterrestrials. If that were all true - Hitler would have won the war and accomplished his goals - but the storyline didn't turn out that way.

Many believe Hitler didn't die in a bunker but was transported out. We will never have the answers to that storyline because there are too many unconfirmed versions.

What brings this full circle is Hitler - the Hebrew bloodline - events today with the Israel-Hamas War and the Middle East with its portals that lead to Antarctica and out.

I have always known that we are reversing backwards through the storylines or inserts or portals to WWII energies -> back to the middle east and its portals -> and finally through the Black Hole of Time (Dark Energy and/or Dark Matter). Fade To Black.

Back to Ancient Aliens and Pyramids...

If there are physical pyramids that once were used as a power grid ... they are dormant not to be reactivated.

1989 was not just a special year for me but is now made famous by Taylor Swift. It is also the year, Sarah, the main character in my book Sarah and Alexander was born.

Crystalinks' Mission Statement Written in 1994 About End Times

Airbrushed painting made for me by my friend Rick

"The sky will be purple with hues of pink."