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On June 12, 2016, Omar Mateen killed 49 people and himself and wounded 53 others in a mass shooting at Pulse, a gay bar and nightclub in Orlando, Florida. He was an American citizen of Afghan descent and had visited the gay bar in the past. He had apps on his phone linked to gay dating websites. He had mental, sexual, and racial issues - together causing the scenario that payed out in from of 300+ people most - young gay men celebrating gay pride. It was the deadliest mass shooting by a single gunman, the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in U.S. history, and the deadliest terrorist attack in the U.S. since 9/11. Mateen made a 9-1-1 call shortly after the attack began, swearing allegiance to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). The Central Intelligence Agency found no links between ISIL and Mateen.

People from all walks of life - given any excuse - are going postal. The solution is not gun-control. It's not about the weapons though humans tend to blow things up. It's about the insanity of the people ... which is accelerating.

Five hours after the shooting I read about it on CNN. My first reaction was "this is a hate crime" especially as this is Gay Pride Month and Gay Pride Week in Florida. Later I learned this was also an act of domestic terrorism. It seemed obvious that Mateen had sexual identity issues he couldn't reconcile. Monday it was determined he had been to the club before and interacted with others through gay dating apps. He was mentally unstable dealing with issues of sexual orientation and a background that is not accepting of homosexuality. That he pledged allegiance to ISIS before he died is just more of his mental confusion and rage disorder.

The shooting comes on the heels of this story out of Orlando Saturday morning 'Voice' singer Christina Grimmie dies after shooting at Orlando concert

I was out and about early meeting people who expressed their opinions on the Orlando shootings. Many people have become numb to this. Do you know mass shootings averaged one every day in 2015?

When I came home I called my friend Mary Ellen (not gay) in Orlando. She and I had discussed me coming to Orlando to teach in November after the election - but I kept seeing violence there which I associated with the presidential election. I couldn't shake the images so Mary Ellen and I never scheduled anything. Today she reported that she and her family are fine but it's chaotic there. She said the lines to donate blood are long but the community is uniting. She is waiting to hear from friends who may have been at the club last night and watching their Facebook pages to see what they post.

A gay male friend in Fort Lauderdale emailed: "This guy went in to kill as many gays as he could. He chose a club that would have hundreds of gay people dancing, easy targets, maximum impact/causalities. I think his "religion" just made it easier for him to rationalize. I agree he has a sexual identity problem."

Email from my friend Dean here in the city ...

Thank you, Ellie, for asking me to write about the episode. Funny ... I feel that I DO want to write about it. If nothing else, than just to process the event. How do we wrap our heads around more 'senseless' killing? How do we 'feel' anymore when yet more victims line a morgue? Are we as a nation having PTSD? I kind of feel I am. I vacillate between crying and numbness.

The pattern is always the same: crazy person uses weapons to kill in a shocking way. The aftermath is outrage and sadness. Then time passes. We go back to our lives. And then another event occurs.

My heart and prayers go out to the victims, their families and even the perpetrators. For as much sadness that happens, what goes on in the heart of a murderer? How did such darkness get there? As hard as I try, I cannot understand being in such an emotional state as to cause such destruction. I am not programmed for it. "It doesn't compute". I try to understand, but cannot, how an individual can come to a conclusion that "killing must be done"... for any reason. And, what part of the 'system' (and there are many) allowed this to happen?

Is "shock and awe" part of our reality now? George W. Bush introduced that into the minds of the country and the media hammers it home. But, why? I always look behind the curtain. I want to know what is behind the energy that occurs as a 3D action. And, the answer that I have so far is seen, is in the result -- We are being traumatized. We are being conditioned to be afraid. We are being made react to gun violence ("no guns"), to people who are different ("build a wall") ("kill the fags"), and to ultimately become suspicious of others. I find it so very very sad.

In the present attack on Pulse in Orlando, it may be the act of a lone person who's brain has been programed to hate gay people. But, it is interesting to observe how many times the word 'terrorist' is said in the news or the word "ISIS".

It is in our diversity as a human species that makes us stronger. "They" may try taking away the rainbow, but the light will always shine through ... yes ... even as we "fade to black".

Here's a pic from the vigil Sunday night at the Stonewall Inn.

I'm sure the pride parade in NYC, which happens on June 26th,
will be incredibly tight with security.

With love,

Hours later at the Tony Awards, where much of the Broadway community is gay,James Corden delivered an emotional opening speech about the Orlando Nightclub Shooting. Lin-Manuel Miranda created an original sonnet repeating the word "Love" over and over. Hamilton won 11 Tony Awards.

50 Stars - 50 Souls crossed over

June 14, 2016 - Flag Day Blog

Terror in the Orlando Grid

Wednesday June 15, 2016

Some people say "things happen in three's" meaning we live in 3D where they manifest in the physical grids for emotional value.

Last Friday night, 'Voice' singer Christina Grimmie died after being shot following her Orlando concert performance. Christina was taken to the Orlando Regional Medical Center in critical condition and died early Saturday morning. The killer, Loibl, was tackled by Christina's brother then killed himself. The investigation continues as fans, friends, and family mourn.

That night in Orlando there was a Gay Pride Week celebration at a club called Pulse. As you know, at 2 AM Sunday morning a mass shooting occurred - committed by Omar Mateen - the backstory of which is still under investigation. That event imprinted the grids like nothing I've seen since 9/11. I visited that grid while in "dream time" this morning and heard the screams of the victims. [This is not about Time Travel as Time is an Illusion but about Grid Travel another aspect of the illusion.]

As my consciousness raced back to my physical Ellie body this morning - I passed a small boy who was screaming - the left side of his face bleeding. It was awful but luckily I recognized that I was just an observer. I woke up and as always turned on the morning news to find this story out of Orlando ... Alligator grabs toddler, drags him into lagoon at Disney hotel, Body of Lane Craves recovered

In Orlando and cities across the world, tributes to those lost continue along with the investigations.

More Strangeness in Orlando

Wednesday June 15, 2016

Email from my friend Mary Ellen in Orlando:

Hi Ellie, A dear friend died the other night. Before I knew of it, my phone rang several times and when I answered no one there. Strangely, there was no recent call on the ID. At 10:07pm I texted my daughter to ask if it was her, she said no. The next day I learned the friend had died, in his family's words, "10pm straight up" the night before when the phone rang. Two nights ago there were several knocks at my bedroom door. I even heard the door vibrate with the knocks. I opened and found no one there, my houseguest had retired more than 30 minutes earlier and later said she'd not gotten back up. Yesterday I came home to find a penny in the door frame of my front door. It's been a woo-woo week for me.

When ghosts "call" from the other side one often sees the caller ID as a series of 0000 or Binary Code 1's and 0's. Telekinetically, ghosts can call, leave money, create noises and fragrances, and more, this would especially hold true as the grids in Orlando are "spiking now".