Remembering Henry Kissinger

Henry Kissinger's life in pictures

Henry Kissinger, a former US secretary of state and national security adviser has died at age 100

Henry Kissinger was programmed to make a difference along with other Jewish notables of his day - many of whom we read about in scientific publications.

Kissinger's story returns us to the WWII timeline and the journey of the Hebrew bloodline - Kissinger being a Jewish refugee who fled Nazi Germany with his family in 1938 before ultimately cementing his legacy in foreign policy in the 1970s.

Like him or hate him - meaning critical of his decisions - Henry Kissinger made a difference receiving a Nobel Peace Prize in 1973.

I didn't follow politics in those days knowing things would play out as programmed. I suppose if we lived in today's world of technology and social media - I would have followed more closely as you can't escape the bombardment of information and disinformation that flood our consciousness and conversations each day. Truth be known - in those days I never thought much about him though his name was often present in the news.

Political Tessellations

Sometimes we listen to politicians repeat the same rhetoric over and over again finally accepting it as truth. Other times we pay attention until our brains become overly saturated with information and disinformation about a politician - no longer able to focus on them and walk away or take a mental break.

Such is the case with Donald Trump whose rise to power was unexpected - disrupting the norms of democracy and society - an unstable criminal - and yet programmed to continue on his chaotic journey as if the symbolic return of Hitler who allegedly died one year before Trump was born. Tesla's missing papers and a Trump family connection. From the New Yorker Donald Trump's Nuclear Uncle

Moving along in the world of surreal politics we arrive at the journey of George Santos former U.S. representative for New York's 3rd congressional district - whose list of reasons he should never be in office is not that much different than Trump's - a narcissistic politician from New York who lies, is mentally unstable and yet comedic, and you know the rest. Santos will now deal with criminal charges that take him into court just like Trump. In the game of politics - elected officials will keep anyone in power who will further their political and personal agendas but sometimes that is subject to programming changes. All part of the equation ...

So here we are shortly after the passing of former First Lady Rosalynn Carter and Sandra Day O'Connor - looking at politicians from an emotional and intellectual perspective as we experience their lives within our framework.

Gestalt Psychology - Law of Closure

Full Circle Moment

A full circle moment is the realization that one is back where they started.

Abigail Edan - Garden of Eden

Sunday November 26, 2023 - four-year-old Abigail Edan became the first American freed by Hamas as the world followed her story. Abigail is a symbolic reminder of October 7, 2023 - the day Hamas attacked Israel and everything changed forever.

Adding to my personal storyline in Time ... A portal returns the energies to Nazi Germany and the Hebrew Bloodline via Trump ---> to the Middle East and a Hebrew girl named Abigail Edan ---> Garden of Eden where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Meet ---> Sumer and the origin story featuring the Anunnaki, Gilgamesh and biblical flood story unfolding ---> Antarctica World's biggest iceberg on the move after decades of being grounded on the seafloor in Antarctica --- > Black Hole (chaos, creation, geometry)

The Place Where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Meet

The Tigris is the easternmost of the two great rivers that define Mesopotamia, the other being the Euphrates. The river flows south from the mountains of the Armenian Highlands through the Syrian and Arabian Deserts, and empty into the Persian Gulf.

When I wrote the story of Sarah and Alexander - protagonists Sarah and her friend Amaan follow clues to a place where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers meet, now an almost dried up river bed. Suddenly a UFO emerges from the murky water beaming a light towards a mountain nearby. It was there they have a mystical experience which sets the stage for the end of this chapter of reality. I never thought about any of it happening in real time but apparently the algorithms overlay - one more event that allows me to know we're coming to the end of the simulation.

Euphrates River Is Drying Up And Crisis Looms, Just As The Bible Warned   Science Alert - March 11, 2023
In the Bible, it's said when the Euphrates river runs dry then immense things are on the horizon, perhaps even the foretelling of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ and the rapture. For thousands of years, the twin rivers have allowed farming communities and grand cities to flourish in Mesopotamia, which is considered the cradle of some of the world's earliest civilizations. For several decades, it's become increasingly apparent that the Tigris-Euphrates river system is drying out.

Twilight of the Tigris: Iraq's mighty river drying up  
PhysOrg - September 20, 2022

It was the river that is said to have watered the biblical Garden of Eden and helped give birth to civilization itself. But today the Tigris is dying. Human activity and climate change have choked its once mighty flow through Iraq, where - with its twin river the Euphrates - it made Mesopotamia a cradle of civilization thousands of years ago. This summer in Baghdad, the level of the Tigris dropped so low that people played volleyball in the middle of the river, splashing barely waist-deep through its waters.

Anunnaki (Ea) descending steps from the ship (UFO) to create a bloodline

November 27, 2023 - Full Moon, Ship, Steps, the Beginning and the End

(I have no idea what the steps physically are - only what they represent to me)

The Montauk Point Lighthouse

Pics from the article +1

The only email in my mailbox early this morning was from the NY Times. It had to do with the Montauk Point Lighthouse.

Normally, I don't read articles before I blog, but this one caught my eye because I've always been to drawn to lighthouses though it was never clear why ... until this morning. FYI: I didn't know that Montauk (the eastern tip of Long Island, NY) had a lighthouse.

As I read the article two faces flashed in front of me ... Hitler followed by Preston Nichols. This took me back to the Montauk Project and Philadelphia Experiment both having to do with Time Travel and WWII Experiments. The same energies seem to be triggering me now taking me back to that timeline (portal).

What is also interesting about the article is that each paragraph ends with the words - "Tick, tick, tick, tick, flash!" If you recall I sometimes end blogs with the words, "Tick Tock" meaning we are running out of time.

My Lighthouse Canvas - Purchased September 2023

Ellie's Mirror Reflection in the Matrix of Time