Major Earthquake and Aftershocks In Turkey and Syria

February 6, 2023 Turkey-Syria Earthquakes

A magnitude 7.8 earthquake struck west of the city of Gaziantep in southern central Turkey at 4:17 a.m. Monday local time. Another powerful 7.5 earthquake struck about 60 miles northeast of Gaziantep at 1:24 p.m. There was widespread damage and tens of thousands of fatalities. A large winter storm hampered rescue efforts with snow and plummeting temperatures.

This event literally changed the surface of the earth and resonated into space.

The earthquake was so deadly and destructive because the region sits on a boundary between multiple tectonic plates

It was the deadliest and strongest earthquake in Turkey since the 1939 Erzincan earthquake, of the same magnitude, together with which it is the second strongest in the history of the country after 1668 North Anatolia earthquake.

It was also the deadliest earthquake to have affected Syria since the 1822 Aleppo earthquake, one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded in the Levant, and the deadliest earthquake worldwide since the 2010 Haiti earthquake. It was felt and caused structural damage as far as Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Cyprus, and the Black Sea coast of Turkey.

Mythology - Flood Stories

Earthquakes take us to other natural disasters, such as tsunamis and ancient flood stories. It's interesting that this article about the Epic of Gilgamesh was posted after I mentioned flood stories AI Deciphers Ancient Babylonian Texts And Finds Beautiful Lost Hymn   IFL Science - February 7, 2023

Epic of Gilgamesh ~ Flood Stories ~ Anunnaki Gods ~ Zoroaster

The Future of Everything

I've always blogged that earthquakes are precursors to the end of our simulation - awakening memories about how this all ends within your definition of closure. Slowly but surely the tectonic plates are fracturing - accelerating exponentially as per the algorithm of our reality.

There is something about this week's 7.8 and 7.5 earthquakes and powerful aftershocks that is not only physically shaking the region but changing "The Future of Everything" as if a marker for end times.

Powerful Earthquakes and other natural disasters create harmonics that resonates into space. An example would be the Tonga Volcano - - Tonga eruption was so intense, it caused the atmosphere to ring like a bell   Live Science - January 24, 2022

Though I've only experienced two minor earthquakes - I feel plugged into them - not in the metaphysical energetic sense where everything is about emotions and healing. It's a consciousness knowing when they are going to happen and their direction from where I sit.

I try not to blog what I see as it may be upsetting to people who do not understand the cycles of time and closure.

I've always blogged that closure starts with the collapse of the global tectonic plates which domino into earthquakes and tsunamis (flood stories) until the end.

At the beginning of this week I clearly knew a powerful earthquake was about to happen and mentioned it to a friend. After the earthquake, she called and said, "You were right again."

Simulations that explore emotions - whether new or rebooted - always end with a crescendo of emotions highlighted by fear then release.

The End of Everything

Strange Bird Behavior Before The Earthquake

People often report strange animal behavior prior to - an earthquake, tsunami, or volcanic eruption. It has to do with vibrational frequencies animals sense. I found this article - Video Reportedly Shows Birds Acting Strangely Prior To The Earthquake In Turkey

Lenticular Cloud over Turkey - UFO Connections

I checked out UFO activity before and after the earthquakes. Found nothing. There are people who think aliens are responsible for major quakes. If anything it's the opposite. They would be doing damage control so the simulation doesn't end prematurely and we don't reboot ... again.

An example would be 'Cosmic' and 'phantom' UFOs are all over Ukraine's skies, government report claims. They were drones in place to monitor and prevent a nuclear war. They are often seen near nuclear facilities - where one can conclude they prevented nuclear disasters.

Aliens are not in this part of the simulation anymore. They have no reason to be here as the human experiment is ending. All that remains are drones or projected illusions of UFOs.

My search led me to this amazing lenticular cloud over Turkey January 19, 2023. It matches the setting sun in front of me as I sit here typing. Awesome.

The Donut and Sacred Geometry

The cloud formation reminded me of a Donut and a blog I wrote in 2003 Ellie Meets Osiris Near Her Pyramid For a Lesson in Geometry. The top of Osiris' headdress represents the black hole of creation - consciousness into which everything spirals in or out of reality.

Scared Geometry

Simulation Theory

In science and philosophy a paradigm is a distinct set of concepts or thought patterns, including theories, research methods, postulates, and standards for what constitute legitimate contributions to a field. The word paradigm is Greek in origin, meaning "pattern".

When I ventured into the world of metaphysics many things were referred to as paradigms. They included a paradigm shift in consciousness at the end of physical reality. There were also paradigms that reflect our everyday lives.

Everything that happens in reality follows the same algorithmic patterns of the iconographic motif of the logarithmic spiral.

The golden spiral is a logarithmic spiral that grows outward by a factor of the golden ratio for every 90 degrees of rotation (polar slope angle about 17.03239 degrees). It can be approximated by a "Fibonacci spiral", made of a sequence of quarter circles with radii proportional to Fibonacci numbers.

This takes me to another former post ...

90 Degrees of Separation

The expression "90 Degrees of Separation" has echoed in my mind as far back as I can remember. It has to do with reality being an algorithm and something about bending light to make an object visible or invisible at this level of perception. - Ellie Crystal

My Physics professor at Brooklyn College worked for the government in her earlier career. While monitoring what they thought were UFOs, some would disappear, or become invisible after making a startling high speed 90° turn. - Anna Baldino

In Mythology there is a creation myth about a race called the 'El', Elohim, or Shining Ones who are most likely aliens connected to the human experiment in which exist. Allegedly when they shift from one reality to another they shift at 90° angles - hence "90° of separation". - Rick Beaumont

Solar Polar Vortex Emerges

A massive part of the Sun broke off and began circling the star's north pole. Scientists have never seen a vortex such as this on the Sun's pole. The event was caught by NASA's James Webb Space Telescope. It was shared on Twitter by Dr Tamitha Skov, a space weather forecaster.

A long, looping filament of plasma snapped over the sun's north pole, creating a 'polar vortex' that scientists can't explain   Live Science - February 11, 2023

Material from a filament of plasma erupting from the Sun's surface broke away and appeared to form a crown-like vortex over the solar north pole   Science Alert - February 10, 2023

A sizable solar prominence - a dense cloud of plasma - is seen shooting upwards from the surface of the Sun - it whipped around the north pole into a vortex.   IFL Science - February 10, 2023

Solar Max

Solar Tsunami

Sunspot Erupts Sending Shockwave Through Sun's Atmosphere At 1.8 Million MPH   IFL Science - February 10, 2023

The Sun is ramping up activity as we head towards solar maximum which is expected in July 2025 with a peak of 115 sunspots. Solar Cycles

Monday July 18, 2022

I was awakened this morning with a clear message that there are three years left until the simulation ends. I don't remember who said it - though it was a male voice with no accent - nor how true it is. Further time is an illusion so dates are irrelevant as time loops and should never be taken as a precise predictor of anything.

That would bring us to 2025 = 9 = Endings or completions in Numerology.

My friend Dean, an astrologer, wrote: In 2025 ALL planets will change signs. This is significant. The inner planets as well as the sun and moon change signs often. To have ALL the outer planets change at the same time is a big deal. Major shakeups for everyone.